Thai Paleo: Authentic Recipes Made Easy

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(as of May 17,2020 03:14:18 UTC – Details)

Thai cuisine consists of a wide range of delicious recipes. Being one of the richest cuisines, Thai recipes are not only famous in Asia, but enjoyed all across the world. However, calorie conscious people cannot treat themselves with the enthralling taste of creamy Thai soups and high calorie diet. One way to do so is replace high carbs or fatty ingredients with some other healthy elements. Here in this eBook you can find: • The perfect blend of Paleo and Thai dishes. • You can find 50 easy-to-cook recipes, which are not only mouthwatering, but will also keep you healthy, strong and lean. • Unlike other recipe books which only focus on taste, this eBook contains recipes which will allow you to enjoy pure Thai cuisine but in a healthy way. Thai-Paleo recipes in this eBook have preserved the original taste of Thai food. Also in this eBook you will find: • Nutritional value. • Serving size. • And preparation time of every recipe, thus allowing you to keep a check on your daily calorie count If you want to enthrall your taste buds with delicious Paleo-Thai recipes and reap countless health benefits, then keep exploring this eBook!

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