What Is The Paleo Diet? Paleo Diet for Beginners

What is the Paleo diet? Here's a common sense explanation for the beginner coming right up. Hi Iam doctor Ekberg with Wellness For Life and if you like to truly master health by understanding how the body really works make sure that you subscribe and hit that notification bell so that you don't miss anything so paleo has become a buzzword these days and there's a lot of confusion as usual and what humans do best is to complicate really really simple things.

So if you go on some forums and you start nitpicking before you long you're just go crazy so first of all what does it mean where's they come from why do we do it the Paleolithic era was from about 3 million years ago to about 10,000 years ago that's the time that humans first started making stone tools and and they got better and better at innovating things until about 10,000 years ago we started the agricultural era so during this whole time there was no agriculture and the humans and the humanoids were hunter-gatherers they were walking around they were moving their settlements they didn't build cities and then about 250,000 years ago we got Homo sapiens and that's what you and I are if you're listening to this you are a homo sapiens and that means that you shared the same genetic code as the people did about 250,000 years ago we haven't had time to adapt our genetic code it changes very very slowly so what that means is whatever they ate they have become adapted to and that's me that means that's what you and I are adapted to that's the foodstuff that fits into your genes that's what your body knows what to do with what did they eat they ate primarily meat, fish and poultry if you could hunt it or catch it or pick it then it was food they eat fruit berries vegetable and roots and they also had some nuts and seeds but now we have to realize that could make the Paleo diet a whole bunch of different things depending on where you live did you live in the Arctic did you live in the tropics did you live in the mountains or did you live by the coast was are we talking summer or we talking winter so it's not a single thing that could be a huge amount of variation to it but what's more important is to understand what we eat a whole lot of that they had none of and now we're talking they had no grains they had no legumes those are things like peas and beans and peanuts and things like that they had no processed foods and now we're talking primarily sugar and they also had no Franken foods and what we mean by that is that there's this tale of dr.

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Frankenstein who tried to create life making Frankenstein's monster well that's kind of what we're doing with our food alteration we're making monster food we're making things that has disastrous effects it didn't work for Dr. Frankenstein and it's not working so well because we're getting sicker and sicker and sicker the more of these processed Franken foods that we eat and one of the worst ones is margarine because there is nothing it's like plastic there's nothing no similarity between anything nature has ever made – what margarine is same thing with artificial sweeteners it is a neurotoxin it's a chemical and all these other chemicals preservatives food additives flavor enhancers colorings etc those are frankenfoods they're chemicals they're poison they have no place at all so these are things that they never ever got not a single ounce or gram ever that makes it pretty clear-cut that yes there are some things they could eat and there were some things they never ate but then the question is do we use this as a guideline as a template to give us some ideas and some common sense or do we say that nothing ever changes and therefore we should treat this like religion like a firm rule this is the way it is and one of the most common things that come up then is can we have dairy so according to the religious view this the stern the firm view of course we can't have any dairy because these guys didn't have it well you could argue that maybe they killed an animal that they could get some milk out of sure but here's the way I look at it dairy is from mammals humans are mammals it is probably the most natural food on the planet because every mammal baby starts out on Mother's Milk we pretty much continue until that baby can fend for itself until it's old enough to go out and start picking things and doing things so for different animals that that lasts different periods of times but most hunter-gatherer populations breastfeeding is commonplace up until six or seven years old not exclusively not the only food source but as a supplement food source so basically at that age they they don't need it because now they're old enough to start moving around but what that tells me is dairy is natural to humans because we are mammals and we are adapted to that food so then we can talk about well should we drink the milk from other species so yes we should have human milk but can we have goat's milk or cow's milk and I believe based on muscle testing that and and clinical results that any milk is perfectly fine as long as it is not pasteurized that is the key because milk is alive it's always in nature is always delivered straight from the source to the person eating it to the baby and that means it was never pasteurized it was never processed the pasteurization happened because they wanted to extend the shelf-life and now they turn it into a frankenfood because they kill off the enzymes and the bacteria and everything that was in there that helped you digest it that made it alive and natural so to me Dairy is okay but never pasteurized and if you make sour cream or yogurt out of it now you bring it back to life so now it's okay again so once you read online about this you quickly get very confused and as always everyone turns it in to another diet and does it work can you lose weight on it and yes if you eat this way you lose so much weight and as always they're missing the point it's not a diet and we don't care if it works for weight loss it's an understanding it's a it's an idea it's a metaphor for understanding what food is what food is suited for us and what is non-food what is it that's foreign and poisonous and what is it that can sustain us there was a guy called Weston Price who travelled the world about a hundred years ago and he found that there were populations all over the planets who were extremely healthy who had no tooth decay no degenerative diseases they were doing absolutely fine and some of them ate a lot of vegetables and some ate no vegetables some ate almost all fish because they live by the coast and some ate no fish because they lived in the mountains they had goats they drank goat milk they had cows they drank cow's milk they made cheese and butter and no matter where he went they were perfectly healthy as long as they ate whole food as long as they didn't mess with it as long as they didn't process it or turn it into Franken food humans can survive on a wide variety of different foods the problem we've gotten into is we've added too much grain too much legumes we process too much everything is sugary we have the high-fructose corn syrups and the agave and all these different things that we never got in those amounts from nature so there's the problem so that's the Paleo diet in a nutshell that's the idea behind it can you use it religiously and get good results absolutely go for it can you use it as a template I think that's the better that's how I look at it I look at as a great metaphor to start understanding why certain things might be good for us and why certain things might be creating a lot of damage so the take-home message is use it any way you like it's a great metaphor for understanding what foods might be suitable and what might not but in the end you eat whole foods you avoid processed foods and you eat it in the freshest and most natural state that you can if you enjoy this sort of content make sure that you subscribe and hit that notification bell and please share this content with as many people as you can because this channel is about health it's about life it's about saving lives and quality of life so help us get this message out and help us save lives thanks for watching

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