I Made 9 Low-Carb Dinners For Two People On A $25 Budget (In NYC!)

– Can I just say, I misscarbs so much (laughs). Hi, y’all welcome to 2021. Does it feel any different to you? The viewers have requested it over and over and over and over again. So we bring to you today anotherepisode of “Budget Eats”. The theme for our “BudgetEats” today will be low carb. Low carb is the antithesisto my whole food existence. I can worship bread all my life. I’m so happy whenever there’s bread. Soft, pillowy, dense but light. If you’ve watched me cook anything, you would know that I love my carbs. I love oatmeal. I love breads. I love sugar. I love fruits. What am I without carbs? What am I without carbs? So having said that thiswill be baby’s first ride around the low carb carousel. Do not get angry at me if Itrip up and use one ingredient that’s not actually lowcarb because I don’t know.But you know what? Write me down in the comments below and let me know nicely that I (beep). When I think about low carbmeals, I think about keto meals. And I think about cream cheese, meats, nuts, oils, fat, just fat, everywhere. A lot of those thingsare not budget friendly but it turns out if youknow, you’re not keto, you’re just simply low carb. There’s a lot of veggies on the table. And you know what? Luckily for me, I founda lot of good deals. I hit up those dollar bins. I got my dollar bones.All right, so let’s seeeverything that we got for under $25. Not too shabby. My main worry is that I usually use carbs to manipulate them into different forms. This week I don’t have any of those. But working with what we do have walnuts, eggs and cauliflower. Probably can be toyedaround with a little bit. This entire hall was 24.32. I came a little bit under budget, probably should have used theremaining 50 something cents on I don’t know, scallions, but you know, too late, regrets. So for 24.32, here’severything that I got. We got half a pound of burek cheese. It’s a soft crumbly,creamy kind of cheese. I love it. I don’t know what we’re gonnause it for maybe topping.We also have a pound of walnuts from the $1 Wonderland ofthree different stores. I got one bag of four zucchinis. I got a bunch of kale. That’s starting to yellow a little bit, but you know, the rest of the bag is fine. We can still use it. We got three bell peppers. We got one bag of shishito peppers. I also got one sleeveof garlic for a dollar. I also got two bags of $1 meat bones. We’re gonna make somedelicious broth out of that. We’re gonna pull the meat off, reserve it, save it for something. It’s gonna be delicious. This week for whatever reason,cauliflower was expensive. I saw one that was like 5.99 per head. And then I found a smaller head for 1.99. So we got one head cauliflower and we got a bunch of parsley. As far as meats went this week, I really didn’t want to buy just meat. I wanted to try Oregon meats because I think they’re underutilized.And I think we shouldtry to incorporate them into our diet a little bit more. With that in mind I gota pound of chicken hearts and that mysterious package ofspleen, which is very bloody. It’s been dripping everywhere in my refrigerator and I’m terrified. And I think we should cookit today so that blood can stop seeping intoevery corner of my house. And the first thing thatpopped up when I Googled how to cook spleen, is thisarticle from the Atlantic. Spleen tastes like theboiled, grizzly flotsam of a prehistoric monster. Like a fictional character butchered and left to rot in an ogre’s cellar. Are you excited yet? ‘Cause I am. An ogre’s cellar, I’venever have been to one.Found some really gooddeals for really sad eggs. Then we got two smallcans of coconut milk. Thinking maybe we can make aCurry of some sort out of them. And then I got half apound of dried soybeans. Yes, I know we’re notusing the happiest eggs or the happiest meat,but we are on a budget and sometimes, life, you justgot to make your compromises. But maybe we should think about what compromises we’re making every day. First day is always oneof the busiest days. So we’re gonna do a lot of prep today.We are going to be making our bone broth because that has to simmerfor at least six hours for maximum flavor infusion. I want the broth to bemilky and creamy and smooth and silky and flavor blasted. To keep the flavors basic for now, I’m just going to goahead blanch the meat. Once it comes up to a simmer, we’re gonna dump out thewater, rinse out the meat, fill it with fresh water and let it boil with just a little bit of salt. No other spices needed at this point. After blanching ones, you’llnotice that your second boil will be much clearer to begin with. It’s a very good thing. It means you got rid of allthe impurities and the blood. You’ve rinsed off the meat and now you’re starting witha pure and simple bone broth.As your day progresses andyou see that your broth is getting scummy on top, just scrape that scum offwith a spoon and throw it out. No scum broth. (soft beat music) While our broths are boiling, I’m gonna start thinkingabout meal number one. I know that among the low carb crowd, zoodles are a crowd favorite.I don’t have a spiralizer. So we’re gonna use the next best thing and that’s a knife. I’m just gonna make some cranky looking noodles today, Zoodles. And to go with our zoodles, I think we should dosome kale Walnut pesto. We’re gonna take half of our walnuts. We’re gonna toast them at around 350 for maybe 10 to 15 minutes depending until they’re nice and golden. I love it when walnutsare a little bit toastier than you want them to be because we’re putting them in pesto and I want that to be extra, extra toasty.So when you have the kale stems, I’m just gonna trim off thedirty end of it, like that. And we’ll save it for another use. As with all dark leafy greens, I like to give them a secondrinse after I’ve prepped them just to make sure there’s no grit hiding in the curly curly kale leaves. Because grit while good in character is not good in a bite of food. I’m gonna save some ofthe smaller leaves of kale for our pesto and the bigger leaves, maybe they can come in handy later. We’re also gonna be washing,rinsing our parsley. I’m going to be strippingthe parsley as well because the tender stemsare gonna be perfect inside this pesto.My favorite way of storingherbs for best freshness is to rinse them completely clean, shake them dry, and thenput them in a paper towel, lined container or baggy. Just to keep that littlemoisture locked in. I’m also gonna go ahead,rinse off our soybeans, soak them in cold water overnight so that tomorrow we canuse them in something. Our broth has been simmeringfor about two hours, I’m going to pull the meat off the bone set them aside for later use.We want the bones to get really soft, give up all of their marrow and flavors but we do not want the meatto taste completely bland. So that’s why we’repicking them off right now. I think we got a pretty goodamount of meat off those bones should make a nice heftydinner sometime this week. For our pesto, I’m justgonna put into my blender walnuts, ripped kale,all of our parsley stems and a graded clove of garlic. We’re gonna throw in some salt drizzle in and a little bit of olive oil until that consistency ispestowy and then we’ll taste it. If you think it needs alittle bit more seasoning add more salt. If you think it needs tobe a little bit oilier, add in a little bit more oil. Or in my case I’m gonna hitit with a little bit of water to loosen it up so thatwe don’t blow our budget on olive oil I didn’t buy.’Cause I know you guys aregonna call me out on that. Aren’t you? I’m also going to be addingin a splash of vinegar for acidity and a little bitof cracked black peppercorns. (blending sounds) I feel healthier alreadylooking at the amount of fiber and healthy fats in this. For our zoodles, I’mgonna wash my zucchini. I’m going to chop off the ends and then I’m gonna slicethem into noodle ESC things. I’m gonna make sure that I’mpeeling off all these spots that don’t look so hot. And once the insightslook completely clear and Milky uniformcolored, we’re good to go. So like I said, noodle ESC. I think we’re testing metaphysics here. In order to injectmaximum flavor in there, I’m going to go with a cast iron skillet, a little bit of olive oil,a little bit of garlic, a little bit of salt. We’re waiting until thegarlic gets nice and golden and toasty and then we’regonna throw in the zoodles.If you pile too muchon