Optavia Diet Cookbook: Cook and Taste 300+ Healthy Lean & Green Meals | 150+ Optavia Air Fryer Recipes | the Smart 5&1 Plan. Kill Hunger, Be Super-Energetic and Kickstart Lifelong Transformation

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Has Optavia Diet fame come to you?

Did someone recommend it to you without providing any proper guidance?

Are you looking for 450+ taste Optavia Recipes and thousands of healthy ways to cook mouth-watering lean and green meals?

The Optavia Diet Program is a protocol scientifically structured to fit your eating habits and to help your body to lose weight and maintain it by deleting the sense of hunger during the whole process. 

The Optavia Diet offers Three Main Programs with 5&1, 4&2&1, 3&3; the latter two plans combine hearty Lean and Green Meals with the amazing Optavia brand-new Fuelings (you will find a detailed description of their characteristics and precise instructions on how to cook them in the Book 3).

**These Lean & Green recipes eat one time a day and they can be doubled in nutrition when making in an air fryer with even less amount of time

Needless to say, it is crucial to keep everything in mind before you follow any diet plan. Cutting out any particular something from your diet without proper knowledge and consultation is never a good idea. You will find from A to Z everything you need to know in this massive bundle.

In this smart cookbook you will find:

  • Guideline on how to start with Optavia Diet now 
  • Fuelings and Lean Green Meals: how to cook and taste them 100% and how to cook them with every Air Fryer
  • Detailed Nutritional Tabs and Charts
  • 450+ Tasty Lean and Green Meal Recipes with instructions step-by-step**
  • Optavia Lean & Green Poultry recipes
  • Optavia Lean & Green Low Budget recipes
  • Optavia Lean & Green Pork recipes
  • Optavia Lean & Green Turkey recipes
  • Optavia Lean & Green Seafood recipes 
  • Optavia Greens & Side recipes 
  • Optavia 5-minute recipes
  • Optavia 30-minute recipes 
  • Optavia low-budget recipes 
  • Optavia family recipes 
  • Optavia recipes for two 
  • Soups, Vegan recipes, Healthy Salads, High-Protein Meat Dishes, Sweet Desserts… 
  • And much more!

✓ Why you need to grab now your copy of this masterpiece now ✓

– 300+ Gourmet Recipes 

– 150+ Air Fryer Recipes 

– The Low-Budget 5&1 Plan

***Buy it now for less than the cost of a haircut***

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a painful process. Forget about the number of times you have tried or the number of techniques that did not work for you.

The perfect solution is now at your fingertips.

This Gourmet Optavia Diet Cookbook has proven its beneficial to hundreds of people in America, because – with the 250+ recipes inside and the Smart 5&1 Meal Plan – your body will be healthier, more energetic and longer-lived through the fat burning Lifelong Transformation process patented by the Optavia specialists.

This Optavia bundle contains all specific steps for cook and taste mouthwatering Optavia recipes and start fat burning while deleting the sense of hunger forever. Everything you need to do is simply follow it.

What are you waiting for? 

Scroll up the page e Click the Buy Now Button to grap your copy now!

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