Overnight Weight Gain – One Day Binge Weight Gain

– How much weight can yougain in one day of overeating? I’m gonna go over all the signs behind value advantage in this video.( stunning upbeat music) Hello everyone, my refer is Mike Cola and I’ve been a fitness andgym owner for over 25 years. And if this is your first time here and you really want toimprove your fitness, state and nutrition together with me, smacked that subscribe buttonalong with the buzzer indicator so you never miss one of my videos. Okay, let’s get right on topic, how much force can you gainin one day of overeating? Actually, I’m makingthis video Easter morning and I know when I get to mygym tomorrow, Monday morning, and I start weighing my purchasers in, everyone is gonna be heavy, everyone saying, “Igained two/ three pounds, “how did that happen? “How did I gain three, four pounds? “I know I overate yesterday, “but did I genuinely gain three, four, five pounds of fatty? ” And the quick answer is , no you didn’t.Most the weight increase is actually irrigate. But let’s go into the signs ofhow you put on so much weight with simply one day over overeating. Okay, when you devour meat, mainly carbohydrate, whatever you don’t burn right then is actually placed awayin the form of glycogen in your muscles and in your liver. So the average person canstore anywhere between, say, 1,500 and 2,000 caloriesof glycogen in the muscles and about 400 maybe 600 calories in the liver. If you are actually a bigguy, say you’re 250 pounds, you could potentially storeeven more muscle glycogen, maybe 3,000 calories, ifyou’re a petite wife, maybe a little bit less.But the thing is thatthere’s a correlation between how many carbohydrates you can store in yourmuscles with irrigate retention, it’s roughly about a four to one rate. So, for example, if you are storing, say 3,000 calories ofglycogen in your muscles, you can potentially holdan extra three/ four pounds of liquid force in the muscle cadre itself. Okay, I know that’s a little bit confusing but it’s pretty much liquid weight, all the weight that you gain. Look at it like this, there’s 3,500 calories to a pound of mas fat. Okay, so you would have to eat, if you’re four/ five pounds heavier, you’d have to eat aninsane amount of calories, 10,000, 12,000, 15,000 calories. Plus there are other factors. There’s the thermic effect of food, for example, your micronutrient rate also has to be taken in account.For example, protein hasthe highest thermic consequence, meaning that if you eat, say, a 1,000 calories additional of straight protein, you’regonna burn 300 calories exactly digesting that protein, okay. That likewise depends too. Plus another big-hearted cause isjust where you’re coming from. For pattern, if you’ve beeneating a very low carb diet and then you go into a binge daylight, an overeating date, like Easter when your glycogen degrees are already low-pitched, you have the potentialto even addition more force, actually prop even more water load’ stimulate you’re just fillingup your glycogen levels.So you’re going from very low glycogen, where you’re not holding too much water, to complete them up by overeating a entire cluster of carbohydrates, you can be three/ four oreven five pounds heavier. Actually, years ago parties with, you know, athletes before a marathon with carbohydrate low, they would eat much more carbohydrates for the race. But, a good deal of athletesdon’t do that anymore because what happens is that they actually gain too much weight, they hold too much spray, so they’re actually slower hasten date by being two/ three/ four pounds heavier. So it realizes more smell for those working athletes to actually take in carbohydrate during the race to keep them becoming, as opposed to carbohydrateloading the day before.Now, there’re otherfactors very, for example, if you are insulin resistant, you have the potential, for example, if you’re notprocessing insulin properly, the cells aren’t responsive to insulin and you do overeat and have a binge day, “youre about” deemed some liquid heavines but you have the potentialto actually alter more of those carbohydrates into fatty because your body is just not good at processing carbohydrates, if you’re insulin resistant.That’s another factor. But, generally, with that question, don’t get too upset if after a orgy day like at Easter or Christmas Day, something along the lines of that, where you wake up the next day and you’re three/ four pounds heavier. Most of it is water weight. Plus there’s a salt constituent too. Generally, when you’re overeating, you’re probably taking in more salt. But, literally, if you goback to your ordinary nutrition, within three or four dates, you’re gonna drop liberty back down to your regular baseline force. So don’t get upset, it’smostly ocean force, you’re load up your liver, you’re load up yourmuscles with glycogen.Okay, well, hope you enjoyed this video, if you did, make sureyou give me a thumbs up. Remember, is committed to my canal, I put up videos likethis every single week. And leave a comment, I’m curious. Actually, it’s Easter day today, if you’re watching this video next week and you gained three/ four pounds, make a comment and also let me know when you get back downto your locate weight. Take care everyone andhave a wonderful day.( upbeat music ).

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