ONETANG Zongzi with Vegetarian Meat, Hand Made Rice Dumplings, Non-GMO Glutinous Rice,A bit of Spicy, Dragon Boat Festival Gifts 10.58oz(3pcs/bag)

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Product Description


SUNGIVEN FOODS: Tast It and Love It

SUGIVEN FOODS is a company committed to making people healthier by providing them with delicious, healthy food. We have 20 years’ exporting and importing experience in FOOD STUFF. Our firm has the professional packaging design department and experienced procurement, QC team, and established business relations with more than 750 manufacturers.

Base on the business philosophy of “respect for nature and love for mankind”, we insist to provide food products with “natural, less processed and least artificially added”. During the past years, we have been focusing on serving our clients with honesty, professionalism and enthusiasm. Through continuously exploring the market, our business has already expanded to more than 20 countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We have built up long term partnerships with many quality clients and have gained great reputation in the food industry.

Based on the business philosophy of “Clients focused, entrepreneurs prioritized, continually persist with the commitments”, we have the aim to become a world class food enterprise. We sincerely hope to share high quality, healthy and delicious food with you who love life and enjoy life!

Selected ingredients







High quality glutinous rice

The Non-GMO round glutinous rice produced in Jiangnan is used as the raw material, which has a higher viscosity and a more delicious taste.

High mountain wrapes

It has wide page, make zongzi keep soft texture. Choose this leaves to wrap zongzi for long-lasting fragrance.

Rich fillings

Our egg yolks are real materials and never synthetic.The salted egg is yellow crystal red and oily with moderate salty flavor and just right taste.


What is Zongzi?

According to legend, in 340 BC, the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, faced the pain of dying of the country. On May 5, he grievedly throw to the MiLuo River. After that, in order to show respect and remembrance of Qu Yuan, every day, people will use bamboo tubes to hold rice and throw in the river to commemorate. This is the earliest rice dumpling in China.Zongzi are eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate the great poet Qu Yuan.

Zongzi is a special festival food in China. Eating zongzi at Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional custom in China.Onetang’s zongzi comes from Jiangnan area known as “land of fish and rice”. The Non-GMO round glutinous rice are wrapped with Alpine rice dumpling leaves, which is fragrant. In addition,Onetang series dumplings are prepared under the guidance of senior Chinese cooking technicians. After dozens of dumpling making processes, they are made by hand, having different flavors sweet and salt.


Delicious moment

Share with family

Young people are busy with their work and time with their families is rare. Time flies quickly, We should cherish the happy time of sharing delicious food with their families.

Gift to teacher, leader

Give it to the person you respect, be grateful to the people who taught you to make life warm.

Share with friends

Invite friends to share food and explore food in different regions together.

cooking instruction







Microwave heating

Open the vacuum bag, place the zongzi in a covered container, sprinkle a small amount of water on the zongzi, heat for 3-5 minutes at medium-high heat,then take out the tie wire, finally enjoy your zongzi!

Boiled in water

Open the vacuum bag, submerge the zongzi in boiling water, wait for 18-20 minutes until it is fully cooked, remove it, take out the binding line and zongzi leaves, and then enjoy them!

Cooking in steamer

Open the vacuum bag, put the Zongzi on the steamer, steam for 20 minutes, remove it, take out the binding line and zongzi leaves, and then enjoy them!



Natural fragrance

Non-GMO glutinous rice

Vacuum packing


[HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION]:All rice dumplings are fresh, hand-made, ready to cook. Vacuum packaging guarantees the safety and health of food, everything we do is to give customers 100 percent satisfaction.
[HEALTHY FOOD, NATURAL INGREDIENT]:The zongzi is made of Non-GMO glutinous rice, our vegetarian meat and steak are made of textured soybean protein. Egg yolk, red beans and other stuffing are all selected high-quality ingredients.
[GOOD THINGS FOR SHARING, BEST GIFT CHOICE]:This is a great food to share with your family and a special option for sending friends.
[PRODUCTION GURANTEE, CONSCIENCE ENTERPRISE]:The production factory has a long history of more than 100 years and has been committed to the production of traditional snacks. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us.

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