they’re gonna steam they’re gonna get a little, I don’t know. They’re fine. They’ll be cooked either way. 2020, no, 2021, I’m not picky. As soon as each batch ofnoodles comes out of the pan, I’m gonna hit them with a coupletablespoons of that pesto. While they’re warm they willabsorb the flavors way better than if the noodles were cold.And we obviously can’tleave this out, can we? We’re gonna add some of this for airing. I’m gonna go ahead andadd a little bit of MSG because the flavor isjust a little lacking. The MSG will give it that extra, you know? And for some added proteinvalue, I think I’m just gonna serve it with some sunny side up eggs. Aaron. – [Aaron] Yeah. – Le dinner is served. – [Aaron] Cool. – Look at this egg. Look at it jiggle. – [Aaron] Hey June. I heard you made food. – Is this legal? – Like a waterfall. That’s a good one. – That’s a good egg. Here you go, bud. – Nice, this is beautiful. – Have you ever had zoodles before? Do you like doodles? – No, I hate them.Noodles specifically wheat noodles, are among the best foods in the world. – Correct. – Trying to make somethingthat imitates them is bound to fail. Zucchini noodles are slimy. They don’t have a chew. They basically failedto impersonate noodles in all the important respects. Like 8.9. – No fricking way. – Yeah, ’cause of– – You just said you hate zoodles. – Yes, but I’m ratingit for the dish itself. – I mean, the sauce is likeclinging to the noodles.Which I feel like, it’s pretty good. – Yeah, that’s a good point too. – Ooh, chunky boy for you. Normally I say MSG isoptional, but in this dish I feel like it’s a quite crucial addition. Even with the nuttiness of the walnuts and the earthiness of the parsley stems, the flavor just wasn’t quite up to par with what I expect out of a tasty meal. So that MSG really bringseverything together.The nuttiness, the nicesweetness of the zucchini, the yolkiness of theeggs, and then all of that salty umami goodness justgets married into one being. I don’t know if I would givemyself a nine out of 10, but it’s a solid eight out of 10. This bowl of noodles, pretty good. Passable, nice job. To end the night, I’m gonnaput my pesto away in the fridge and then I think we should taste a spleen.Let’s see if it doestaste like the gristle of a prehistoric animalfound in an ogre’s cellar. I hope you’re ready to see some blood. I’m gonna guess this is not edible. You ready to taste this? – Raw? – No. Looks quite weird, doesn’t it? It looks like a very shiny tongue. Ooh, gives me the heebie-jeebies. If you happen to know what this is, please let me know downin the comments below. But I’m just gonna throwin the cast iron pan and see if it melts. Because if it’s fat, wemight as well save it, right? – So this is not even the spleen. This is the (beep)attachment of the spleen. – Yes, correct. I don’t know what that is. No, we’re just gonnahit it with the spleen. It shrinks. Why is everything soscary about the spleen? Salt. (frying sounds) How much would I have to pay to eat it? – Nothing. – Everything about this terrifies me. (frying sounds) Oh, my God, (mumbles). It smells quite oregamy. – I’ll do it. I’m going for it. – Okay.- Is it cooked? Are we gonna die? – June. – Yeah. – That tastes amazing. (screams) Seriously. – Describe the taste. – It tastes like a beef jerky even though I know it’snot beef, it’s not jerky. It’s like more hydrated beef jerky. It has a really nice, you know, sort of paleo lithic meaty taste to it. Like no gaminess, no weirdness. It’s really good. – It is kind of like liver. Ooh, I got a crunchy bit. – Yeah, it’s like liver, butlike less strong actually, like less pungent than the liver. – I don’t know what the Atlanticarticle was talking about. Do we think this is likea gristly chicharron? – Yeah, I think it’s pretty gristly. I’m gonna let you see ifthat’s chewable at all. – It smells quite nice, like flavorful. – Ooh, okay, that’s edible. – I’m gonna keep (beep). Guys spleen, it’s the new meat. All that’s left to do for us for tonight is to look at our broth. We are approaching ourfive and a half right now, I’m thinking the brothwill be sufficiently Milky.So I’m just gonna showyou what it looks like. What you’re looking for whenyou’re making bone broth is not only that that brothis rich and concentrated in flavor that it almostlooks Milky and opaque, but that your bones are almostsoft enough to break apart under the force of your fingers. That’s when you know allthe marrow has leaked into the broth and all theflavor is in that liquid. They should be soft enough to chew. And if you’re a freak like me you’re gonna eat those bones, calcium. I’m going to strain out the bones. I’m going to jar up the broth. I’m gonna slide it into the fridge. Once they’re a little bitmore room temperature. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Spleen time. Welcome to Tuesday. I went to sleep at around 4:00 AM and my neighbors started playingvery loud music at 7:30 AM. So that’s where I’m at. I’m gonna try and cooka couple of meals today but first things first let’s boil off some of those soakedsoybeans we did yesterday.They look nice and plump and very smooth. So I think what I’m gonnado is boil half of these and then we’re going tofridge the other half in a jar for later. Ease is the name of the game today. For our soybeans in a potof water, I’m gonna salt it. I’m gonna put some black pepper in it. I’m gonna cook the soybeansuntil they’re crunchy but tender and fully cooked. Once you smell it, go aheadstir it and pick up one bean, give it a taste. See if it tastes too crunchy. If it’s not too crunchy,you’re probably cooked. And I want a littlebit of texture for this because I have an idea in mind. I’m going to go ahead and drain them. Let them cool, set them aside until they’re ready for their destination.While the beans are going,I’m thinking for lunch today we can make some zucchinicake spleen sandwiches. For the sandwich I’m imaginingthat we slice the spleen really thin, stir fryit in garlic and salt. Whatever spices we want. Set that aside and then wemake our zucchini cakes. The zucchini cakes willessentially act as buns. For the kale chips, we’regonna preheat our oven to 325. We’re going to tear ourkale into bite sized pieces. Kale chips work best whenthey’re completely dry. That way they won’t steamunderneath the oil covering.So just go ahead and givethem a pat with a paper towel until you know that allthe leaves are bone dry. We’re about three cups of packed kale. I use about one tablespoon of olive oil and I’m just gonna use my hands to massage that all the way in. Making sure that every curly crevice is covered with that oil. You can season your kalewith whatever you want but I’m going with about ahalf teaspoon of togarashi which is a spicy Japanesechili pepper blend as well as this Irbyseasoning that Aaron got from his cell phone company of all things. Why? I don’t know, but tastes amazing. We’re gonna use it. And if you washed your kalewell, which you should have you can give it a tasteright now to see if you like the seasoning,adjust to your desired taste. and then we’ll bake. We’re gonna spread it outon a baking sheet tray and we’re gonna bake it probably 15, 20, maybe even 25 minutes depending. The crucial thing hereis you wanna make sure your kale isn’t one even layer. This will minimize steaming.It’ll maximize crispness. We’re gonna be tossingit every 10 minutes or so keeping an eye on it,making sure nothing is burnt and then it should comeout crispy and perfect and toasty and delicious. Those are pretty good. Also very spicy. For our zucchini cakes, I’mgonna take our zucchini, I’m gonna trim away the bad spots and then I’m gonna grate them. Once your zucchini butt lookslike this, please stop grating because you don’t wantyour fingers in the cakes.What I do instead is popit on a cutting board and I trim it into tiny, tinypieces to mimic the shredder. And then I’m gonna season themwith a little bit of salt. Toss, toss, toss and let them drain. The salt will draw some moisture, we’re going to squeezethat additional liquid out. I’ll also save the zucchiniliquid because you just never know when you might wantsome salty zucchini juice. – Nice zucchini juice you got there, June. People in Manhattan wouldpay good money for that. – It is a gorgeous color, very green. It looks like a cocktail, doesn’t it? – Is it warm? – It’s like cucumber juice. – Zucchini juice. – Well? – It’s tastes a little salty. – It is salty. – Why is it salty? – I added salt in thereto draw the water out.