Understanding Diagnosis Part 2 Happiness Isn’t Brain Surgery Episode 30b

welcome to happiness isn’t intelligence surgery with dr. snide this podcast was created to provide you the data and implements doc Snipes applies her clients so that you two can start living happier our website doc Snipes comm has even more resources videos and handouts and even interactive periods with Doc’s darkness to assist you apply whatever it is you learn go to Doc’s nights calm to learn more today we’re going to continue talking about understanding manifestations of nervousnes and sadnes will identify the causes affair and interventions for devouring ruffles now whether you’re enraged agitated or chilled a lot of beings look to food for comfort but parties also sometimes eat out of habit and sometimes they devour because their body is out of whack it’s not sleeping when it’s supposed to or you’re not getting quality sleep so you’re eating and fullness hormones are out of whack so we’re gonna look at some of those causes and what to do about them so basically we’re talking about dining too much or loss of appetite we’re not talking about specific eating disorders we’re just talking about general you are well aware I’m eating all the time or you are well aware I precisely can’t seem to belly anything or I don’t have the desire to get off the couch to make anything this can cause by an imbalance in the psyche substances that help you feel motivated to eat such as norepinephrine and serotonin or like I said some of those other hormones like ghrelin and leptin coming out of whack so your mas doesn’t know when it’s hungry and when it’s full there are five primary causes of overeating your mas needing the building blocks sometimes and I know it’s true for me if I haven’t been getting enough water for example and that’s not necessarily a building block but it’s a necessary thing to have I will pray iceberg lettuce you know I will crave salads and it can be the midriff of wintertime and I will start imploring salads and that “ve been told” that my body’s revealing I need more liquid in my arrangement because iceberg lettuce is like ninety percent water so your form could need the building blocks so you’re having ravings for meat that are designed to help you get the minerals or vitamins that you need so that’s an important thing to look at you want to look at your nutrition and go over it with your doctor your nutritionist to make sure you’re eating a healthful nutrition you could have low serotonin and low serotonin can lead to feelings of high distres and in some people depression and sometimes Loesser when you have low serotonin and you’re feeling that nature you eat for consolation think about American society civilization when do we snack we feed when we’re bored we tend to eat to feel to feel happy we eat at celebrations we eat at funerals we eat at holidays and a lot of experiences food is associated either with consolation or with delight so parties will gravitate towards those additionally when you devour high fat or high carbohydrate or both nutrients your organization naturally increases the levels of serotonin in your torso so your mas may be saying your serotonin is low I need more I’m going to attain you devour some impel you implore some of these things which is again why I said in the last presentation that some people especially those that are prone to anxiety and dimple may not do well on very low carbohydrate foods because that takes out the high carbohydrate ish kind of meat and carbohydrates or carbohydrate whether it’s a complex carbohydrate which is a complex sugar or you know something like sucrose and a good deal of ages you can meet that need with a complex carbohydrate you don’t I’m not saying when you feel this way go out and need a sugar disallow and you’re gonna feel better you may for about thirty minutes and then you’re gonna crash probably but it’s important to recognize if you’re hunger these kinds of foods you may want to look and see if how your depression is doing and whether you might be embarking on a depressive incident it can also be because your circadian rhythms are out of whack like I said earlier ghrelin and leptin are hormones that tell your body when you’re hungry and when you’re full and those are kind of reset or provide if you will by your blueprint of being being asleep and being awake because it helps placed your cortisol and everything else so it’s important it’s vital to make sure that you’re trying to get good quality sleep and preferably at roughly the same time if you are a shift worker this can be a little bit challenging but if you’re struggling with depression or nervousnes it may be worth it it may be important to you to try to stabilize your changes a little bit and in the presentation on sleep quality improvement I talked about a lot of things you can do if you’re a transformation craftsman to help improve your quality of sleep you also may snack just out of habit or self-soothing I’ve told you all before I have a bad attire of coming in the door setting my