OWNING A CAT 😸 (pros and cons of getting a cat that you NEED to know!)

If you’re curious about what the pros and cons of owning a cat are, then this video is for you. I’m going to share 9 pros and 9 cons of cat ownership, so you can get a balanced view of what it is really like.


Getting a cat (or any pet for that matter) can be a life-changing moment. It certainly was for me! My cats give me so much joy and they are the best companions I could ever ask for. The decision to get a cat was not something I took lightly and I researched all the pros and cons before getting my first cat in 2013. I wanted to share what I learned at that point (and some of the things I have learned after that) – I hope this video can help you decide if a cat is the right fit for your lifestyle.

Each pet has pros and cons and it’s important to find a pet that suits your current lifestyle as well as the lifestyle you anticipate for the next 10-20 years. I decided on cats instead of dogs as they fit my current and future lifestyle a lot better. I live in a medium-sized apartment and having cats just works better for that situation.

As always, we are all different and have different ways of approaching life. What I discuss in this video is based off of my personal experience and other people may have different experiences. I hope this video gives you a few things to think about regarding owning a cat.

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