it’s useful. Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger – Black Wire Fruit Basket with Hook for Hanging Bananas Preserves Freshness and Saves Space

Price: $16.23
(as of May 21,2020 08:41:15 UTC – Details)

The it’s useful. Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger is the household accessory you didn’t know you needed, but that you’ll soon be recommending to all your friends and family members. There’s no better way to keep bananas fresh and to avoid those bruises and mushy spots than by storing bananas in their natural hanging position. And by hanging bananas above the other fruits and vegetables in the basket, you provide those foods more access to fresh air, keeping them fresher for longer as well. The it’s useful. Fruit Basket is constructed from sturdy high-shine chrome. It resists rust and corrosion and wipes clean easily with just a damp rag or paper towel. The basket can support the weight of multiples pieces of fruit or veggies, and the sturdy banana hook can support even a large bunch of bananas. When filled with fruits and vegetables, the basket shows off produce in a handsome tableau ideal for use on the countertop of a cafe, deli, or shop, but the it’s useful. Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger is also ideal for the home. When it is placed on the counter or tabletop in your kitchen, fresh foods are at hand’s reach. That means that when snack time rolls around, kids and adults alike will often grab an apple or a banana instead of digging in the freezer for that tub of ice cream.

❇️ INFORMED DESIGN: This unique fruit basket is the result of ingenuity blended with experience; it updates the traditional wire fruit basket with the clever addition of a hook built just for bananas
❇️ KEEP FRUIT FRESH: By allowing bananas to hang, the basket prevents them from bruising and rotting. It also maximizes fresh air access to the fruits below with its open wire design
❇️ SAFE AND STABLE: The low slung carriage of the basket keeps it stable even when filled with fruits and veggies, while the spheres on the end of each wire band prevent painful pokes
❇️ WIPES CLEAN: The basket and hook are made from powder-coated iron and wipe clean with just a moistened towel
❇️ AESTHETICALLY CRAFTED: Basket’s unique design is handsome even when empty and presents fresh fruits and veggies in an artistic arrangement when filled

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