Rowing WOD Bible: 80+ Cross Training C2 Rower Workouts for Weight Loss, Agility & Fitness (Rowing Training, Bodyweight Exercises, Strength Training, Kettlebell, … Training, Wods, HIIT, Cardio, Cycling)

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80+ Rower Workouts To Accelerate Your Weight Loss, Agility & Fitness

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Regardless of your gender, age or current fitness level you’re about to learn how to build a fit and healthy body without any expensive gym memberships or overhyped workout equipment


Here is A Preview Of What The Rowing WOD Bible Contains…

  • A Comprehensive List Of The Health Benefits Of Cross Training
  • Health & Fitness Benefits Of Stationary Rowing Explained
  • How To Row Correctly
  • The Rowing Commandments ***A MUST Read***
  • 80+ Rowing WODs (Workouts)
  • And Much More!

Download your copy today and get started with these killer rowing workouts!

Now you have no excuse to workout – with these fun, convenient rowing workouts – Click ‘Order’ and let’s get started now!

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