ONE exercise for the Six-Pack Abs!

what’s up people if you can only do one apps practise for today it will be this bicycle crunches now why bicycle contents is my favorite because this exercise doesn’t merely operates your apps it watch your entire apps the lo apps your oblique and you are burning a lot of calories because this exercise is like bicycle right it’s like moving rapidly moving right you specify it up first of all find yourself a comfy space and all you need to do is just place your limb behind your hate and flare your elbow or this one here you’re about to lie down and you’re about to bring your elbow to your inverse knee right just like this okay[ Music] now this is just a gradation damsel is not a really a bicycle crunch it the Rio bicycle crunches is actually the move right you need to bring up a acceleration by doing this that’s why we label this the bicycle crunches right what’s happening here in this exercise is number one when you do a bicycle crunches you have to curl up right if you don’t bend your torso up you are just moving your elbow that is like this by moving your shoulder merely you’re not really toiling your abs right I don’t think you can see any difference now but what I’m trying to say is instead of doing this move your torso right elevation your torso to the opposite direction just like this okay so when you do it fast it will become an isometric flow because you have to hold into this coalition the isometric learns your core and likewise another camera muscle is the endurance muscle ask yourself east already an ambulance muscle isometric will help right so one more thing is when you do a bicycle crunches your goal is to contact using your elbow try touching to your knee right not everybody can do this because of opennes right but here’s the tip when you do this bicycle crunches try to raise your knee as high-pitched as you can this will allows you to keep your elbow to your knee in contact much easier just like this so instead of exactly collecting a knee try it you’re hastening as high-pitched as you can right this path help the contact point and raising a knee increase you will use your lower abs muscles and too so-called Adonis Bell the we line so this why this exercise so awesome and one more tip chaps is perhaps some of you “youve been” did the very best but you still have this issue of not able to rotate your torso so the tip-off to revolve your torso easier is when you do a bicycle crunches try to look right way right for example instead of examining breast looking sideways yeah right move your heading like your side[ Music] when you move your ability and it turn your direction it also leads to your body movement right so that’s a turn there’s an isometric crunches and there is a rapid Nia race going on the civilizes your lower abs and combination of all this will burn a great deal of calories as well so we talked about the upper figure you know the elbow positioning the crunchers the isometric what about your paw two ways right so to get started right you want to start from the foot and you one by one first get familiar with the movement because the key words here is turning your torso and collect your knee as high-pitched as you can contacting them right so once you get used to this you can bring up a sleep when you making the speeding you want to keep your feet off boulder right when you feet off the storey one thing is happening is isometric on your lower abs alright so you want to do this thick feet without touching the storey okay so you got both isometric or upper abdominal and the lower abdominal in other words entire abdominal is firing up so how many reps you should do for this exercise I will say it for beginner you can do by repetition right half claim remember one place is half reps “youve been” do one one equals to one storehouses do about 10 to 20 duplications and formerly you do telethon your position you think that you can do better use the time to set the time the 20 seconds within 20 seconds do as many reps as you can and gradually wrote from there with 30 seconds the 40 seconds 40 seconds moronic for me I previously feel the burn if I do more than 20 seconds and that’s how you train with this one rehearsal do about four regulates of same bicycle crunches you can do Interborough 20 seconds study 10 seconds rest repeat 20 seconds drudgery 20 seconds rest for me still no forgives since you work out rubs and in some push-ups Burpee some squat and combined with this you’ll be a killer title so we show the best thank you for watching and I see you in the next tribes peacefulnes[ Music][ Music][ Music]

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