- Okay. You know, I feel healthy already. (laughs) – Great. (soft beat music) We’re gonna season our zucchini cakes with some red pepper, nice tasty. Some of this, some of this,white pepper, mushroom powder our BFF and steak seasoning. Why not? I have it. My current thoughts are,wow, this looks very watery. It might not be a bread, but after all it mightjust be an omelet wrap. In which case we’ll deal with it.Sometimes in life, you make mistakes and just got to carry on with it. First things first though, Iwanna utilize that fat layer on the spleen to coat our cast iron. We’re gonna sear our spleen first. I’m gonna trim the fat sothat it’s easier to render. There is a membranecovering in that spleen that might make it hard tochew or a little bit tough. So I like to slice it on the bias. That way you’re cuttingthrough that membrane. And it shrinks as it cooks, not a problem. For our fat chicharrons, I’m just gonna hit it witha little bit of togarashi. Once that oil is nice and hot, we’re gonna go in with some garlic.We’re gonna throw the spleen in. We’re gonna let them get nice and toasty a little bit crunchy on the edges. Pull them out, toss them with seasoning and then we’ll try to makethis omelet wrap thingy. I’m gonna be using thesespices in our spleen. You can use whatever you like. (frying sounds) And that is pure flavor, baby. Might have over salted it a tad bit, but man, that is delicious. Time for our questionablezucchini egg wrap. Very interesting. Guys, we have a very structurally unsound zucchini pancake thing going on.And I think what I’m gonna do to save it is just to make like a frittata. I’m gonna dump all of the batter in. We’re gonna preheat our oven to 350 and then once it’s preheated,we’re gonna chuck that in and just wait until theeggs are barely set. (soft beat music) Here are kale chips, very nicely seasoned, very nicely crunchy. And here is our garlicky spicy spleen with our zucchini frittata. I put a little bit ofparsley on top, you know, to make it garnishy. Doesn’t that look beautiful? Would you pay $20 for this? – So is this spleen, June? – Yes.- Exciting. – Tell me what you think, chef. – Thanks to our preview yesterday I knew the spleen wouldbe excellent and it is. And this is the zucchini frittata? – Oh, big bite. Okay, wow. – What’s the chili powder on this? – Togarashi. – Nice. – It’s good, isn’t it? – Yeah, this is a great meal overall. – I kind of love thedifferent textures going on. Like the frittata is very soft and tender almost falling apart,but it’s pretty stable. It’s almost like a egg pudding. And then the spleen is kindof like a tender liver. Like it’s not dry at all. It’s a very moist liver. It has a very nice earthytaste, but it’s not overpowering in it’s organiness. And it’s just got like anice little bounce to it. It’s like a juicy bounce. – I was going to sayeverything that you just said exactly the way you said it. – Wow. – Yes. – You know how the zoodles remind you of what you’re missing? It’s like, oh, these are fake noodles. And they suck, because they’re worse. This is just a great meal on sound and it doesn’t make mewish it wasn’t low carb.It just is great low carb foods. – That’s awesome. Do you have a grade for me? – Good job is my grade. – Do you have a number sincewe love numbers as a society? – Good job out of 10. – Are you for real? – No more food for you, go. I forgot there are kale chips. After you eat these can youactually give me a grade please? – 10 out of 10 for being perfect, minus a two for being over salted still. – These are over salted too? – Oh no, my taste buds are broken. I’m gonna give myself a nine out of 10. – But it is a good meal. You shouldn’t be afraid to letyour food stand on its own. – Okay, I just wantedto use seasonings Aaron. – I know. – It happens, okay? – I’m scared of high blood pressure. The silent killer. – Well, you can stop eating. – The silent killer. – What if I’m actually trying to kill him? Because he’s freaking annoying.Probably a terrible way to do it though because I’m also gonna dieof high blood pressure. Believe it or not there’sactually not a lot of recipes for spleen, out of the veryfew recipes I did find, I found this Moroccan stuffed spleen. Usually it’s stuffed with meat and rice and all of that jazz. But today I think we’re gonna stuff it with some kale stems, kale leaves, garlic and chopped up soybeans. I’m a little bit worried because I think the Moroccan version usesbeef spleen which is bigger. Our spleen is quite slim,quite fragile looking. I don’t know if I will be ableto tunnel my way through it with our ripping it apart,but we’ll try our best.This is the perfect way touse our brook kale stems which I will line up on the cutting board. And I’m gonna chop into very tiny pieces. We’re gonna throw that fat from the spleen into our pan, render it. We’re gonna fish it outonce it gets crackling then we’re gonna throw ourgarlic and our kale stems in. We’re gonna stir fry that until those look slightlygolden, very, very tender. And then we’ll throw in our kale leaves. We’re gonna wait until those wilt, get nice and toasty,glossy, dark foresty green and then we’ll throw inour soybeans also chopped. We’re gonna wait until those soybeans get a little bit of color on them and then we’re gonna set it aside. Let it cool off.I’m gonna be puttingthese flavorful spleen chicharrones back intothat stuffing mixture. And I’ll also be adding a teaspoon of this delicious togarashi. And then we’re gonna tryto split our spleen open without ripping it completely apart. I basically put about twotablespoons of filling inside the spleen andthen I tried to squeeze it like you would a sausageor a tube of toothpaste just to guide the stuffinginto the inner most part of the spleen, buthalfway through it broke.So I don’t think this is gonna work. Let me think about this. So I think for thepartially ruptured spleen, I’m gonna tuck the unfilledtail end of the spleen over to cover that hole. And then for the other onethat I completely destroyed I think I’m just gonna filet it open, lay the filling downthe middle, roll it up and then try to pin itin place with toothpicks. And then we’ll sear and bake and hopefully it’ll be kindof like a sausage thing.I’m gonna preheat my oven to 375. And while that’s preheating we’re gonna sear both sidesin the cast iron skillet. Once the oven is preheated,we’ll slide it in. We’ll let it cook in andturn our temperature 160. I don’t know, we’ll see. So I baked the spleensfor about 15 minutes. I took them out, temperaturewas well above 160. So I think we’re clear. It looks very cooked. It looks very glazey. It looks very caramelized. I cleaned my pan. I dried it out. And then I dry roasted someof the shishito peppers until they got a little bit blistered. Top them with a littlebit of salt, shook them around the pan so that theywere all evenly charred.And then we’re gonna eat the one that I had really botched up, didn’t really cut very well. It kind of fell apart and gotcrumbly, but you know what? That’s what parsley’s for. You put enough parsley on top of anything, it starts to look good. The other one actually lookslike a stuffed sausage. I’m pretty proud of myself. That plate is gonna go to Aaron. If you do make thisrecipe, please remember to take out the toothpicksbecause I almost forgot. And I crunched my knife down to slice it and I hit a toothpick. So be sure that you takethose little skewers out or things might get really ugly. What do you think we have here? – Spleen. – Okay, what else? – Chillies. – Shishito, but okay. – These are chilies. Eat the special one first, the only orange one in the whole bunch. – For you because you’re a special. Spicy. – Yeah, it’s nice. I love all three variationsof the spleen so far. I think my favorite was stilljust the first one we did.’Cause that reminded me of very primitive, you know, prehistoric food. But this one I think is themost refined and elegant. – Look at my handiwork, Aaron. – You stuffed it really beautifully. – I know, I’m so impressed.