OSITO Muscle Trainer Intelligent Abs Stimulator Abdominal with 10 Extra Gel Pads, Abs Muscle Training Gear Muscle Toner for Men Women Portable Fitness Workout Home Equipment

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Product Description

Abs StimulatorAbs Stimulator

Muscle TrainerMuscle Trainer

Whenever and wherever possible – Muscle Trainer

Professional electrical stimulators allow comfortable and personalized training at home and in the office. Use advanced imported silica gel, perfectly stick to the skin. Lightweight design, very good quality it is ultra-light and easy to wear under clothes. So you can train anywhere, anytime. Exercise while reading, doing homework, working, watching TV, or even during business or entertainment trips.

Muscle TrainerMuscle Trainer

EMS abs stimulator with 10 models & 25 intensities

What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

Electrical stimulation is a technique that aims to stimulate the muscles using an electrical current in order to achieve a specific result.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) involves delivering small, low-voltage electrical impulses to a muscle via electrodes placed on the skin, in order to cause the muscle to contract.

Muscle TrainerMuscle Trainer

Quality Material

How to Maintenance?

1. If dirty, wet a cloth with lukewarm water diluted with (3-5%) detergent, wring it out well and wipe off any dirt on the surface;

2. Rinse the cloth with water, wring it out well and wipe off any detergent;

3. Let it air-dry in a well-ventilated, shaded place.

4.When using it, please dry your body contact surface. Do not use it with water or lotion, which will make the gels lose their viscosity.

Muscle TrainerMuscle Trainer

Adjust the mode via the ON/OFF button

When using it for the first time, start with low power.

If you get used to the power, you can increase it gradually. This will prevent you from being too uncomfortable at the beginning and sometimes causing some tingling sensation. This is normal, just turn down the intensity.

Muscle TrainerMuscle Trainer

Rechargeable(Main machine)

Making three main machines connect to the USB cable to charge them via notebook, phone, or wall adapter. The red indicator will light when charging, the green indicator will light when fully charged, it would take around 70 minutes to charge fully,and the battery can last for 100 minutes.

* Please turn off the main machine during charging.

Muscle TrainerMuscle Trainer

Muscle TrainerMuscle Trainer

Muscle TrainerMuscle Trainer

Muscle TrainerMuscle Trainer

Muscle Trainer

Muscle Trainer

Muscle Trainer

Muscle Trainer

Abs Stimulator

Abs Stimulator

What does it for you?

15 minutes per day= 2000m running

15 minutes per day= 30 minutes swimming

15 minutes per day= 20 minutes abdominal campaign

For better results, 20 minutes a session, 1-2 times a day for 6+ weeks, and with a healthy diet. You will see good effects.

Use on All Parts of Body

The Muscle Stimulator is suitable for abdominal workouts, arms, legs, thighs and back. This trainer will stimulate low frequency body skin to tighten and strengthen muscles.

Smart Fitness EMS Technology

Muscle Trainer claims to be “scientifically design” by microcurrent, the muscles are stimulated and the autonomic contraction movement is performed. Easily exercise without any exercise equipment to help you build your abdominal muscles.

Abs StimulatorAbs Stimulator

Abs StimulatorAbs Stimulator

Abs StimulatorAbs Stimulator Reusable Pads

Wash the pads by clean water, it will be sticky again when dry out. If don’t use it for a long time(more than 1 month), please separate battery from machine and store it on other place.

Replacement Pads: B07J57HTY8

Package List

· 3 x Main Controller

· 2 x Arm/Leg Gel Pad

· 1 x Abdomen Gel Pad

· 1 x Gel Pad Board (Front + Back)

· 1 x Storage Bag

· 1 x USB Cable

· 1 x User Manual

· 5 pairs of gels [New Improvement]

How to use Install main machine on the pad Remove the film on the gel pad Attach the pad to your body, start exercise Peel off from body. Attach to the storage sheet Make sure the power is off before cleaning the Abs stimulator.

[Effective] £ºOSITO EMS muscle trainer, which uses efficient EMS technology, sends SAFE electrical currents directly to your muscles which will mimic the contraction gained in a regular workout.
[Safe abdominal muscle stimulator]£ºThis muscle trainer with 11 modes and 25 different intensities. Abdominal muscle trainer can help tighter body muscle by 2-3 months of consecutive use. (about 15-30 minutes per day).
[Long Power Battery ]: The muscle trainer uses USB charging and the exercise intensity of the machine increases by 50% than the similar products. The battery life of it is very long and it can do continuous physical exercise more than 20 times by charging only once. If this product does not fit for you, we offer you refund risk-free within 30 days.
[Maintenance]£ºOur muscle trainer is powered by a DC3.7V, Li-Poly battery with a RECHARGEABLE USB motor. Make sure your hands are clean when handling the gel sheets, Do not get water or lotion.
[Warranty maintenance]£ºOur muscle trainer have 10 free gels inside, thesw gel sheets need to be replaced after 20-30 times using for they may become dirty or non-sticky.

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