material down in the foyer counter and travelling straight-shooting to the refrigerator I don’t even meditate am i hungry or are we going to be eating dinner in 45 minutes I just go straight to the fridge and I’ve started to stop that habit but I won’t tell you that I’m excellent with it and some people look for they get in the habit of ingesting when they watch TV or munching when they’re walking around or gobbling when they go to the movies even if they’re not hungry it’s just it’s what you do when you you know are watching TV or or at the movies other parties may feed to self-soothe it’s what they do when they’re stressed they may reach for a beer of ice cream or for me it’s peanut butter desire my peanut butter and not that that’s a good garb but I know if I start imploring peanut butter it’s probably I’m probably stressed and I need to check out what’s causing the stress but some people will eat for that reason and thyroid controversies are also welcome to generate you to overeat or under devour especially if you have hyper thyroid your thyroids going too fast or you have too much thyroid hormone you may eat more and still not gain weight but I’ve also known beings with hypothyroid not sufficient thyroid hormone to support their efforts to they gain weight but they feel like they’re hungry all the time so how do you cope in the past when you have not had an appetite or have been eating to self-soothe how did you deal with it and there are a lot of things that you can do such as not saving the meat in your home that you typically use to self-soothe forcing yourself to note your menu in a menu journal before you devour generally I’m shiftles and I hate doing those things so if I “re going to have to” do that you know if I know that that’s one of those things I’m containing myself accountable for I’ll think twice before I just haphazardly eat because I’m like you know that’s that’s a lot of work just for a dollop of peanut butter and how do you deal with the stress if you’re soul soothing you need to ask yourself what cures me feel better besides food or what’s going to help me feel better in this situation to relieve my suspicion or rage do I need to call a friend do I need to go on a saunter take a bubble bathtub write in a journal what what works for you how are you able make sure you’re eating a generally healthy diet so your body has the building blocks it needs so you’re not having these creepy cravings that you know lead to overeating or dining added calories that “youve been” hadn’t allotted for and what can you do to ensure you’re eating due to hunger and not distress so one of the first things like I said is identify the foods you generally munch just in order to self-soothe and those are generally often high-fat high-sugar or very sweet artificially flavored things so you want to look at those and consider not keeping them in the house for a little while not to say that you can’t eat them when you go out to dinner you can have dessert when you you know there are things you can do to portion it out a little but you have to go through some struggle you don’t want to have it just like immediately right there your beck-and-call what can you do to prevent non hunger eating and there are a lot of tips-off and tricks for this my grandmother used to brush her teeth as soon as every meal was over and that the mint in toothpaste tends to satiate your craving so you don’t want to eat again plus pile combined with most things savour terrible you are eligible to for me if I if the kitchen is clean if the kitchen is repeat closed I don’t want to go in there and make another mess because I like to have the kitchen clean when I wake up in the morning so if it’s already cleanse I don’t want to have to do more housework you can practice go fifteen before you gobble so if you have a desire to eat and it’s not Meal Time force yourself to do something else for 15 hours and then if you’re still hungry after that or if you’re still craving food then you can reassess what that’s about and maybe pick a healthier alternative instead of a sugar rail perhaps opt an apple or a pear and what can you do besides feeing to agitate yourself from your distress or self soothe you may not be able to solve it right then but what can you do to distract yourself for me it helps to get out of the house you know go out in the backyard pull some weeds play with the dogs or come along my portable design and play Scrabble or checkers or something else that’s going to occupy my attention so I’m not thinking about and and perseverating on the meat that I want to eat I need to precisely completely change my judged motif deter a directory of things you can do besides gobbling to confuse yourself because when you’re in that chapter that you just you want to eat everything in cabinet ministers you’re not going to be thinking well what else seems petitioning exclude a schedule and thrust yourself to you know pick one thing and try it or a couple of things and if one doesn’t work try the next one another thing to help remind yourself to