- And it tastes great, yeah. – What do you taste? What do you think is in there – Right now, I prettymuch only tastes chili because that bite was hot. – The shishitos are kind of spicy and then they’re just kind of sweet. – It’s a really nice balance. – Is that taste the walnuts? – No walnuts. – No walnuts in this? – Soy beans. – Soy beans? They tastes almost nuty. – Let me show off my plate. The yellow bits are soybeans. – Nice. – I really liked the sweet earthiness of the soybeans in there. The texture is nice too. – Yeah, I really love theartistry of this dish. It’s very well thought out. Well put together, well crafted. – Thank you. – 9.2. – Whoa, thanks chef. – Thank you chef. – That was way higher than I expected. Do I got a Michelin star? – Do you really want a Michelin star? – No, absolutely not, get him out of here. So far I love everything about this dish but it’s lacking a littlebit of richness, I would say.- I agree, I don’t thinkspleen is very fatty at all. There’s like none of that fatty richness but we do have something. – Mayo. Now I think Kewpie Mayo has alittle bit of sugar in there but I think it has theperfect creamy texture to like make this, potentially a 9.3. Look at the beautiful drizzle. This is the world’s best Mayo. Kwepie when are you gonna sponsor me? Yes, yes. Okay, that’s good, thank you. I love my Mayo. – How much does it improve it? – I think by half a point. – Okay. – At least. What do you think? It’s so good. – We both had the same thought – Mayo, man.Mayo saves everything. It’s so good. – 9.4. – And thus, we concludeour spleeny Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed these two recipes and I hope that I surviveuntil tomorrow morning to bring you yet more, budget meals. Wednesday, I managed to geteight hours of sleep last night but still somehow feel just astired as four hours of sleep. Life, day three, let’scook some chicken hearts. We still have some of that kalethat’s continuing to yellow. So I think what we’re gonnamake for meal number four is kale cups with chicken hearts. If you’ve ever had lettucecups, similar idea. For our massaged kale, Ithink I’m just gonna dump all of our remaining kale in a large bowl.Top it with a drizzle ofolive oil and then go in with some black pepper and this Irby salt. I think instead of using normal salt, we might as well flavor it a little bit so that there’s flavor on everysingle element of the dish. So these two will be. You’ll notice that the longer you rub them the more transparent the leaves will turn. This is because we’reessentially bruising them by massaging the leaves. The longer you massage them, the more transparent they’ll turn and the more tender they will be. Because the chickenhearts have been sitting in my fridge for about four days now, they’re starting to smella little, not so fresh. They’re definitely not bad but they’re starting todevelop a little bit of that like slight marinee fishiness. So what I think I’m gonna dois rinse them off in the sink, slightly squeeze your chicken hearts dry because that aorta will let in some water. Squeeze that all out. And then I’m going toblanch them very quickly in salted water.Just so that we can get someof that impure taste out. After about a minute and a halfto two minutes of blanching, I fished them out. I divided them into twobatches so that we have a little bit for eachmeal as is half cooked. They currently smell like thedarkest richest meat chicken. For our chicken hearts sear, I’m going to slice up some garlic. I’m going to cut up our hearts. I’m going to also dice up someshishito peppers for flavor. I sliced off the fatty endswith the aorta attached. I’m going to plop these in before I pop in the rest of the chickenhearts so that they get an extra chance tocrisp up and get toasty.So in a cast ironskillet, over medium heat we’re gonna melt someof our bone broth fat and then we’re gonna plop in our garlic. Wait for that to get a little bit golden before we go in with the shishito peppers. We’re gonna let the peppersget a little bit more wilty, a little bit tender, then chicken hearts. And then when you thinkthe chicken hearts are maybe about half minuteaway from being ready, we’re gonna go in with some spices.In my case, I’m gonna go inwith a little touch of salt, some cumin seeds, blackand white pepper and maybe some togarashi on top justfor Aaron’s spicy noodles. (soft beat music) Taste pretty good asis, but I think it needs a touch more salt. So I’m gonna go in with alittle bit of steak seasoning For a little more protein in our cups. I’m going to go ahead andmake some soft scrambled eggs. We’re gonna keep this very simple. Cast iron skillet, medium heat, olive oil. We’re going to break allof our eggs into a bowl. We’re going to scramble themwith a little touch of salt. We’re going to pour that eggmixture into the cast iron pan. As you know, pull your eggs off the heat way before you think they’re done.Especially if you’reusing a cast iron skillet which retains a lot of heat. Once your scrambled eggsare still glistening and a little bit looseand jiggly transfer them to a cool bowl so that theydon’t carry over cook anymore. To assemble our cups, we’re going to take a littletiny leaf of massaged kale. We’re going to plop ourscrambled eggs on top. We’re going to top itwith more chicken hearts and then a little crumble of cheese. Maybe a little everythingbagel seasoning on top. There you have it, kale cups. – I stuffed it all in my mouth. – Nice. – The massaged kale are cheesy. – Yep. – Eggs. – Soft scrambled eggs, yeah. – Chicken hearts? – Chicken hearts, yep. – And cheese. – And cheese, yes. – And how many carbs are in this? It’s fun. I feel like a kid. I think the fact that I’mspending more time eating it and talking about it, means I like it. – That’s good, I like that. – It is kind of mushy. But it’s fine. – I think this is maybethe healthiest thing you’ve made so far.- They’re all healthy. – This one is especially healthy. It’s so protein and eggsand cheese on a bit of kale. It is a 7.8. – The lowest rank. – Well, it’s good. – I was not expecting that. – It’s not bad, it’s good. But you know, it’s not great. Is everything you make gonna be great? Are you really upset Isaid your food is good? – I just really liked this one. – Okay. – I’m gonna rate it a nine out of 10. – You have to commit to a large bite, a very large bite everytime you eat some of this. But if it was a salad youcould eat it at your leisure. – Did you take two points offbecause it’s not easy to eat? For meal number five, I’m thinking we do somethingwith the bone broth. I think we should make achicken heart meatball soup. Because I already parboiled thechicken hearts a little bit. I don’t know if their currentform will hold together as a meatball but we’regonna try our best.For the meatballs, I’mgoing to try to food process those chicken hearts alongwith some cooked soybeans, grated garlic, dice shishito peppers, (blending sounds) parsley leaves, and some raw walnuts. Along with gochugaru andsome mushroom powder. Just to season it a little bit. We’re gonna try to foodprocess all of that into a smooth-ish paste. And then we’re gonnamake some mini meatballs, if the mixture holds. It looks pretty good andit smells pretty good too. To make our soup even moresubstantial for our veggies, I’m going to use the stem andthe leaves of the cauliflower. I like to give the whole head a rinse. And then I trim offthis very bottom portion where it’s pretty grody. And then I sliver off the florets from the body of the stock. Then I chop the stock up intolittle bite-sized pieces. My original plan for thesemeatballs was to shape them and then sear them in the pan before plopping them into our broth.But they’re actually quite sticky, almost like the consistencyof pate, so I think we’re just gonna go ahead, put apot over medium heat, heat up some of our bone broth fat. We’re gonna see are someveggies and garlic in there. If you add the salt, as youadd each additional ingredient each additional ingredientwill get a little bit of sodium on there.As the veggies cook I’ll addin some salt, a little MSG, along with some fennel seeds,some homemade six spice. The last bit of my groundSichuan peppercorns and white pepper. (soft beat music) As soon as I smell thespices hitting my nose, I’m gonna go in with the broth. We’re gonna scrape downthe bottom of the pot to make sure all the foam is being lifted. And then we’re gonna wait for that broth to come up to a boil.Because we stewed thisbone broth for so long, there’s so much collagenand gelatin in there and it’s basically like chelly. Once we’re at a boil we can start spooning our meatballs into the soup. I’m doing about a roundedheaping tablespoon here. Because the meatball mixture is so sticky, I like to dip my spoonsin cold water first for a clean release. That’s pretty spicy. I think those shishito peppersare so spicy this time. What’s going on? I’m not really sure how longthey’ve been in there for but I think they’re really,really, really cooked. They’re very opaque. They’re floating to the top. The broth looks flavorful. Everything smells like it’sbecome married together in Holy matrimony and we are ready to eat. (soft beat music) – June, this is beautiful. Oh my God, that’s incredibly good. – That’s pretty good.