INTENSE 6 PACK ABS in 14 Days (fat burn) | 5 minute Home Workout

This is your intense six bundle abs 5 instant at home workout challenge. It is just 5 minutes long. Everyone has 5 minutes in their day. I want you to let me know how you get on in specific comments down below. Try this for 14 periods. I can’t wait to see your results. Don’t forget to get incredible reactions like these ladies, really now. You need to combine these exercisings with my other workouts. We have over 500 exercisings on my channel. They stray from Pilates, full mas paunch burns, HIIT, heaviness versus cardio, boxing, there’s literally everything. All the style up to an hour long.Tag me in your Instagram fibs for a chance to get boasted. If you miss, you can do TikTok videos or full YouTube reviews. Thank you so much, they convey the world countries. There’s no equipment needed in this workout. Nonetheless, if you want an extra burn and you have my LEAN adjustable defiance strip, I want you to grab it. Trust me, this is going to increase the difficulty. If you want to feel a crazy burn. If you don’t have it and you want to grab it, check out the link down below. It’s on my website, All liberty , no more to say, let’s do this .( timer beeping) We are starting off with the left knee bent, right leg straight. Come up into a reverse crunch, revolve.( upbeat music) 10 seconds away. I know this one burns.( upbeat music)( timer beeping) Straight on to that other side. Straightenthe right leg. Let’s go. Left leg, three.( upbeat music)( timer beeping) Come up into sitting. Lifting both legs up. You’re going to gush the arms up and down. In two, three, four, front out, two, three, four, good work.( upbeat music) 10 seconds.( upbeat music)( timer beeping) Down we come.Amazing manipulate. All the nature down, legs are up. Reach, contact.( upbeat music)( timer beeping) Nearly there. Good work, the whole way down. This is kind of like the “Macarena”. Fingertips by tabernacles. Reach, one, two, raise. One, two, lower.( upbeat music)( timer beeping) Good work, both legs up. Rotate.( upbeat music) Good work, you guys. We’re nearly there.( upbeat music) Good, into that next psalm. One, two.( upbeat music)( timer beeping) Good work, both legs down. Crunching on up. One, two, middle. Center, left, right.( upbeat music)( timer beeping) If you want to pop the band on, we have a positioned of hundreds, just above the knees.Push out, shoot.( upbeat music) Good, half way. If you want to, straighten the legs out. Push out against that strap, come on.( upbeat music) Keep looking forward.( timer beeping) Good, hands at the back of the foreman. Tap down, up, straighten, in. Alternate sides.( upbeat music)( go beeping) Legs up. Open and contact through, let’s go.( upbeat music) Last-place workout. Come on, push it.( upbeat music)( timer beeping) And down “were coming”, whoo. You crushed it. Please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button. Too, click agree, if you aren’t once. We upload so many free dwelling exercisings every week. So, you don’t want to miss out. Also, you can affected that notification bell icon to get a notification of every time I upload. You can get the LEAN resistance stripes in bundles.So you can have big savings. There are currently big savings on the long banding, the HIIT band, the movable strap. Check out my website. Thank you so much for supporting. I love you loads. See you tomorrow for another home workout ..

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