Paleo Diet A Simple Introduction

Paleo Diet – A Simple Introduction

Paleo Diet has been making waves in the diet industry. Its aliases include Paleolithic Diet, Stone Age Diet and the Caveman Diet. Different websites and fitness specialists have come up with different theories and practices of the Paleo Diet, but they all rely on the same concept: natural and organic food.

Paleo Diet’s Concept
The Paleo Diet is a weight loss and nutritional program that imitates the kind of food our ancestors ate during the Stone Age. It was at this time that agriculture and hunting were the two sources to find foods. Aside from that, technology and technique has not been developed yet from food sourcing to food preparation. Hence, our ancestors have been eating their food as raw as possible.

Technically, Paleo Diet works that way. However, this does not mean we should hunt our own food and eat it raw. Paleo Diet encourages us to eat natural and organic food with minimal or less artificial ingredients as possible. Paleo Diet is a low carb diet and it does not allow sugars and carbohydrates. The good thing about this diet is that you are able to alter it if you want to increase your carb intake, which makes it ideal for bulking and shredding.

Paleo Diet’s Foods
Paleo Diet does not introduce new wild food into our system. In fact, we have been eating this food long time ago. Good examples are fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, fungi and wild fruits. While there’s no necessity in eating them raw, it’s ideal to cook them at a rare or medium rare state, which is as close to rawness as possible. If you don’t know how to cook them, you can find hundreds of recipes that involve the Paleo Diet philosophy. Dairy products like milk and grains are not acceptable in this diet regimen. Anything that has been processed or filled with salt, sugar and seasoning is not a part of the Paleolithic era.
Paleo Diet may seem strict with regards to food choices however there are many benefits you can enjoy in return. Gaining more nutrients and feeding it into your system is one key benefit of this diet, plus you would be able to lose weight in the process. Paleo Diet is also a cheaper diet alternative and it does not require much to begin with.

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