- This is already my favoritething you made for the week. – No way. Well, bone broth anything,I feel like you love. – You’ve been cooking a lot of stock both for work and justfor your own personal use. And I think this is your finest work yet. – How’s the meatball? – Great, because it’s chickenheart and not just, you know standard meatball, theflavor is more complex. It’s not as fatty. It’s a very lean meatball. So it’s kind of held loosely together. The flavor of everything is great. There’s just pure flavor magic this bowl. – Yeah, do you like the soybeans in there? – Yeah.- Do you like the veggies? – I love everything here. I already know my rating for this. It’s a 9.9. – (gasps) What? No way. – It’s incredibly good. These are just the mostheart wholesome, heartening soul warming flavors you can have. And the only thing that would make it a perfect 10, wheat noodles.- I like the kick of the shishitos. It’s a very nice, mild fragrant kick. It’s not overpowering. It kind of lingers around but it doesn’t really like beat you up. You know, Aaron just gave outone of the highest scores ever I think in the “Budget Eats” series. So God dammit, I’ll take it. Welcome to today. Today is Thursday. Today is also the day that Iacknowledge and accept that this fatigue will never go away and we shall work through it. Today I’m thinking wecook our cauliflower. Now, a popular low carb cauliflower dish is usually riced cauliflower and I see great potential for us.However, one of the worstthings about riced cauliflower is when the rice grains are too fine and then they just turn into mush. So to avoid that, I’mgonna be using a grater. I’m gonna use a box grater. I’m gonna use the biggesthole in the grater. I’m gonna hope that we end up with like Israeli cous, cous typesize cauliflower rice. And then I think for ourfirst meal of the day we’re gonna do somecauliflower fried rice. How’s that sound? Sounds great, let’s go. Let’s do this. I need tea. Okay, so the shorterdidn’t do as great of a job at preserving that largechunkiness as I hope, but it’s not bad. Ricing cauliflower is a really great idea if you want your entireapartment to smell like farts.I’m not really sure if thiswill make a difference or not but instead of oiling my skillet to fry up the cauliflower rice, I’mgonna oil the cauliflower rice right now and toss it. I’m also gonna seasonthe mixture right now with black pepper, whitepepper and ground cumin. I’m going to hold off onthe salt because the salt will draw out the water and I don’t really want a soggymess in the bowl right now. I think because cauliflower lacks a lot of the fragrant toastycarby notes of rice, I’m going to go ahead andmake a spiced Walnut topping with our toasted walnuts. I’m gonna take these grindedin our food processor and then we’re gonna tossit with some seasonings. We’re looking for a goodmix of chunkier chunks and finer chunks, or,you know, just paprika. I’m gonna go ahead and mixin some dried garlic granules along with some togarashi and MSG. To really meaty up thiscauliflower fried rice, we’re going to put insome of our pulled pork.We’re also going to putin some scrambled eggs. We’re gonna top it withthat Walnut topping maybe a little bit cheese on top and I’m hoping it’s gonnabe a filling lunch for us. So on a previous episode of “Budget Eats” when I use the pulled porkfrom our bone broth bones, people were so confused. There were a lot of comments asking, where did the pork come from? If you couldn’t afford thathow did you afford pork? Guys pay attention, we’removing very fast here. I got the meat from thebones, dollar bones. Meat, bone, broth. For the pork we’re gonnatake our cast iron skillet, we’re going to put it overmedium heat, some olive oil and then we’re gonna go in with our garlic as well as our diced shishitos. Once those get a littlebit softened and golden, we’re gonna go in with somefennel seeds, some six spice, some ground cumin, coriander,smoked paprika as well as gochugaru and a littlepinch of Citron peppercorn.And then we’re justgonna stir, stir, stir. And once it’s nice and toasty,we’re gonna add in the pork. Everything’s gonna marry together. I want the pork to geta little bit crispy, a little bit golden, alittle bit dried out. Not like sawdust dry,just like crunchy dry. For the bigger pieces of pork that became a little too unwieldily Ijust went in with scissors and chop them all up to the desired size. If at any point you noticed that your pork is sticking to the bottom of the cast iron and you don’t want it to burn, turn your heat off layermeat over that crusty area. And let it sit for aboutthree to five minutes. The moisture from the meatwill rain down onto that fond. And then after five minutesyou can scrape it all up and get that flavor out of the pan. And towards the end, I’mgonna go in with a little bit of steak seasoning totaste, just to make sure that we have a saltedpork, not salty, salted.Once we start seeing some golden almost borderline chary bits, we’re good. We’re gonna transfer the porkout of the pan into a plate and then we’re gonnamake our scrambled eggs. Let’s admire how clean this pan looks. Who needs a non-stickwhen you have cast iron. We’re gonna scramble three eggs in a bowl until they’re well-mixed. Then slide them into the pan. Oh, sorry, the pepper is getting to me. And then we’re gonna slidethe eggs into the pan. We’re going to go in with our spatula and make sure all the curdsare staying nice and soft.A little touch of saltgoes a long way here. So we’re just gonna seasonit very simply with salt. For our actually cauliflower rice, I’m gonna go into the pan medium heat, tablespoon of olive oil. We’re gonna go in with some garlic, as well as some soybeans,the soaked ones, raw. We’re gonna let those get toasty and then we’ll dump in our cauliflower. To really make sure that thecauliflower has a good chance of getting crispy-ish, we’re going to be addingthe cauliflower in batches. My cast iron pan is fairly small.I don’t want everything tobe crowding up on each other. Also increases probability ofall the little tiny colonels steaming together, which I do not want. I want crispy. I’m feeling very angry today, anyone else? Once our cauliflowerlooks nice and toasty, I’m gonna turn the heat off and then we’ll fold backin our pork and eggs. I’m gonna go ahead and top itwith a little bit of cheese. I’m thinking maybe wecan crush some of those leftover kale chips on top,as well as some parsley, a little bit of our Walnut topping. This is quite possiblythe weirdest fried rice I’ve ever seen or made or tasted. (soft beat music) I’m so excited. I feel the love of the universe today. On my first bite, I gota piece of cartilage. It’s delicious. Aaron, I’m so overcome. Aaron lunch. – So this is the mealthat’s currently making you cough your guts up. – You know, my spicetolerance is nowhere near your a gut level, just give me a break.