Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners: 12 Reasons to Start & Love this Diet. Easy and Healthy Mediterranean Recipes for Weight Loss That Actually Works and 7 Day Meal Plan

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The Mediterranean diet is just that—you can eat varied foods and incorporate things that you like, all while being able to lose weight.

Not low in fat, not low in calories, but really good for you so everyone loves them. And there’s generally no calorie-, carb-, or macro-counting required, either – making it not really a “diet” in the traditional sense.

An eating plan that’s easy, legit, and delicious? When looking at the evidence in this book, it’s pretty easy to see why the Mediterranean diet is the great comeback kid of 2019. What’s old is new again, and for good reason.

The Mediterranean diet is an incredibly balanced way of eating and is sustainable for the long-term—which is why it’s been so popular for so long.

Here you can find :

  • The main 12 reasons why you need to try Mediterranean diet
  • The compelte 7 day meal plan
  • Super easy and yummy recipes that can make your life much healthier

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