do these distraction acts is to keep them accessible I crochet so I hinder my crochet in a basket next to the sofa I also retain my portable manoeuvre with me pretty much all the time so that helps because it’s right there and it reminds me oh I’ve got this other alternative accessible if you have to go down to the craft room and get everything out you may go oh that’s that’s too much effort so make it easy for yourself because dining is very rewarding so if you have to go through too much effort to do whatever the alternative is you’re probably not gonna make love so realize whatever it is rewarding something interesting and and make it as easy as possible to do some other simple ish involvements stop devouring caffeine at least eight hours before bed now what does this have to do with eating well if your sleep is out of whack then you’re going to probably be your body’s not going to know when it’s hungry and when it’s full and some of us eat to stay awake we think well maybe I’m tired perhap if I get some sugar in my structure I’ll wake up you know things that we’ve been teach over the course of our life so let’s come that sleep improved if you booze caffeine six hours before bunked you know at 6 p. m.It is still in your system at midnight and perfectly in your structure half of it is gone at midnight so what does that mean that means that if you imbibe chocolate at midday you drink it with lunch then half of it will be gone by 6:00 p.m. and some more of it will be gone by by midnight I go to bed at like 8: 30 so I was also necessary make sure that I cease imbibing caffeine at like 10:00 a.m. so it doesn’t obstruct my sleep because having caffeine in your structure continues you awake excludes you more animated so you don’t get aspect sleep even if you go to sleep and if you wear a tracker a fitness tracker that monitors your sleep you can look and see how well you’re sleeping how much of your time was in deep sleep versus the other places and you really want to shoot for as those things check it about 3 hour that deep sleep at night and if you’re not getting that you want to look at what is likely to be justification that boozing fairly ocean if you are dehydrated you’re probably going to crave specific nutrients and dehydration likewise leads to confusion and feeling and low-toned vigour and other evidences so beverage enough liquid even if it’s sparkling water or Powerade or something as long as it doesn’t have sugar and caffeine in it it’s better than nothing try to have three colors on your plate at every banquet this will help ensure that you’re getting the nutrients that you need you know look at look at it as maybe a protein and two vegetables or a protein a vegetable and a return or you know if you ingested specks then a protein a vegetable and a grain but you want to have nutrient from the different food groups and you don’t want to get to a lot of beings found that the age-old food pyramid was just too complicated 6 to 11 servings 3 to 5 dishes this and simply too much so a nutritionist that I work with suggests to a lot of her patients to make sure they have three colours on their sheet and that helps ensure that you’re getting nutrient from each nutrient group but it preserves you from having to go through all the involved how many serves of this that I have gyrations eat menus you enjoy but in moderation if you’re not hungry then having menus you enjoy make aynd of aftermath your palate up a little bit if you’re eating too much eat in moderation use a salad dish instead of a dinner illustration that channel it tricks your mentality into thinking that you’re more full and also 3 colours the more colourings that are on your plate your psyche conceives there’s more meat there than if you’re just eating a slab it’s the same color all the various shades of light brown so cute little tricks there you can use make sure to eat in moderation another manoeuvre she schooled me was when you fill your dish you know if you dish out your own food dish out as much as you require and then employed half back because that’ll leave you enough area to go back for seconds if you crave them but most of us our eyes are nature bigger than our gut and if we ingest half of what we thought we were going to we find that we’re pretty full get enough sleep so you’re not eating – stay stay awake talk with your doctor before you start taking a multivitamin but it may be helpful to take a multivitamin I make mine after dinner so it doesn’t disrupt my tummy but you know that’s between you and your specialist you can experiment with crucial oils some will increase appetite some will decrease stress and cravings you don’t have to situated them on you as a matter of fact I recommend you don’t I recommend you use either a diffuser or the little whore things that you can plug into the wall you can also get little scatters I put mine in a little spray bottle that’s meant for like cosmetics or whatever and I desegregate the essential points lubricant with vinegar so I can exactly scatter it truly readily in the area and