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Can’t tell if your meat is safely cooked just by sight, smell, or even touch?

Some people can tell immediately if their meat is cooked without having to cut it in half. With a simple hand test, they are able to cook their steaks to perfect temperature every time. But not all cooks are the same. Some find it difficult to get their meat’s temperature right with just a touch.

Like many other cooks, you want the perfect meat, cooked according to the desired doneness. But if you can’t tell whether your food is ready for serving by poking on it or checking the color, what do you do?

The ProBQ Wireless Meat Thermometer accurately monitors and reads the temperature of your meats!

Don’t ruin a backyard barbecue or an elegant meal by overcooking your meats. Our wireless thermometer monitors your cooking and notifies you in every step, eliminating all the guesswork that comes with grilling. There are 23 presets in the free app that you can easily set.

100% safe for the oven, kettle grill, gas grill, and smoker, this temperature monitoring device features a temp history, Bluetooth, timer, and temp conversion. It also stands strong against water and weather.

Here’s where reliability meets convenience. This wireless thermometer for meat and poultry has an HD magnetic flip stand, a waterproof battery cover, and non-slip traction pads at the bottom.

Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons to help you make the right choice:
✅ Easy to use interface
✅ Has a probe wrap for easy storage
✅ Quick and easy set up
✅ Available in 2, 4, and 6 probe variations
✅ With Teflon coated stainless steel cable

Enjoy perfectly cooked meat every single time. Add the ProBQ Wireless Meat Thermometer to your cart TODAY!

🍗 WITHSTANDS HIGH TEMPERATURE – Our wireless meat thermometer features medical-grade stainless steel metal probes with sensors. This set can take temperatures of up to 700°F (370°C).
🌭 POWER BLUETOOTH – This reliable food thermometer has a Bluetooth range of up to 200 feet, alerting you if your meat’s temperature gets too high or too low, or if it is ready for serving.
🍖 CAN BE PAIRED WITH YOUR DEVICE – Monitor your smoked meats by pairing this digital meat thermometer with your Apple IOS or Android phone or tablet. Choose from 23 preset cooks in our free app.
🥘 SLEEK & POLISHED – Here’s the perfect tool for your roasted or barbecued meats. Our Bluetooth meat thermometer features a large screen with a refined and modern brushed aluminum surface.
🍔 GREAT GIFT FOR HOME COOKS & PROS – This cooking thermometer set includes probes with wraps, ambient temp clips for smoking, 2 AA batteries.

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