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Hey, Guys in the PCOS series today we will be covering workouts. Let me prefes by this by saying that all of us, the majority of members of us needs sedentary life’s and having employ programme is a must to feel and be healthy, yet the same reasons and the choice should be yours because any kind of physical work is suppose to build us feel good and it should be fun to do. To discuss training at the gym we have with us the dynamic Sheba Devaraj. She’s a fitness professional now at Score gym, Alwarpet in Chennai. Sheba thank you very much I am really glad that you sat down with us for this. Let’s start the interview by burst a popular myth. A lot of women feel that strength training make them bulky, so even though it is made the gym it’s mostly to do cardio workout. So what is the big difference between cardio workout and backbone learn. Okay, first of all this myth is been there for a long time and i know a lot of my consumer sometime ask and they say to give them some boobs to workout, they be like i am going to bulk up one thing to break the illusion is like psychologically we don’t have that much of testosterone to bulk up.So, “were having” like one one-tenth of testosterone of that of a males to bulk up like gentlemen we are therefore won’t bulk up ever unless you make something external to specifically grow your muscles or else you won’t so that’s the myth ended now for you. The other thing strength training virtually starts you strong so which means doing load teaching, free weight training, marble teach with dumbbells everything helps you become stronger It helps you in conditions, that generally are de-generative like that of bones specifically for women austere-process you can actually reduce the risk of that anything to do with bone, anything to do with back problem everything actually you can reduce it risk of that by doing strength rehearsal, cardio might cardio what we mean is you improve your cardio vascular capacity or strength which implies like for instantaneous if you climb a flight of stairs and you are short of breathe by do cardio and improving your cardio vascular capacity that breathlessness will go down from you so mostly to simplify this is it.So for women with PCOS would you say that strong discipline could be superior to do cardio. Yes, so for women with PCOS specifically I suggest something that’s wholesome so 60 40 percentage 60 percent of forte 40 percent of cardio usually what we do is give them like complex exercisings that work on your part torso, say like dead-lifts not too much so you conclude them first understand the technological structure and then employee them with exercisings that are complex that help them to work on their core, their back their glut, hamstring all together so own torso weight workout combined with a lot of ignite chip of compound forte workout and cardio facilitates them reach their goal specific the myth segment like you said is something that needs to be targeted. 3 daytimes of fortitude two days of cardio is great so cardio can be also weights so sometimes we understand cardio is only running, racing on treadmill doing elliptical, doing ratio guiding, individual lope is cardio if i want to give you a Tabatha which is high intense training 20 seconds of effort and 10 seconds of respite itself is cardio.So when we say cardio we will mix a little bit of heaviness a little bit of running so there will be sprinting, 100 rhythms of sprinting, then you do 100 meter of dumbbells work is also like cardio so we do that for PCOS especially because they need to work their entire form and be enhanced their backbone plus their cardio. How important it is to have a supervise training sessions or have a personal trainer in the gym? Okay, so now supervise and personal set i’ll just break into two because everyone meditates in a gym they force you to do personal education like so why people indicate like a administer hearing is very very crucial because form a proficiency is very important before you taken away from to do any exercising so when you start for a basic functional flows like a squat, or a move if you don’t know to make love properly or you will injure your knee instant so even before you progress and go on to doing a weighted squat to learn to do a container squat well and do a free hunker long before you do a weighted diddly-squat or a weighted leap so it’s critical for you to have somebody to before even if i say supervise session to have a trainer instruct you as to which is the proper form of getting on doing the workout itself formerly you learn then you can do it by yourself so having a supervision is for you to first of all learn the workout’s well if “are you doin ” a dumbbells fly how is your arm movement are you doing it in a circular fad, if your doing a dumbbell press are you actually going in the proper compas you need someone to tell you that once you learn it then you can do it by yourself.What would be the ideal banquet before a workout and after a workout? So for different workouts we indicate different things but then say If your workout is like 45 hours from now so you can take a piece of chocolate-brown dough with peanut butter or oat snack is also great. So, considering I am saying if your going to the gym these things are great you can even have like a glass of orange liquid without any carbohydrate is also good so, it’s best not to come to the gym on an drain belly drain belly is not enormous so some when your doing a very high intensity workout some will take a shot of pitch-black coffee before working out Because caffeine gives you the hurry-up to get it on but ideally if your working and coming for workout you need to fuel up to burn even that oil to sustain during the workout interval. During the workout too to stay hydrated so hydration is important to keep your muscles replenished right so you can bring a bottle of irrigate a bottle of lime ocean, little bit of salt and sugar like a tinge of salt and carbohydrate is great to keep yourself hydrated, and affix workout anything to do with protein is great.So like for vegetarian fatty free tofu or paneer salad for non-vegetarian chicken, fish that is good after workout. Is there an ideal time for a exercising? I don’t think so that also is a myth, so all of us are rushing towards doing a lot of things right, so sometimes even me when I get time’s in the morning I workout sometimes last-minute in the night so basically your figure should get a custom to it, nonetheless I tell the majority of members of my clients to choose a experience choosing a time is basically for punishing yourself. So if you should tell yourself your going to work on a 3:00 pm so you know that you have to work around the day and organize that time so the time according to me is mostly to disciple yourself to workout at that particular time.So there is a lot of controversy around the adds-on? Supplementation is necessary for certain characters okay so however