The Ultimate Vegan Recipe and Green Smoothie Cookbook – 50 Delicious Vegan Recipes and 25 Amazing Green Smoothie Recipes

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Getting Into Shape: Using Healthy Vegan Recipes to Improve Your Lifestyle

Losing weight is hard enough as it is, there are just so many temptations lurking around every corner. Whether it’s cheeseburgers or doughnuts, there’s always going to be something that will hold you back from your physical goals – but all of that ends here. With these vegan recipes, you’ll be shedding that excess fat and feeling as energetic as possible in no time at all. Your energy levels are going to affect what you put into your body, that’s why people always use the phrase “you are what you eat”.

It’s a proven fact that vegans live a much healthier life, as opposed to somebody who eats a lot of the In order to unlock your true potential, you’ve got to get serious about your diet – when you go vegan, there’s no turning back! It’s a commitment that you need to make for your entire life, and this eBook is something that will make the transition an incredibly easy one. Cooking vegan not only helps you lead a man-made foods we’ve come to know and love. much healthier process every single day, but it also saves animals as well.

When you cook with this eBooks’ vegan recipes, your energy levels will sky rocket back up into the atmosphere.

What’s Included Within?

-This cookbook is jam packed with information, and all of it is going to be useful in one way or another.

-There isn’t any filler, which is exactly what you would expect from something like this; it’s a topic that needs to be efficiently explained in order to work. You don’t have to lurk all over the internet and try to find recipes that are going to work day in and day out, just rely on this eBook! Believe it or not, there are some world-class dishes in here (well, they taste world-class, at least!). There are 6 main sections to the eBook, all of which are going to cover a different area of your daily diet. This means that one section will pertain to breakfast, and the others will pertain to lunch and dinner (as well as other areas).

You have the ability to stay healthy, youthful and energetic! All it takes are the right recipes!

The different sections of this eBook will make sure that you’re well equipped to tackle your diet head on, and start living the life that you’ve always wanted to live! You’ll have the energy and physicality to do whatever you please, and that’s a fact. The specifics of the segments within this eBook are as follows:

– 14 Delicious Vegan Breakfast Recipes – Breakfast is the most important part of the day, so you need to make sure that you’re full and ready to tackle your tasks with a smile. These delicious vegan breakfast recipes will fuel you for the tough (and not so tough) days.

– 14 Filing Vegan Lunch Recipes – Lunch is where it’s time to refuel the tank, and these vegan lunch recipes will have you coming back for more and more.

– 14 Healthy Dinner Recipes – Dinner is a special time of the day, as it’s usually when you get to finally sit down and relax with a meal. Not only will you be relaxing and enjoying delicious meals, but these recipes will have you eating healthier than ever before (on a consistent basis, at that).

– 8 Delectable Vegan Desserts – Desserts that don’t include any animal-related products at all; you can finally figure out how to create organic/vegan ice cream (that actually tastes good!).

– 25 Vegan Green Smoothie Recipes – With healthy and organic ingredients (like Kale, Spinach and Cucumber), you’ll be taught how to create delicious green smoothies.

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