Keto Diet and Air Fryer Cooking Times Magnetic Cheat Sheet Combination Bundle – Extra Large Easy to Read 11” x 8.5” Kitchen Accessories – Quick Reference Guide Magnets for Ketogenic and Airfry Foods

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We’ve combined our Keto Macros and Air Fryer Cooking Times cheat sheet magnets to create an effective weight loss diet combo.
GREAT COMBO – We’ve paired our best selling Keto Diet Cheat Sheet Magnet with our new Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet Magnet. Many people on a Keto diet use an air fryer to prepare their meals so this combo is a no brainer. Enjoy!
EAT FAT LOUD, EAT FAT PROUD! – Have you met anyone that has lost a lot of weight recently? Did you ask them how? Did they say it was because they cut out carbs and started eating a Keto diet? I’ve personally lost over 100lbs switching to Keto. Tracking food macros is a huge part of the process, so I created this handy Keto Macros magnet you can put on your fridge for easy reference. Follow our guide to get more fat, more protein and fewer carbs onto your plate.
AIR FRYER EXPERT – Guilt free fried chicken? Yes please! Air fryers are the best thing to happen to the kitchen since sliced bread. They are the perfect way to make crispy food fast and healthy. No hot oil splatters or deep-fry thermometers in sight. But air fryers can be confusing. Especially when it comes to cooking times for your favorite foods and recipes. Use our cheat sheet magnet to end the confusion and become an air fryer expert!
EXTRA LARGE & EASY TO READ – 11 x 8.5 inches in size, which means we are able to fit in a wealth of information. With the large magnet size also comes large bold type, the text is big enough to read at a glance. No need for squinting or using a magnifying glass. No need to look up macros or cooking times on your computer or phone while you are trying to prepare meals.
SUPERIOR QUALITY – Our magnets are made of high quality vinyl that won’t flake or chip. They are heavy duty, with a powerful backing that will not fall off your fridge. Water resistant and easy to clean, our magnets will live on your refrigerator for years to come. High quality production, design, form and function.

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