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translation: Hoek & Sonépouse Subtitling BV Cleo … Hurry up if you want Dad to take you to school. All right, Kim. I'll walk. Emma, ​​your phone rings. What a terrible disaster. This cream consists mainly of water. Dolphins can travel great distances, so can we. No more moisturizing cream. We can swim all the way to Fiji. Imagine. We get dry and wrinkly skin. We are old when we are 21. I missed my training. For the first time in six years. Do you see how awful this is? We have to tell someone. Our parents, a doctor … – Like a mermaid in a straitjacket? I do not think so. Rikki is right, we can't tell anyone. Not even Mom? -Not to parents.

I'll tell her everything. Not this time. That is too dangerous. People don't understand. Soon we'll be locked up. -Why? Because we are different. Because we do things that other girls can't. Because they are afraid of us. -Best. I don't tell anyone. Only to Lewis. -No, Cleo. To no one. All right then. Do not worry.

I am very good at keeping secrets. Time for a party, folks. No excuses. In honor of our very own surfing god, the handsome Byron … who has won a prize. What price? -Which you get in surfing. He won the Cost Surf Classic. Then I got tanned, but it must have been great. Rikki, I must still have a spot. Sorry, then I'm flossing my teeth. Hello, Cleo. -Hello, Lewis. I have not been through much. Everything just goes as planned. Are you going to a Miriams party? -Of course. Don't forget your bikini, it's a swim party. Well, now that I know you're going … I've changed my mind. I'm not going. How stupid to miss Miriam's party. She probably never asks us again. -So what? All the better. A swimming party. It is dangerous … but if I tell Lewis everything, he can look out for us. No, it is fine. We're not going. Wait, we have to go. For Byron, not for Miriam. Surfing requires a lot of training. Then you need all the support. You like Byron, don't you? -Not really. That doesn't sound convincing. If we know more about it, we may gain control over it.

Really? What is there to know? In the water we get a tail. Maybe with a little discipline we can control it. Yep, that's great. Check. Then we can go to the party. I'll text Lewis. We have to swim to test that theory. What? Not really. Forget it. Come on, it's not even deep in here. Please, Cleo. -No. No. -Best. Come on, Rikki. Control and discipline are in the mind. Concentrate. No tail, no tail … No tail. Who talked about his mouth? This is my secret fishing spot. Someone gave it away. -Sorry. Does not matter. I read that you are going to the party. That was an old text message. I'm not going anymore. Too much homework. Also fine. Then I also dive into it. We're naked, Lewis. A quick dive, then? See you, Lewis. -I offered it. We will never be invited to anything cool again. Why? Because we have tails. My swimming career is over. One question: why me? I didn't ask for it. I've been training to become a swimmer since I was six. Say goodbye to that.

We are now mermaids. You are truly incredible. Look at it. You drink water from the air and Emma just makes a popsicle. Others would be more than happy to do that. You have supernatural powers and you just whine. I don't have those kinds of powers. Do you hear me complain? No. I'm done with it. I don't want whiners around me. I understand her. Sometimes I don't want myself around me either. Lewis, what do you think of Rikki? You know those stonefish that look like a stone? Who can kill an entire football team with their poison? She reminds me of that.

Thank you. Take a seat Congratulations, Byron. How many are you standing now? Surely almost at the top? – Hold on, say. Ha that Zane. You're dry. Must be a strange feeling for you. Listen, Lewis. I don't know what happened to that hydrant, but one more time … and your head goes off. Don't go into it. It's not worth it. He doesn't change anyway. Byron is such a nice guy. Emma is right. We have to go to the party to support him. What a hero. -Fine. Then go. Do you think? – Sure, just do it. I do not get you. One minute you go, the next you don't. And now it is. Can you miss a workout? -The championship is coming. When you had the flu, you went too. And with a broken wrist. Maybe she should go to the doctor.

-No, it is not. You have been in your room so often lately. And you lock yourself in the bathroom. Do you want to talk about something? -There is nothing. You can be moody. So much changes at your age. – Exactly. The nail on the head. Hi, Miriam. I'm calling to say I'm coming to your party. Probably. I just wanted to let you know. What do I wear? Something suitable. Hoppa. Ten, nine, eight, seven … six, five, four, three … two one… Can I sit? – Sure, but not with me. We often have disagreements. Thanks. But I want to know what's up with Cleo. -How so? She keeps changing her mind about Miriam's party. Maybe she doesn't like you. Have you thought about it? Yes, for a while. But I thought: she's dealing with you, so she's not that critical. Tell me what's wrong with her. Please. There is some.


We're not even talking to each other right now. I just want to be alone. So you can … What the hell? It's hot. Is this a joke or something? Thank you for calling. Sorry about that negative talk from me. That's not how I am otherwise. I… It's okay, Em. I have to show you something. I am really curious. What is it? – Is that you? Are you naked again? We have a conversation among girls. -But are you naked? Get out of here, Lewis. -I want to fish here. I need that relaxation. You go away. Don't, Lewis. – Shouldn't you go after Cleo? No not at all. I'm already over it. No idea what Cleo has. She can't make up her mind. That's what I mean. Cleo is now going back to the party. I give up. – You wanna do something for us? Cleo can't go to the party alone. Call her. I am going to fish. Maybe she's in trouble. I am not a lackey or a butler.

I will not be ordered. Her phone is off. She could be in trouble. You like her, don't you? Friendly, yes. Well? It's a swimming party. -I know. But I'm dating so I don't swim. Not at all. Where's Byron? – There will be. Do you really keep that on? -Yes really. I have to be careful. Getver. -It's not a good idea you're here. Sick people make me feel sick. -You have to go. No, I'm fine. It's nothing. I can celebrate. -Fine. Just go outside and don't touch anything. Good. And don't have a drink. Stay away from everyone. -Right away. Loser. Who do we have there? We were just in the mood for a break. -No. Go away. – Don't say that, Cleo. You had such fun too when I was soaked.

Now it's your turn. -I have a cold. I am not allowed to enter the water. A flu. Very contagious. -Come on. Time for a refreshing dip. Maybe pneumonia. I thought you weren't coming. -I'll pop in. And that fishing equipment? -I always have it with me. Is Cleo there? -At the pool. Sick. Please. Do not. Let her go, Zane. -As you wish. Don't have a brain? -I had to let her go, right? I let go of her. Come on, let's have a drink. Come with me. How terrible. -I have to tell you something. Do not say anything. Yes. I know I was acting strangely. Don't be alarmed, but … You have to help me. Do not go away. I need your help. Please, Lewis. Where is everyone? -Within. Help me, she's very heavy. That is not possible. When we get wet, we also get a tail.

Do you want that? Both? All of them? Really? The door is locked. – Well, no. You should have exercised more. -What now? Get out of the way, Lewis. Ow, that stings. So, steamed dry. So you can. -What is all this? We will tell you later. Come on, Rikki. I didn't like swimming parties. What is going on? You have to check your heating system.

Hey, Byron. -Hello. Why aren't you at the party? The swimming party that Miriam is holding for you. Miriam? Isn't that that blonde? I don't like parties. See you. Cool board. -Gift chest. Cool attitude. If you pass it on, we'll do you something. I'm not crazy. Then they give you to science. I left the swim team. – Sorry for you, Emma. What else could I do? This is getting completely out of hand.

It's just too big. So if I understand correctly, you can freeze things … you detonate and you let it cook. And you all become mermaids. Bizarre. It sure is. But sometimes it is good. And sometimes not so well. -It is… It's … I don't have words for it. I do. Three even: totally awesome.

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