it makes a nice nice smell but I don’t have to touch it the benefit of critical oils or a huge part of the benefit of crucial lubricants is from the response in in your snout receptors it’s not from being absorbed into your scalp as much so essential oils can be really helpful even if you just breathe them if you can’t stomach munching talk with your doctor about exploring a snack replacing like ensure this usually is not done for a long period but sometimes it’s done as a stopgap because people are just you know they’re they’re having a hard time even coming out of bed let alone taking a shower and and ingesting a good healthy diet so sometimes that can be a stopgap eating commotions can be caused by a whole variety of factors including sleep pattern interruption causing imbalances in hormones low levels of serotonin which can produce high-pitched low-pitched and nervousnes and/ or depression and convenience munching and it can also produce itches you know if you have low levels of serotonin your body wants to balance it out it is therefore will produce thirsts for nutrient that may increase serotonin naturally in your intelligence and it can also be caused by nutrient imbalances so if your figure can’t form the serotonin because you’re not feeing enough protein with tryptophan and don’t worry about it really eat good proteins you’ll get wise but if you’re not eating fairly good proteins your organization cannot realize serotonin if you’re not eating fairly magnesium calcium iron there’s a knot of vitamins and minerals that are involved in the production of serotonin then your body can’t make it which signifies it’ll be low you may have lusts so nutrition and sleep are really really important and I don’t want you to think that you have to go gangbusters on nutrition and eat this perfect diet you know a la Michelle Obama what I demand you to look at is what is reasonable for you and what is going to help you start feeling better work with a nutritionist work with a doctor but remember to include meat that you like and not to cry exclude unless there’s a medical conclude a good deal of nutritionists suggested that you don’t eliminate your favorite nutrients like chocolate or pizza or whatever your favorite foods are you just have to have them in moderation as soon as “youre starting” saying I can never have this again you are more likely to set yourself up for a orgy on it involvements for sleep for for dining disruptions or dislocations normalize your circadian rhythms that’s your eat sleep wake cycle so circadian rhythms are not just about sleeping it’s about telling your body when to secrete cortisol when to be hungry all that stuff so if your sleeps out of whack it’s gonna be a problem eat a relatively health food rule in thyroid and other hormone questions which may be inducing a cause you to be hungry all the time and gain weight or compelling you to be hungry the time and eat all the time and lose weight develop alternate self comforting behaviors and obstruct a directory of them helpful so when you feel like you want to stress eat you you can choose something else and you’ve got to find a way to practice the interval is what I call it because you know it’s pretty second nature if it’s in for a lot of beings when they’re emphasized to go straight to the kitchen and start eating you need to made a pause in there between getting emphasized and devouring when you say is this what I certainly want to do and that’s we’re obstruct a meat gazette on the counter and forcing yourself to write in it before you gobbled can help you really ask yourself am i hungry and there are some suggestions on on the worksheets that accompany this video for things to put on your diet nutrient journal including why are you munching are you hungry are you accentuated and are you craving any particular things salty sweet special meat that path you can maybe link structures and reveal your healthcare crew so they might be able to help you figure out better ways to help you maintain a health passion not overeat not under chew and rule mindfulness to address instead of eat your feelings so like I said you practice your pause and then some people will start practicing mindfulness and saying okay what’s bothering me and instead of even looking at why am i craving this nutrient they will journal or do some other activity to try to figure out what’s triggering that desire to eat and cope with it right then but mindfulness is basically the act of asking yourself right now in this moment what do I feel what do I need and what do I crave because sometimes your needs and wants are not the same maybe you require a hug but or you need a hug but you’re wanting to eat brownies so how do I feel what do I want and what do I need that obligates you check in with your so you can better meet your needs if you like this podcast you can subscribe on your favorite podcast app you can join our Facebook group or you can join our community at Doc Snipes comm and access additional resources

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