LoGest Farmer Walk Handles – Set of 2 Farmers Carry Handles with Clip Collars – Portable Exercise Equipment Targets Glutes Calves Quads and More Improve Grip Strength Ideal for Body Building Workouts

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Product Description


Build up Strength with LoGest.

Exercise your glutes, quads, calves, back, shoulders and core anytime, anywhere. A perfect way to tone your muscles and build up strength, the LoGest Farmer’s Walk Handles farmers equipment are lightweight andeasy to store in your gym bag so you can engage in a productive workout session at any time. Each item is durably crafted using high-quality material to ensure long-term durability, featuring anti-slip rubber handles for maximum grip while you’re working out.


Compact Size.

LoGest’s Farmer’s Walk Handles titan fitness farmers walk offer a challenging way to improve your strength whether you’re home or on the go. Each one measures 13.94″ L x 10.25″ W in size with a 4.72-inch handle to provide the perfect way to engage in a full-body workout when you only have limited space. Unlike other workout equipment, you can also take this lightweight, portable equipment with you everywhere you go. Use it at home, bring it to the gym and take it on the go so you can exercise your arms, shoulders, core, back, calves and glutes at any time. You’ll be able to turn your downtime into a productive workout session no matter where you are.


Easy to Load and Secure.

UsingLoGest’s Farmer’s Walk Handles couldn’t be easier. Simply slide your 2-inch Olympic weight plates onto the bar, then secure the plate using the included clip collar. You’re now ready to engage in a productive workout session – improving your body composition and building up your physical strength with titan farmers walk handles. As with any exercise, you should start off slow and work your way up. Start off with minimal weight, then gradually work your way up as you begin to gain strength. If you feel that you’re not ready to advance, simply decrease the weight to meet your own personal ability level.

Improve Overall Strength with LoGest’s Farmer’s Walk Handles.




Multiple Benefits.

Ideal for warm-up and strength exercises, this pair of LoGest Farmers Walk Handles Pair can help you build forearm and grip strength while increasing your muscle endurance for total body strength farmer carry bar. On top of that, they will improve your carry endurance, overall balance, proprioception. and cardiovascular and nervous system capability. Add them into your strength training to build muscle mass, shoulder stability, and core and leg strength.

Full-Body Workout.

The LoGest Farmer’s Walk Handles offer more than just as an efficient way to build forearm and grip strength. This effective workout equipment also boasts full-body, muscle-building benefits. By incorporating them into a challenging workout routine, these Farmer’s Walk Handles will work your glutes, arms, quads, calves, back, abdomen, shoulders, core, and forearms all at once.

Heavy-Duty Construction.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re an experienced weightlifter, the LoGest Farmers Carry Walk Handles are a great choice. Boasting an exceptionally strong build, each Farmer’s Walk Handle is expertly constructed using solid steel construction to supply long-term durability and reliable use for years to come. Additionally, anti-slip rubber handles provide a firm grip during your most vigorous workouts to ensure comfortable, safe use.

Durable Construction: Expertly crafted using heavy-duty steel to supply long-term durability and reliable use, this pair of LoGest Farmers Walk Handles is designed to withstand your hardest workouts for years to come.
Easy to Use: Simply add your desired amount of weight to the Farmer’s Walk Handles strongman yoke, then secure the 2-inch Olympic plates using the included clip collars. You can then work out your arms, shoulders, core, abdomen, back and calves all at once.
Versatile Tools: LoGest’s Farmer’s Walk Handle Set titan farmers handles is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to build up grip, forearm, core and upper back muscle strength. It’s a great way to maximize your overall strength and muscle endurance.
Anti-Slip Handles: Each Farmer Handles walk is designed with a rubber handle to provide a firm grip during use, helping to prevent sweating and slipping to ensure comfortable, safe use throughout your most vigorous workouts.
Portable Design: Unlike bulky gym equipment, the LoGest Farmer Carry Handles are lightweight and portable so you can easily use them at home, the gym, at work or when you’re away to engage in a productive workout session.

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