Paleo Diet The Caveman Diet

Paleo Diet – The Caveman Diet

Weight has always been a problem for almost everyone. We want to lose weight, shed that extra fat from the belly, have those most coveted six pack abs and more. It is no wonder that gyms, training machines, and diets are sprouting left and right. Weight loss is already one profitable market to begin with and this industry will continue to grow within the next few years.

Diet plans are another avenue to venture in case you want to push your weight loss agenda. To date, there are many existing ones in the market. One of which is the highly effective Paleo Diet.

So what exactly is a Paleo Diet?
Paleo Diet is also known as the Caveman Diet. Other alternative names include The Stone Age Diet and Paleolithic Diet. This basically revolves around the idea of the things men eat during this prehistoric era. The Paleo Diet is also known as the Hunter Gatherer Diet because these includes food item that can either be hunted or gathered.
Meat and seafood fit perfectly well in this kind of diet given the fact that they belong to the hunted category and prehistoric men hunted them before. Meanwhile, nuts, vegetables and fruits are good examples of the gathered category.

This particular diet stems on the idea that you need to rely on food that you either hunt or gather yourself. However this does not mean that you set up your own livestock or farm industry. Paleo tends to slant towards the idea of removing modern day food from our system. In order to satisfy such requirement, we should reduce if not eliminate processed and man-made foods, or those with high amounts of preservatives, found in cans, and so on. The important thing is that our nutrition choices are as natural and as unaltered as possible.

The good thing about following the Paleo Diet is that it is filled with quality, natural and high nutritional value food. Since it is filled with fruits and vegetables combined with seafood and meat, you would be amazed at how much nutrients you’re getting without relying on modern ingredients. You would also be lessening some digestive problem concerns that are caused by salt, sugar and dairy products. Foods filled with these ingredients are known to increase weight and can lead to other illnesses and diseases.

If you have been looking endlessly for effective diets, the Paleo Diet is definitely worth a try and not to mention this is also a cheaper alternative since you will only base your food intake on the hunted and gathered categories.

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