Milliard Dried Fruit & Nut Deluxe Gift Platter Arrangement on Wood Tray for Occasions including New Years, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Holiday – 24 Ounce Assortment

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Product Description


If you’re health-conscious, or perhaps just into natural snacks, you’ll love to give or receive a Milliard Dried Fruit and Nut Platter. Our nutty and fruity assortment of apricots, pistachios, apples, prunes, almonds, dates, plums, peaches, and pears is not only delicious, but also pretty good for you as far as snacks go. Chocolates are lush in flavor and thoughtful – that is until cavities happen, but the sweet protein and fiber found in this assortment is a switch that will make your loved ones much happier and healthier, even after they empty the box. Our platter comes ready to serve in an attractive hardwood tray that makes a great presentation piece for any occasion. Give one to friends or family for the holidays, bring it to a new neighbor’s housewarming, or send one as a care package to loved ones away from home. Who could say no? …unless they’re allergic, because yes, this contains lots of nuts.

Roasted & Salted Almonds – 5 oz Roasted & Salted Pistachios – 4 oz. Dried Apple Rings – 3.8 oz. Dried Turkish Apricots – 3.1 oz. Dried & Pitted Prunes – 2.1 oz. Dried Dates – 2 oz. Dried Plums – 2 oz. Dried Pears – 1.7 oz. Dried Yellow Peaches – 0.7 oz.Pine Wood Square Tray.

The entire package comes sealed in clear plastic wrap with a golden string bow, and it’s wrapped in heavy-duty bubble wrap before being placed in a fitted box to make sure that it’s delivered in perfect condition, even if handlers choose not to handle it with care. All Milliard products are made from the highest quality foods and we are glad to make our consumers’ satisfaction our #1 goal. Be sure to check out our other great basket arrangements for all occasions!

Nutty Gifting GoodnessNutty Gifting Goodness

What kind of gift is the perfect gift? Here’s an idea that’s nuts: give your friends and loved ones a gift of snacks that are good for them! You love them and you want them to be healthy, right? That’s why we’ve curated a collection of crunchy, munchy goodies with well-being in mind, because no one ever reached their peak fitness by eating tons of chocolate.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

Thank You Gifts

Thank You Gifts

Productivity and hard work always deserve appreciation, but when words seem inadequate, you can let snacks speak for you! Rough year? Stressy deadlines? Stretch goals come and gone? These all sound like situations that deserve some comfort food. Make an impression on those that have impressed you throughout the year and sweeten their day!

This value packed holiday gift basket is loaded with goodies and treats presented with elegance and holiday cheer. It’s not just a gift, it’s a fruity experience that’s perfect to commemorate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… or even just to show the fitness fanatic in your life that you care. Who could say no? …unless they’re allergic, because yes, this contains lots of nuts.

We all call on favors now and then, so don’t let them go unnoticed. Thank your babysitter for staying late. Thank your handyman for going above and beyond. Thank your neighbor for that cordless drill you borrowed, or just for being a friend. No matter who you’re thankful for, they’ll be sure to get the message when it’s written in snacks!

A Gift that LastsA Gift that Lasts

Even after the snacks are gone and the basket is empty, the memory of your thoughtfulness remains, and so does the basket. Fill it with more dried fruits and nuts to keep the sweet and salty snacks streaming, store keepsakes on your coffee table for a conversation piece, or fill it with dirt and flower seeds for springtime. No matter what you do with it, repurposing is recycling!

Choices, choices. Dried Fruits included: are apricots, apples, dates, peaches, and pears. Nuts included: Almonds and Pistachios – choose your favorite.
Each item is neatly arranged in an attractive sculpted hardwood gift platter that’s sure to bring smiles for miles. Great food gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, valentines Mother’s Day or any other year-round and holiday occasion.
This wood gift platter makes a thoughtful offering for any occasion and can even be repurposed or reused after the snacks are gone. How’s that for recycling?
Arrangement comes served in hardwood tray with clear plastic insert wrapped in clear plastic and gold string ribbon inserted in a safe secure shipping cardboard gift box. STAR K Certified kosher.

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