ZINRAY Foldable Squat Machine Rower Ride Fitness Workout Machine

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Product Description

squat machinesquat machine

Squat Exercise Machine for Total Body Workout

This squat assist trainer can give you a whole-body workout with maximum convenience in your home. It helps strengthens and tones your glutes effectively upon the right way, not to mention, your arms, shoulders, and back can be trained simultaneously. This space-efficient exercise machine has two-way adjustable handlebars with anti-slip padding, a two-way adjustable seat, and wide textured pedals for optimal comfort. It doesn’t require electricity virtually, no need to be fixed next to the outlet, you’ll be able to exercise almost anywhere you choose. More important, it’s essential to keep you stable while squatting, the durable metal frame that can support up to 220 lbs, so you can use it safely at home.

-Warm Note:

We always stand behind our product,if you have any questions before or after ordering, please feel free to reach out to us, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Product Specifications ——-

✔ Max.Load: 220 lbs

✔ Product Weight: 26 lbs

✔ Product Dimensions: 30.3x18x58 inch

✔ Seat Dimensions: 11.5×8.5 inch

✔ Monitor: Time, count, calorie, total count, scan

✔ 2-Way Adjustable Handlebar: Up/Down

✔ 2-Way Adjustable Seat: Forward/Back

squat assist machine

squat assist machine

foldable squat machine

foldable squat machine

upright row n ride rowing machine

upright row n ride rowing machine

Perfect Squat Motion

Support you to simulate the perfect squat position with low impact, instead of injuring your back due to improper form under heavy weights.

Easily Foldable

You do not have to take apart the whole machine, just take 1 step to fold it up into a super slim size while not in use.

Adjustable Handlebar

Switch the knob to easily adjust your handlebar up or down to a suitable height.

squat machine for butt

squat machine for butt

LCD monitor

LCD monitor

350lb capacity

350lb capacity

Adjustable Seat

This cushioned seat can be adjusted to fit your height and arm length,help you stay comfortable while also in proper alignment.

Digital Monitor

You can check the exercise data of calories, time and count to further your motivation.

Max Weight Capacity

It’s made out of heavy-duty metal that can withstand a maximum user weight of 220 lbs.

row-n-ride machinerow-n-ride machine

【Squat Assist Motion】Zinray squat machine enables you to do a full-range squat motion at the correct angle. Burn a high number of calories and increase cardiovascular capacity, endurance, speed on the daily workouts, you will see a difference in your body.
【Full Body Workout】Zinray squat machine targets muscles in your whole body for a balanced workout. The row and ride design makes the pushing action activate your lower body, develop leg strength and leanness, make pulling action strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back.
【Performance Display】The digital monitor helps you efficiently track your exercise time, move count, calories burnt each movement, you can follow your progress and stay motivated from the daily performance.
【Adjustable Seat&Handlebar】You can adjust the handlebar up and down or move the seat forward and backward to find a suitable position, this function provides flexibility and high usability.
【Space Saving】The compact size of this squat machine is suitable for your home use and can be easily folded in a space-constrained area for convenient storage. Build your home gym from this total-body exercise machine and stay active.

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