- Okay. – Let me know how you think it taste. – So it’s a low carb fried rice. It looks beautiful, I love the colors. This is great. Very positive feedback so far. – Are you meadow commentatingon your own feedback? Positivity. – This 9.1. – 9.1, wow. – Yep. – I wasn’t expecting that from you at all. Because your favoritething about fried rice is the oily crispy, crunchy goodness. – But the flavors inthis are just so great. – So despite the gochugaruand the shishito peppers and the black pepper and everything else, not spicy enough for you. That’s all, dude, this is okay. – Thank you. – I love the nuttiness of the kale. I taste the Kale’s nuttiness more than I taste the walnuts nuttiness which is insane, butdelicious nonetheless. The MSG from the Walnut mixtureis coming right through. The togarashi nice subtle Sesame cake with that chili pepper, hint of spice.The cauliflower is soft and tender. The beans are tender but still got a littlebit of snap to them. And the tender, tender, tenderpull apart pork meat bits are just absolutely delicious in there. This one is definitely a winner. For dinner I think I wannause up these coconut milks. Maybe not all of thembecause they’re quite fatty. Naturally when I think of coconut milk and savory applications, I think Curry. Which is pretty perfectbecause I still have some leftover pork from our lunch and I still have cauliflower and I still have a lot of walnuts.I also have those bell peppers. When I bought those bell peppers I thought we could makesome stuffed peppers. Now I’m thinking we canmake some cauliflower coconut curry, stuffed peppers. I’m gonna go ahead and chop these florets into little tiny baby florets. So that we can make sure they fill into our peppers with no problem. I’m also gonna take thesewalnuts and food process them into little choppy bits as well. To make our curry, curry flavored, I’m gonna be using thisThai green Curry paste. Along with this very old, veryfrozen jar of lime leaves. I don’t remember how old these are. They still sell very good. And then to really punchup that curry flavor I’m gonna go in with some fenugreek seeds, as well as some black salt. These to make it just curry heaven. Before opening your cans of coconut milk just make sure that you’reshaking them super well. This ensures that the creamthat’s separated to the top will get incorporatedinto the rest of the cream and you won’t have like a thick layer of delicious creaminess on top and then very watery milk on the bottom.Just shake it, trust me. So to make our Curry, we’re gonna go ahead use our cast iron skilletagain, over medium heat, A drop of oil and then we’regonna go in with our garlic and our shishito again untilthey’re golden stir, stir stir. I’m gonna add in the limeleaves along with the walnuts and let the walnuts geta little bit toasty. We don’t want them burned just toasty. Then I’m gonna go in with ourcurry paste and the fenugreek. I’m gonna serve those around until the pace is evenly distributed and the seeds get a little bit toasty. Once everything is dry and toasty, go in with the cauliflower, along with our blacksalt, our coconut milk, I like to let my coconutmilk get a little bit caramelized on the pan, letit dehydrate a little bit. Let it get gooier, stickier, toastier. Then we’re gonna add in asmuch bone broth as you’d like. And then we’ll toss in our pork. In the meantime, we’regonna carve the tops off of our peppers andpreheat our oven to 375.Moist, a little bit liquidy and saucy but not at all slushy. To trim the peppers Ilike to go around the top leaving a tiny little bitof a curved edge on top. And then once I have itcut all the way around in a full circle, I liketo push the stem end into the peppers to breakthat membrane connection. I like to keep the tops justfor a little presentation but I also like to trim away the seeds because they’re just,they’re not very good eats. If your peppers are even on the bottom and they can stand on a platewithout falling over, great. But if you have a pepper,that’s a little bit lopsided and it’s probably gonna topple over and spill all of your contents. Then go ahead, use a sharp paring knife and just start trimming offa little bit of the bottom without cutting any holes into the pepper. This will level off yourbottom portion of the pepper.Alternatively, if you don’twant to risk puncturing your peppers, you can justuse a smaller baking dish that will pull all of yourpeppers together very cozily. This way they won’t really topple unless you shake them like this. Don’t shake them like this. Go ahead, take out your lime leaves because they’re very toughand you don’t want them in your bite and thenfill up your peppers. We’re gonna pour a little broth in there to help the pepper steam. I’ll see you in an hour-ish. I’m gonna take a nap, good bye. (soft beat music) And because you know that Ihate baking just one thing when I turn the oven on, Ialso threw my remaining bones from the broth makingprocess into the oven to roast for an hour.And guess what? They’re like bone snacks now. They’re like bone chips. They’re so crispy. They’re edible guys. This is a bone chip. Are you ready for this experience? Oh my God, what even is this? I’m just gonna say right now that yes, this looks like a graveyard and yes most people would not eat this. But like, why not? It’s edible and snackable. Aaron, do you want a bone chip? – I started coughingjust looking at these. – They look like a graveyard, right? It’s hot, be careful. Take a tiny bite. – Take a tiny one ’cause I’m scared. – Okay. – Is this safe? – I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. What do you think? – I think we might find out in 20 years if we get cancer from that. – Okay. – But good luck. – Thank you. Wait, does it taste good? – It’s interesting. – Interesting. If you know the answerto Aaron’s question about whether or not we’re gonnaget cancer 20 years from now from these, let me knowdown in the comments below.Now for our main entreeor rather for our entree, we have our Curry stuffed peppers. I’m a little scared thatI oversalted these again but we’ll see, they lookquite wrinkly, quite tender and they smell pretty damn good. We’re gonna top them withour remaining Walnut topping from lunch today, as wellas a little bit of parsley, you know, brightness, color. We love this visual appeal, don’t we? So super visual. (upbeat music) He’s a wrinkly boy. – Hi June. – Hi. – Did you may makeanother delicious treat? – I don’t know it might be too salty but it is a stuffed pepper,which you claim to hate. – But you’re so talented,I might like this one. – It’s very juicy. – Yes. Okay, I do you need to cut it. – Do you know how to usea fork like a shovel? There you go. – I’m a big boy.- Debatable. – Okay, I was a little scared ’cause you kept saying youfelt like you over salted it. But I’m not picking that up yet. – It smells good, you know? – It smells great, yeah. The feeling is great. I feel like the fillingcould be additional in of itself, you know? – Do you still hate stuffed peppers? – No. Yeah, I think this one is good. It’s so juicy. – The filling is doing alot of heavy lifting here. This is another example of good food. That’s little carb becauseit doesn’t remind me that it’s low carb when I’m eating it. It’s just good food on its own. I think after eatingmost of the pepper now and you see how it is pretty salty. I’m not sure it’s oversalted, but it is quite salty. I’m gonna give this a 8.2. – Okay, a really bigdownfall from lunch today. – June, why do you keepasking me for my opinions? – The internet loves to hate you. – Okay. – We do anything forthe likes and the hate.- Jokes on them, I love to be hated. – I think I definitely couldhave gone a little bit lighter on the Curry paste. I didn’t realize how saltythat paste was on its own. And then I added that black salt. My mistake this weekhas not been a good week for our blood pressure, but you know what? We’ll recover or not, maybe we’ll just die and this will be the lastepisode of “”Budget Eats””.But I will say the pepperis super super tender, but it’s not like slithery. – That’s another thing . You did a good job of roasting it. So it isn’t slimy. That’s my main problem witha lot of stuffed peppers is they turn out slimy. – It’s got good structural integrity but it’s tender and it’s not crunchy. I think one hour is the magic time. The filling is prettyspicy, a little too salty but I like all the textures within it. The cauliflower has anice little soft bump. The walnuts are a littlebit more of a bite bump. I don’t know where the pork went, but the pork is in there somewhere. – And it’s beautiful. Can we appreciate how artisticJune’s meals always are? Even if they taste like(beep) as they so so often do, there still really are (mumbles) – I think it’s pretty on target 8.2.I’ll agree with that. – Give yourself some credit.I try to be tough, but for– – All right, I will. I’ll give myself an 8.5. – Okay. – We’re gonna go drink lots of water. We’re gonna try to get some sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow. Hi guys, welcome to Friday. It is gloomy outside andI’m kind of enjoying it, you know inside out. For meal number eight, Ithink we have a lot of eggs and we still have a lot of bone broth. So I’m thinking egg noodle soup. Now you might be wonderingwhat is a noodle soup and I’m here to tell you that you can make noodles out of eggs. And then we’re gonna putthose noodles into broth hence egg noodles soup. The idea of egg noodles is inspired by a Korean dish called