Paleo Diet Cutting Down The Grains

Paleo Diet – Cutting Down The Grains

Different diet programs have been making waves and surging in popularity throughout the years. One of which is Paleo Diet. It is no wonder that numerous websites and cookbooks have been personalizing their recipes in order to accommodate the food groups included in this diet. In spite of people embracing the basics of Paleo Diet, many still struggle to apply and succeed with it. One main problem that they see is the cutting of grains as part of the diet.

Our ancestors during the Paleolithic era didn’t farm for grains. As a matter of fact, they didn’t have the technology to refine it, which is why most food items included in the Paleo Diet are fruits, vegetables and nuts. Rice and wheat are not part of the picture. If we have been accustomed to eat without grains back then, we’d have no difficulty adjusting to the Paleo diet, right?

Grains have been considered as the favourite part of any meal. In fact, this can be found at base of our food pyramid. Most of our favourite dishes are often paired with it. If you want to try your hands on Paleo Diet, here are some things you can do in order to cut your grain intake.
One thing you can do is to try and imitate different Paleo recipes. There are thousands of them that you can buy and even search online. You can also get a Paleo cookbook or perhaps try what the other Paleo fans are doing. It’s important that you acquire a variety of recipes so you won’t get bored with just one dish. Believe it or not, it is possible that one can appreciate the meal even with the absence of grains. Make sure you also cook more than enough so that any leftovers will be stored as a quick snack or as appetizers for your next meal.

Another thing you can do is to get rid of the grains altogether. Clean your kitchen of everything related to grains. Keep your pantry and your refrigerator free from non-Paleo food items and fill it up with the food groups found in the diet. Give yourself time to study the included food items so that whenever you shop, you already know what you’re looking for.

Cutting down the grains will surely take time and discipline. However, this is not an overnight thing. Maintaining the Paleo diet still takes time and familiarization. Try to lessen your grain intake for months until you wean yourself out completely.

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