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This is low sodium veggiebroth … The class that I’m cooking foris actually a assist group that I started for patients whohave recently experienced a heart attack or a bypasssurgery or even maybe simply had a stent located. When I became a cardiacrehab nurse, I was also noted that, you are well aware, we hadresources in place for patients to learn how to exercise. We have resources for them totalk about eating. But we didn’t have a good sourcefor emotional support. There’s a lot of studies outthere that really show that social approval is hugein healing, and I think that’s what thisclass does. It sharpens not only on thespiritual carry part of it, but also on the healthy eatingpart of it.With my disease, it can be sucha mental thing, and I was coming out of mysecond heart attack. And the angina indications that Iwould, you know, “wouldve been” would get into my thought. It would just become so mental, and then I would simply circlearound and around in my ability, so it was nice to come to asupport group and talk to Amanda. And having that understandingthat we all can relate to each other and that we all helpeach other, support each other, cherish on eachother and know that, you are well aware, we’re kind of in this together, and it’s okay. I feel very endowed thathealthy cook can perceive good, and I miss patients toknow that. I is a well-known fact that what this does forpatients is good and they actually benefit from it. I think in medicine, regularly it’s hard to find rejoice in your work, so I have toconsciously find ways to find joy in my work, and this is oneof the ways I do that. And checking these patientstogether and their interactions, produces me a great deal of delight.

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