The Mandalorian Season 2 Ahsoka Tano vs Thrawn Teaser Breakdown and Star Wars Easter Eggs

Now tell me where is your master where is grand admiral thrawn I will start my operations here and 
pull the rebels apart piece by piece Welcome back everyone it's Charlie this is going 
to be my new mandalorian season 2 video for ahsoka   tano versus grand admiral thrawn as they teased 
during episode 5. so if you're brand new to the   channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos 
they tease this huge fight in the future between   ahsoka and thrawn they also included some clever 
visual easter eggs for thrawn in other places   during the episode you may have spotted so we'll 
break it all down and explain what it means for   the future of the mandalorian series and the 
potential ahsoka tano spin-off series that's   been rumored all year and over a long time 
fans have always wanted them to do an heir   to the empire thrawn style trilogy in the movies 
it looks like they might actually be bringing that   into the live-action disney plus series though 
but careful for spoilers for everything that   happened during episode 5 and on the mandalorian 
so far if you haven't seen any of the episodes   just starting at the beginning here number 10 
ahsoka tano said that during the episode she   was after information that the magistrate named 
morgan ellsbeth had a lot of you also may have   noticed too that she's bruce lee's goddaughter 
in a stunt person in real life so that's how they   were able to do such a cool fight scene with that 
mandalorian bheskar spear but it was until that   final scene after the big fight that we actually 
learned that it's the location of grand admiral   thrawn in the seventh fleet that ahsoka is after 
yes i also think that this has something to do   with the whereabouts of ezra bridger because the 
last time we saw all these characters ahsoka tano   ezra bridger and thrawn was during the star wars 
rebels finale so i will talk more about ezra later   in this video too since it seems like most of the 
major animated characters that dave filoni either   created or helped bring back into the canon are 
coming to the live-action mandalorian series and   other disney plus series in the future number nine 
grand admiral thrawn is probably one of the few   major fan favorite characters who are big 
enough to be a galactic level threat on par   with emperor palpatine or darth vader just 
to make comparisons to the star wars movies   so it feels like dave filoni and jon favreau 
are going to use him as part of their end game   for the mandalorian series make all the avengers 
and game jokes you want we're in the end game now   and it also seems like they're setting up a new 
cinematic universe with these live-action disney   plus series that'll be interconnected like a 
potential ahsoka spin-off series that covers a lot   of what's happening with grand admiral thrawn it's 
sort of like them doing what the mcu is doing with   their disney plus marvel series and all the big 
marvel phase 4 and marvel phase 5 movies but just   in the star wars universe like i said wouldn't 
it be amazing if they did an heir to the empire   style thrawn trilogy but now it seems like they're 
doing it in the disney plus series so to speak to   slowly introducing bits of legends canon back into 
the official canon but number eight even before   ahsoka mentions thrawn's name some of you may have 
spotted some of the visual easter eggs referencing   him in the background during the episode so if you 
zoom in enhance on the hk87 assassin droids yes   i know big knights of the old republic easter egg 
for hk47 you look at their heads and they actually   bear the insignia of thrawn's seventh fleet morgan 
ellsbeth has supposedly been working for thrawn   helping plunder worlds to gain the resources to 
build the empire's starfleet ever since revenge of   the sith so it makes sense that all of her weapons 
and her gear comes from thrawn's seventh fleet   number seven how is grand admiral thrawn connected 
to moff gideon and what's going on in the galaxy   during the events of the mandalorian series 
because this is the first we're actually hearing   of him there was actually something interesting 
though that giancarlo esposito said in an   interview after the mandalorian season 2 episode 