jopchae. And it’s basically a potatostarch noodle dish served cold with lots of little additions in there. There’s often a littlebit of blanched veggies, mushrooms, meats, toss and sesame oil a little bit of honeysugar and then soy sauce.However, my favorite partsin that bowl of noodles is often the strips of egg. I guess if you try hard enough you can noodle almost anything. We still have a lot of garlic. I peeled all of them and we’re gonna be eatingall of these today. We’re gonna be so healthy guys. I’m thinking we sliceup a lot of those garlic and then we can put it in apot and fry them up into chips. You think this is enough to keep away all the evil people in my life? And my cast iron pan, over medium heat. I’m just gonna add about twotablespoons of olive oil. And then I’m gonna throwmy garlic all in one layer and then I’m gonna let them get golden. Once they turn a little bit of color I’m gonna flip them, shake them and just try to keep moving them until they get a little bit crispy.Once you see slight goldening happening, it’s really importantthat you turn off the heat because the carry overheat will continue cooking the garlic chips untilthey are deep brown. At which point they willstart to turn bitter. So pull up before you think you need to. This is the perfect specimen. And then in that same pan,after I take the garlic out I’m going to put in some suchas Szeto peppers, soybeans and I’m going to toss a tosswith a touch of soy sauce.Now soy sauce is not exactly low carb but we’ll be using sucha small amount of it that I think it’ll be okay. Well, let me know downin the comments below if you disagree. These are going on a medium high heat. I’m tossing tossing, tossing,stirring, stirring, stirring and waiting for everything todevelop a little bit of char. And then I’m gonna take it off the heat and combine my soy sauce into it. Until everything is evenly distributed. For these noodles I’m gonnabe using six whole eggs plus two yolks. One, I really want that yellow color. And two, I think moreyolks give the noodles a little bit more of a denser consistency which means slightly more bite. Whip it up with a touch of salt and a teaspoon of togarashi for flavoring.I’m going to cook that very thin omelet until the edges start topeel away from the pan. And then I’m going to tryto flip it very gently. The top of your egg pancakeshould look pretty dry to the touch. It shouldn’t look like it’s still jiggly. Once that surface is prettymuch Matt, we can flip it. Ideally I wouldn’t have thismuch color on the bottom side, but you know what? It’s okay, it’s all gonna be okay. Once you flip the pancake, theother side is only gonna take about 30 to 45 seconds or so. We’re just trying to dryoff that top completely and then we’re gonna transferit to our cutting board. Let it cool. We’re gonna roll it up. We’re gonna slice it into noodles. I remember when I said earlier you don’t need a nonstick skillet, well, you know, sometimes it’s useful but like only if you wantperfect looking egg noodles which I don’t, obviously.Who cares? In the meantime, whileour eggs are cooking, I’m gonna put it in a pot allof our broth that’s leftover. I’m also gonna be including some of our leftover chicken heart broth that I had. I’ll be grating someraw garlic into the mix. It’ll cook as the broth heats up and we’re gonna keep it simple today. ‘Cause save your energy when you can. (soft beat music) For a little bit of visualand textual intrigue I’m going to be slicing upour remaining massaged kale. I made garlic chips. (upbeat music`) What do you think you have there? – Food of some kind. I think you said something yesterday about using noodles orusing eggs as noodles.- Yeah, do they look like noodles? – They do. Okay, those are infinitelybetter than zoodles. I don’t know why they haven’t been used as a low-carb noodle. – They have.- It’s a much better idea. Who did you steal this idea from? – A Korean dish called Jopchae. I don’t know how to pronounce it. – Yeah, I was about to be like that. – I don’t know how to pronounce it. – Those garlic chips are intoxicating. – There’s more if youwant on the cutting board. – When I first saw this dish from afar I didn’t see the soup in itand I thought it was a salad. And I think this is great as both a soup or a salad, honestly. Because everything individuallyis really good in here. And is this the last of themeat scraped off the bones? – There’s still more. I’m trying to see if wecan irk out a ninth meal. Do you think I can do it? – I know you can do it. June, making food with leftoversis like Zeno’s paradox. She can always squeeze alittle bit more out of it and never reached the destination.I will give this a perfect nine. (laughs) – You just made me drool. I think these noodles are delicious. The egg noodles are buttery. They got a little bit of abounce and springiness to them. The overly toasted partsreally adds like a nuttiness to the egg profile andthen soaked in that broth, it really stands up to all the flavors that’s already going on in the broth.What else? The pork, I mean, leftoverpork is always delicious. Wouldn’t you say? – Yeah, but we didn’t hear is really… It’s on like the fifth level of flavor because it’s been like, you know – Over and over cooked. – Yeah. – I think all the flavors are fantastic. The garlic chips combined withthe grated garlic in the soup combined with just theremnants of garlic ghosts passed from all of our leftovers is like quadruple million garlic. I’m gonna give myself,especially considering that we really pretty much onlyuse broth and eggs for this and everything else was left over a 9.5. I truly think I exceeded my expectations and that’s because I keptthem low to begin with. Do you want to try one? – These look great. Good thing everybody iswearing masks these days because nobody wants to smell us. – Wear your masks folks. Otherwise we’ll come afteryou with garlic breath. – And breathe on you.- All right, I think it’s timeto see if we can scrounge up a ninth meal out of all of these things. In addition to all of ourscrappy bits of leftovers in terms of raw materials,all we have left are walnuts. We have toasted and non-toasted,a can of coconut milk, three eggs plus those two egg whites that I separated earlier. We got about a cup left of cauliflower and a pretty good amount ofBurke cheese and some parsley. Is it crazy of me to thinkwe can do a low carb crepe? Wouldn’t that be good? We can put all of ourleftovers inside the crepe. Save some of those. So we have cauliflower. We have eggs, we have walnutsand we have coconut milk. What if I just threw allthose things into the blender, blended it up and see if we can cook off that batter into crepes.We have the eggs, sothere’s some elasticy there. We have cauliflower, sothere’s some structure there. We have walnuts, that’sfattiness and flavor and maybe I can soak up someof that coconut milk too. If I let it sit long enough,will it be a cohesive thing? We shall see if I succeedin making those crepes, we can give all of these leftovers at home just wrap them up and eat them. Kind of like how we didin the vegan episode, that worked out pretty good, I think. Experiment time, goingwith two egg whites, cup and a half of cauliflower.One cup of walnuts, can of coconut milk, maybe two tablespoons cheese. Let’s see. (blending sounds) Oh my God, that smells so good. Pretty runny consistency. Obviously there’s raw eggs in here. I do not recommend you doing this but I’m gonna do it becausescience for you guys. Mild, it’s very coconutty, alittle bit of that tannic skin from the walnuts arepeaking through at the end with a little bit of bitterness.For the most part, I’m nottasting the cauliflower. It’s mostly just walnuts and coconut that I’m tasting right now. Now I know I should probablywait for this to sit a little so the walnuts can geta little bit hydrated and the whole thing would bea little bit more cohesive but I just really wanna seeif this will cook or not. So let’s try one. I don’t think that worked. Here is our sad little pancake. It’s very porous. It’s very fragile and it’s very soft.I think there’s way toomuch liquid and fat in here. And I really need some sortof a glue to hold it together. But at this point we don’thave anything starchy. I’m pretty much out of ingredients except I guess I could keepadding more eggs in here but let’s give this a taste first. It smells really good. It smells like toasted coconut. Really soft and mushy,but