Kollegah & Farid Bang ✖️ MITTERNACHT 2 ✖️

Farid Bangbus, hard-bitten like Frank DuxI fuck Go-Go-Acts Fat Cojones, Killer Rapper like Momo BlackI give a shit on human’s rightsDiamond-Banger-Chain Bitches just wanted to come me tiny, as if I built them pregnantI come with glas Jacky pure, You with your ballet figureAnd I shoot on your Star-Trek-Haircut( Shindys Haircut ), ah Motherfucker, I have so many questionsWhy do Z-Promis open the mouth without blowing? I have cocaine in the snout, have to rhyme against pensionersBecause every lie becomes true-blue if you stay silent, ah I go on Shindy with a TomahawkAnd he looks for the wide( runs away ), like me when I need boxershorts JBG meant that I fuck these lads of a bitchIf your chart placement is my shoe size You have to listen, bitchBecause we fuck the countryAnd our life still begins at midnight( Young) Still the rude boys( Brutal) Still pumped up with testo( Good-looking) You forestalled see contact And our life still begins at midnight( Good-looking) Ruthless, I stack the money( Brutal) No difficulty if you stop the court proceedings( Young) I wear sunglasses everytime because so much platin gleams Young, harsh, good see, Kollegah and Farid Bang Ey, yo, never again guest roster or VIPFrom now beef means you get real life war Look at Carmen, to fuck us was a huge mistakeFrom now it goes down with the goat, like the mumps This is rap – now I am and not any RIN, the boss Better get that in your backhead like your hipster bun If not there will be a blood bath, Blanke Wut accompanies me, if I were Super Saiyajin What’s dreamy? Bones burst in my honeymoon Looks like I have mystical abilitysBecause if I’m in the office, popstars become electric rays I fuck your mother with a few YugoslavsAnd push her until the light( into the doll ), like a Voodoo-needle Then the bitch dies in the bullet rainBecause she’s only an object with two holesLike the Ku-Klux-Clan’s punks I ripp you off and kill you all of a suddenBefore you can say, “Where did my watch rise? ” Boss-LifeEveryday a hundret of blowjobs in the berthed Because mothers of rappers need grains like the slomo gist We have violated records, we have objective careers That was the age of the champions – we leave as tales( Young) Still impudent sons( Brutal) Still pumped up with testo( Good-looking) You evaded eye contact And our life still begins at midnight( Good-looking) Ruthless, I stack the money( Brutally) It does not matter if you stop the process( Young) Always wear sunglasses because so much platinum radiances Young, brutal, good seem, Kollegah and Farid Bang Remember when we recorded the first part with Rizbo? And came wino out of the hop every day? At that time it was different because we were at warYeah, against Aggro Berlin, Fuck platinum releaseIt was gathering study tickets and no Benz AMG At that time my biggest enemy was not the filthy AfD yet German rap was embossed by Berlin ActsWe wrote punchlines and played Fifa 06 Brother, what would have happened if it had not worked out than? I would be bouncer, and I at NASA science Brother, do not talk nonsense, because we know the boss Would have cooked Crystal Meth with his smart brain at most( Fair enough) What does the future look like for you? My book is coming out And with you? I improve my sons up in the studio All the best! All very good! And don’t forget , no matter what, a brotherhood bides! Banger Music& Alpha Music Empire presentKollegah& Farid Bang”Platin was yesterday”Preorder now


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