supplementation is not always necessary for a person who is just into fitness, so for instantaneous there is a client of mine who is trying to loose fat and so her protein intake has to be slightly higher. In a vegetarian food you don’t get the exact requirement that you need for your people proteins synthesis so then what do you do you need to take something external so that is your supplementation ideally there was no , nothing bad in supplementation so in that case supplementing with whey is good. But in case like if i’m going on a figure shredding planned and I was also necessary do a certain goal for myself shred to a certain body fat percentage then I need to supplement myself with what I require for muscle reservation like amino acid or anything with proper consultation I am not doing it random I need to consult If be with a physician or with a certified dietitian or a nutritionist so it has to happen with good guidance with summary otherwise whey is completely safe and there is nothing wrong in go whey because your food doesn’t always gives you all the proteins that you need.Correct, you are well aware after fortitude develop discussion we need a retrieval time off-course, off-course ya so recovery that’s why when you show 4 days of workout which means you need to give you need to have an ample of sleep when you do heavy value teaching you need to get at least 6 to 7 hours minimum 7/ 7 an a half to 8 hours is great but 7 hours of sleep 3 to 4 liters of spray is essential to replenish your muscles, so only when you sleep will your muscle, the shatter muscle will construct. So anabolic and catabolic stage happens only when you sleep so you re coping, so only when you re cope your muscle actually builds so all your workout will actually show answers only when you drink enough of ocean in the claim paw, get enough sleep rest is mandatory. So when you are going to the gym it’s like you better have a full proofed programme of sleeping well, eating well so the effects show instantly and are long lasting as well your frame so much hard work in working out for that one hour, so better eat well manage what you eat, finagle your sleep, control your liquid intake then it goes to show on you.So when i was entering the gym I understood a great deal of lady’s may be over the age of 40 to 50 times It’s quite motivating to be recognised that women grants fitness the importance at any senility, so can you just tell us about a few weeks workout plan for women who have a day menopause or above 50 years of age. So mostly I don’t like to distinguish like that I know there are some limitations like for inclination women when you grow older naturally there is more degeneration which can be managed but there is, specially also do they have arthritis their metabolism comes down, metabolism comes down by nature that’s going to happen so considering something with a back publication and knee issue and all that so when you’re working out say like a small circuit, gals here they just come and start up with cycling is an excellent way it’s the least impact workout even with DCL rehab we give them cycling because it’s good very least impact on your knees you can walk with highly less gait you can walk for cardio to time get your heart rate heightened after that you can choose to do some weights like when tutors are around you can do a little bit of boob cir cu little bit of own body value but strategy are great, isometric work is very great because at a object your core is not strong enough isometric work is very good.I won’t recommend too much of crunches when you’re much older but you can do like a boiler buzzer dead lift if your are really good. Learn the form of the boiler bell dead elevator it’s really really good because those for women their really afraid to touch the iron firstly but once when you learn the formal technique it’s really good for you then you want to do it more and I have learnt older ladies taking on forces more than cardio because it helps you see that your getting stronger in your bones your saunter becomes brisker you don’t choke at all and your daily life is just brilliant.That’s wonderful, so you know there are some women who have difficulties in accessing a gym for such girls would you be able to put together a really brief workout that is easy to do but at the same time does not injure them sure, doctor Thank you Sheba for a wonderful and enlightening chat. I hope this causes a great deal of girlfriends out there to touch the gym. I hope so too and yes find the results more dominance to you. I’m going to show you 3 initiates of exercising 1 is cardio, 1 is own body load and 1 determines of abs all of 2 what you have to do is mix and accord and do with what you have at home. I’m going to show you cardio first, 1 is mounting jack and 1 is high knee I’ll show you how to get it on if you don’t have this is the full jumping jack okay this is half well if you have any issues then do this so you do more repetition to get your cardio or to get your heartbeat heightened when your do it in this fashion okay, for high knees it’s this as high as possible but if you have heel shoes then you do this more repetition until your heart rate is elevated okay this is your cardio formerly you finish this, we’ll go on to some abs work with whatever you have at home have like tiny weight something’s that is 3 to 4 kgs you can start with Russian twist and a small form of ordinary crunch.It’s ideally done this way feet up and this but if you can’t keep your feet up feet down and this fully okay so this will give you more core tightens last-minute we doing a crunch you can lock your feet somewhere and come up like this If you feel that your back is hurting fastening your hoof here like this so this again more repetition for more in your home. The last and not least I’ll show you some more body weight work you’ll have stairs at home so what you can do is pick two stairs at a time go one up and one down the next time one move up knees up and down, one up and down. Knees up and down this one is good for you for your glut and hams I’m also going to show you some doodly-squats if you can’t do free diddly-squats, so free doodly-squats is actually your hoof is shoulder with, your feet are 45 magnitudes out, tug your core and move your deluge and sit like that that’s a squattings , now if you cannot squat do a full doodly-squat that you will have to do it on the chair.The height is up to your kn now you see your seal is flat on the floor engage your core and travel sit back and up so what you can do is all of these workout you can mix and match and create a good flier and now we learnt how to do climbing jack and high-pitched make so do 30 hopping jack and do 30 weighs of move and spin and 30 counts of diddly-squats or to 20 countings of jumping jack, 20 countings of step ups and 20 weighs of crunches. Do 3 determines of each so this is how you can mix and match and do your own dwelling workout.

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