XonyiCos Forearm Wrist Roller Fitness Blaster, Arm Exerciser Wrist Trainer, Forearm Muscle Strength Workouts Tools, Weight Bearing Rope Roller Equipment with Non Slip Cushion, Rope for Dumbbells

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Product Description



What is XonyiCos?

XonyiCos is a company specializing in fitness.Our biggest vision is to provide premium fitness equipment to help people develop good fitness habits and obtain physical and mental health.


2 Tie Ropes2 Tie Ropes

Product Detail:

stainless steel

stainless steel

Sturdy Buckle

Sturdy Buckle

Soft Handle

Soft Handle

Stainless Steel

The drum is made of high-quality steel, strong and durable.

Sturdy Buckle

Bold carabiner, can bear 200lbs weight, detachable, very convenient.

Soft Handle

Comfortable hand feel, non-slip, increase friction, improve exercise effect.


Please Note:

Due to manual measurement, please allow 1%~2% measurement error.Since the colors seen by the display screens of different computers may be different, there may be slight color differences between the actual object and the picture.Package Includes: 1 roller (not include the dumbbell base)


Brand: XonyiCos Commodity Name: Forearm wrist roller Colour: Black Applicable People: Unisex, all ages Size: Handle body: 38cm*3cm/15in*3in Size: Rope: total length 115cm/45in Weight: 600g (1.32lbs) Material: Nylon, neoprene, silicone, lint, stainless steel, etc. Features: Sturdy, durable and safe Uses: Fitness, shaping, strength exercises, resistance exercises, gym, office, home, etc.

👊【Premium Quality】 The load-bearing capacity reaches 200lb, which is enough to explain everything. The forearm roller is made of high-quality materials such as high strength alloy steel, nylon rope, and silicone foam.
👊【Comfortable Hand Feeling】 The handle part is wrapped by soft silicone foam, which is non-slip, comfortable, increases resistance, and has a more significant exercise effect.
👊【Universal Size】 The length of the rope is adjustable. You can adjust the length of the rope by turning the handle until it is suitable for your height. It is suitable for men, women, young and old, and various body types (high, short, fat and thin people). The handle is 38cm (15in) long and the rope is 145cm (57in) long.
👊【Convenient to Carry】 After rolling up the rope, fix it with carabiner. There is no dumbbell base, so storage is very easy. (Anyone who has used the wrist blaster knows that the dumbbell base is an unnecessary accessory, which does not affect the use, and sometimes it is not convenient to carry)
👊【Multiple Exercise Modes】 Lift, pull, roll, use the simplest movements to achieve the most ideal exercise effect, exercise your biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, grip, knuckles, etc., exercise anytime, anywhere, very convenient. A meal cost in exchange for a fitness opportunity is a good deal.

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