really nice and nutty. This is my failed attempt at aremaining ingredient pancake. It’s very soft, it’s veryfragile and it’s very coconuty. Is it gonna make you gag? I forgot to mention thatAaron hates coconut, so, oops. Okay, to try to tamper withthe coconut heavy taste. I think I’m gonna pop in someof these shishito peppers. I’m probably also gonnapop in our roasted kale to kind of just, you know, eat out that overwhelmingcoconut taste for Aaron. I want this to be somethingthat he can try to eat and while we’re popping in all our greens I might as well go in withour parsley leaves as well.Let’s whiz it up, fry up another one see how the structure is. And then maybe we’ll haveto add in some more eggs. Technically speaking, I use thesame amount of coconut milk. One small can in yesterday’s curry. So if I just add enough flavorsto offset that coconutyness maybe it’ll be okay, maybe. We are nice and green. What do we think it’s saying? Me too, bud. Me too. Nope, this does not bode wellfor me or meal number nine but we might as wellgive it a taste, right? Okay, the coconutty tasteis like 80% gone now because what’s up at the forefront is that slight toasty fatness of kale.Not bad, tastes really healthy for you. Tastes like a bougiemillennial girls salad twirled up with egg whites and walnuts. Can I just say I miss carbs so much? I think to help the texture along, I’m just gonna start crackingeggs into this mixture and see if it holds together better. But for now I think the flavor is on a much better track than before. I also just realized thatanother potential problem is that the Vitamix is sucha high powered blender. That every time I turn it up to high it’s air rating the mixture. Which means that’s why we’re seeing all those little tinyfluffy bubbles inside. It’s making that structure super airy which means harder to flip, my bad. Should have just used the whisk. Bubbles. (upbeat music) All right guys, you know what? Worst case scenario, we’re just gonna eat some very coconutty soft scrambled eggs. Failure, tastes like failure. I kid you not, I’m starting to get a stress stomach ache from this. Guys, life without carbs is so hard. Like life is already harddon’t make it even harder for yourself by not having carbs in it.All right folks, to this bowl of disaster we’re gonna grade in some garlic. I’m gonna add in some gochugaru, I’m gonna plop in my two eggs. We’re gonna whisk, whisk, whisk and we’re gonna hope for the best. And this is it. This is my last attempt, this is everything I got, fingers crossed. (upbeat music) It’s a pancakey thing, cohesive. It’s not falling apart. And I feel like it could hold as a wrap although it is kind of breaking.Ooh, that structure is avery interesting looking. I think it probablyhas to do with the fact that there were a lot of eggwhites in here to begin with and then we whipped itsuper hard in the Vitamix and incorporated all that air into it. So it’s almost like sponge. Okay, I think I’m just gonna go ahead and add about a half teaspoonof baking powder in there to help it lift a little bit more. I’m also gonna go in with a little bit of dried mushroom powderjust to give it that extra. Oh, you know what? Let’s put some MSG in there, yes. (upbeat music) While the pancakes arecooking, I’m gonna be putting all of our leftoversand scraps on a plate, reheating them so that they’re ready to go when these wraps are done.And then maybe Aaron will choke one down and give me a two, a negative two or just, you know, zero,because like coconut. On our leftover carousel,we have our soybeans, we have some eggs, we have our fried rice. We have our curry, we have chicken hearts and we have some pork. It all smells pretty good. We’ve also got the lastbit of our massaged kale. The last bit of our cheese, we got some of this Walnut pesto leftover. We’ve got some of this Walnuttopping with our togarashi and our MSG and last,but certainly not least our garlic chips. I think these might be thesaving grace of all of us. Aaron, would you like to trythis disaster of a final meal? – Absolutely. – Okay, let’s do it. Okay, so I have some pancakes over there.You can use them almost like injera and if you’re been cuisinejust to grab these leftovers. I don’t think the pancakeitself is gonna hold. So if you just want touse the bread to like grab as if we were eating, like tauli. – I will do as the chef suggests. Is the low carb diet for? – No. – That’s what I wannaknow after all this week. Do you think you could doit the rest of your life? – Never in a millionbillion lifetimes, no. – Is there coconut? I don’t taste it, so it’s fine. – You don’t taste it at all? I think it looks quite beautiful when I have it laid out on the plate.It almost looks like, Imean, it does remind me of when we eat Ethiopian food it’s just like littleclumps of flavorful stuff. And then you have the bread that you break and then you grab food with. – I feel like every time wedo one of your special weeks we end up with just a mixed plate of– – It’s leftover day, man. – Yeah, but you always makeleftover so presentable. – Did you try the cheesewith the Walnut powder yet? And a little bit of kale. – Yeah, I just ate that bite. – I love this kale,walnut powder and cheese. Which pancake are you on now? – I don’t know, maybe like five. – Wow. – They’re pretty light’cause they’re just what? The egg and coconut milk. So I think this week has notmade me any more interested in doing a low carb lifestyle. – Agreed. – But it has showcased your creativity.And the fact it’s not justthat you made a low carb week, it said you did it on 25 bucks. – That’s true, I sure did. If you don’t count the spices and the oil which we’re not counting guys. Don’t at me, I’m tired. – I’ll at June for you. Hey June. – Oh, my God, you’re fired. – Nothing here has like blown my socks off or my butt off or my face off or any other part of my body off. I think the closest that came this week that really was just, you know a flavor gazumped was the pork soup.- Is that your favorite. – Yeah, I could eat lowcarb food all the time if it was all like that. But the thing is like I said that dish would justbe better with noodles. Carbs make food better. – All right, chef, doyou have a grade for me for this hodgepodge? – Yes for the finalhodgepodge, I give you a 6.66 and that’s because June isdevilishly good at cooking. – I was expecting a two, you know? Considering that you spatthe first batch of this out in the sink.- I give you a two for this because you are good at cooking too. Or no, you are too good at cooking, that’s what I should have said. – As far as this week’s meals go, I think my top three are the kale cups. I absolutely adored those. Like Aaron said, they’re basically a salad but they were just so fun to eat. And I love the textures and the flavors and the contrast and everything. I also really love thecauliflower fried rice with the pork and the eggs. I think it was just agreat bowl to sit down to and sit down to, we don’t sit. Really nice and really wholesome and it felt like a complete meal and it felt like it wasn’ttoo strenuous to make. I think the third placegoes to the egg noodles that we had today. I think the soup andall the additions on top just made it perfect. It was almost like ramen, but not at all. Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this episode of “”Budget Eats”” this low carb lifestyle is not for me and kudos to all of youfolks who can do it.I know a lot of folkslove the health benefits of eating low carb or eating keto. But for me, I just lovesugar too damn much. I am made of sugar and Iwill always be made of sugar. Having said that, I completelyenjoyed this journey because man, spleen who knew? Spleen is awesome. Everybody should try spleen. And also I loved eating my bone chips. I don’t know if I’m gonnaget cancer in a few years, but you know like I’mprobably gonna get cancer anyway in a few years. So it’s like might as wellget it over with, right? – Spleen is my new favorite meat.- Yeah, me too. As always thank you so much for watching and let me know downbelow if you have an idea for the next “Budget Eats”. What crazy dietaryrestrictions should I follow through next with my 25 bucks? Or is it just, you know10 bucks next time. In the meantime, stay hydrated, take care of yourselvesand please get some sleep. Get it however you can justgo, go sleep right now. Goodbye. (upbeat music).

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