That was the episode where we finally saw him   off gideon for the first time during season 
2 and we got the reveal of his experiments in   cloning more answers about what he's doing with 
midichlorians and grogu's blood using that to   create his new dark troopers also big dark forces 
video game easter egg but during his interview he   talks about higher powers during the galaxy 
so i'm going to screen cap this and just read   what he says he says when the people flow out of 
control and there are all these different Moffs   who've been assigned to different areas to be 
wardens of isn't there one person or someone that   may have guidance over all of them then he said 
that they'll answer all those questions during   season two he talks about the dark troopers like 
their super soldiers using them to sort of instill   order around the galaxy so we're just hyping up 
them rolling them out later this year then he   raises another really interesting question saying 
also why does moff gideon know everything what's   going on everywhere he has some kind of incredible 
intelligence source so number six given all this   information in big reveals during episode five 
and so far on the mandalorian clearly i think the   incredible source of information that giancarlo 
esposito is talking about and this mysterious   person who has guidance over all the Moffs is 
grand admiral thrawn technically a moff is a   civilian governor of a sector of space controlling 
many systems and a grand admiral is a military   commander of an entire fleet of the empire 
the seventh fleet is thrawn's fleet the only   reason right now that thrawn would technically 
outrank moff gideon if they're adhering to the   rules of the empire long live the empire as he 
said earlier which they're trying to bring back   is because moff gideon isn't a grand moff and 
even if he were a grand moff he and thrawn would   be more like equals in terms of authority within 
the empire the way things were set up originally   but if you haven't read a lot of the thrawn canon 
before or seen any of the rebels the way he's sort   of pitched within the star wars universe is that 
he's the best most intelligent military commander   that the galaxy has ever seen the way he's 
expressed especially during star wars rebels was   as a very sherlockian villain like a moriarty to a 
sherlock and for those of you that didn't actually   watch the rebels series he was actually voiced 
by lars mikkelson he's mads mikkelson's brother   but he also played a villain during sherlock 
season 3 with benedict cumberbatch i know everyone   would love to see benedict cumberbatch play live 
action thrawn but they could actually just paint   lars mikkelson blue if they're having everyone 
play the animated versions of their characters   in live action ahsoka tano is kind of the 
exception to that so far because rosario   dawson is playing the live-action version of her 
and ashley eckstein did the animated version but   you have katee sakhoff playing animated bogatan 
then playing live action Bo Katan so the president   is there for lars mikkelson to come and play 
live-action thrawn on the mandalorian series   number five originally it was actually darth 
vader anakin skywalker himself that brought thrawn   into the empire but it was still when he was 
anakin skywalker before he became darth vader   during the clone wars thrawn had actually grown 
up as a member of the chis ascendancy royal navy   over here in this part of the unknown regions that 
his race controls it's a pretty big area of space   even though it looks kind of small on the map here 
after learning about palpatine and witnessing the   fall of the republic after order 66 he sort of 
decided that in the big regime change the best way   to help his people the chiss survive in this new 
political regime was from the inside so we went   to the emperor and offered his racist knowledge of 
the unknown regions which the emperor desperately   wanted but because thrawn was so much better than 
all the other military commanders he quickly rose   to the rank of grand admiral so because he was 
such a badass a lot of you were confused why it   seemed like he was beaten so easily by the rebels 
in the rebels finale well there are some theories   about that so number four if you didn't read all 
the thrawn stories he actually found out that the   emperor was planning on killing him after he took 
care of the rebels in his final mission assuming   that he was going to take the rebel fleet apart 
piece by piece as he said during rebels so there   are some theories that he lost that battle during 
the rebels finale on purpose with the intent to   dip out of the galaxy for a little while into 
the unknown regions regardless of the outcome   of the battle to sit out the events of the 
original trilogy of movies until he could   gather more resources and develop a plan to either 
outfox emperor palpatine or to get him to chill   on that kill order regardless in the rebels finale 
the last we saw of him and ezra bridger were that   ezra's space whales which had the ability to 
navigate hyperspace naturally took thrawn's   seventh fleet deep into the unknown regions where 
they couldn't threaten the rebellion anymore   all right before the events of star wars a new 
hope all we know now is that at some point ahsoka   came back after looking for ezra in the unknown 
regions with sabine wren and probably around the   same time thrawn found his way back to the outer 
rim territories which is based on the way they're   hyping him up it seems more likely that thrawn 
found his way back before the events of return   of the jedi the battle of endor the battle of 
jakku and just decided to wait in the outer rim   hidden so that the emperor and the remainder of 
the old empire could die off which he was not a   big fan of and he could then swoop in and recreate 
a new empire as he saw fit one that would benefit   his people the chiss much more than the previous 
regime remember thrawn is not loyal to the emperor   or the empire he's loyal first to his people the 
chiss so everything he does is for their benefit   ultimately even though he seems like he's this 
big villain inside the empire had the emperor   wound up killing thrawn as he planned his people 
the chiss would have suffered the same fate as   the mandalorians did eventually like thinking 
about the great mandalorian purge in moff gideon   so number three connections demof gideon we know 
he came up in the imperial security bureau before   he was a Moff they're the branch of the empire 
that's tasked with information gathering and   secret keeping so maf gideon would have had access 
to all of palpatine's secrets and resources hidden   all over the galaxy now we don't know whether 
or not thrawn played a role in the original   mandalorian purge mostly it seems like that's 
a Moff gideon thing because every time bokutan   talks about the purge and taking back the planet 
mandalore in the darksaber she keeps talking about   moff gideon and it also kind of seems like that 
happened during the events of the original trilogy   so it's more likely that emperor palpatine is 
behind the mandalorian purge when he was still   around regardless though in this new mandalorian 
series in this part of the timeline moff gideon is   more like the darth vader to thrawn's emperor 
so once they do come around to the new battle   for mandalore whatever the final season of the 
mandalorian series winds up being that's sort   of the end game for the show is them retaking 
the planet mandalore grand admiral thrawn will   be a big part of that whether or not he played 
a role in their original downfall in the purge   so number two my early prediction is is that 
we'll get another thrawn teaser in the mandalorian   season two finale either we'll just see a shot of 
the seventh fleet with his star destroyer chimera   and maybe maybe small chance they've already cast 
an actor for a short cameo scene and will actually   see him show up on screen for a few seconds in 
the finale and then he'll just show up more on the   potential ahsoka spin-off series because i really 
do feel like episode 5 was meant to be a backdoor   pilot for the ahsoka series it's really cool as 
a fan service episode and pushing the mandalorian   series plot four but there's just so many things 
that they set up it feels like a lot of that's   going to be addressed on a separate tv show in 
number one as for ezra bridger there have been all   kinds of actors teasing fans with live action ezra 
all year but that being said because you can't do   one without the other thrawn can't come back and 
ahsoka can't come back after rebels without ezra   also coming back i think they'll introduce the 
new live-action ezra either on the mandalorian   series along with sabine wren or at least on the 
ahsoka series and the mandalorian series is all   about mandalorians it's right there in the title 
and sabine wren is a mandalorian by birth from   house wren and she's the one who gave Bo Katan 
the dark saber in the first place so of course   they have to introduce her to the live action 
at some point but i also think the ezra bridger   character will be connected to the jedi that 
ahsoka tano spoke of when she was telling mando   to take grogu to the jedi temple on taithon i will 
do a separate video about that about all the jedi   and sith characters from canon and from legends 
that they might bring back through that storyline   but post all your theories in the comments 
below do you think that maf gideon has been   working for grand admiral thrawn this whole time 
and when do you think we'll actually see thrawn   on screen for the first time congratulations 
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full mandalorian season 2 episode 5 ahsoka video   and click here to learn about grogu's full 
backstory in jedi history and how he fits   into the star wars movies thank you so much for 
watching everyone stay safe this is the way!

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