Pink Butcher BBQ Paper Roll (18 Inch by 150 Feet) – Food Grade Peach Wrapping Paper for Smoking Beef Brisket Meat Texas Style, All Natural and Unbleached

Price: $13.48
(as of Jun 08,2020 00:48:16 UTC – Details)

Why Use Pink Butcher Paper For BBQ? Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper provides the ultimate trifecta every BBQ enthusiast wants in their slow cooked meats – TENDERNESS on the inside, CARAMELIZED BARK on the outside and DELICIOUS SMOKED FLAVOR throughout. Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper’s balance in strength, moisture holdout and porous structure is perfect for “low and slow” cooking. Meat Hugger keeps the meat securely wrapped while the paper’s porous structure allows excess steam to escape, preserving juiciness on the inside and maintaining a “crutch-style” bark on the outside. Is Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper Safe For Direct Food Contact? Absolutely, Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper’s manufacturer receives Excellent ratings from expert and objective third party inspectors for food contact packaging facilities. Knowing where our BBQ paper is coming from, is of utmost importance to ensure the best quality for our customers. Where Is Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper Made? All raw materials that makeup our pink butcher paper are made and manufactured in the United States. Is Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper Coated, Bleached or Waxed? No, Meat Hugger is not coated, bleached or waxed. Meat Hugger Pink Butcher Paper is specifically engineered to withstand moisture while maintaining breathability. This natural process replaces the need for additional treatments for BBQing perfection. Most Common Uses For Pink Butcher Paper: Smoking meats: beef brisket, ribs, pork shoulder, the possibilities are endless Rustic-looking food wrap Unique table cover for restaurants or backyard BBQs Tray liners that stand out and reduce cleanup costs Drawing and painting surface for the kiddos Short term meat storage and transportation Crafty-looking gift wrap

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