How To Lose Weight! Weight Loss: Explained! – Type 2 Diabetes #3

Hello, welcome back the type 2 Today we’re going to discuss something that is confusing everyone which is how to lose weight or how to gain weight You know if you go on the internet and look for how to lose weight By the time you get your breakfast maybe you’ll say ok … I need to get rid of solid and then by noon you’ll realize that carbs are also bad and For the dinner while you’re developing your protein shake Something sounds up and you realize that you need to eat nothing for the rest of your life ok, I’m kidding but Really, if you try to follow everyone you will end up eating nothing for the rest of your life But don’t worry it will be a short life So here’s what I’m going to tell you today That if someone is telling you that his peanut diet is the only way to lose weight He has either never studied biochemistry or he’s selling the peanuts The cells in your person do not care about how your food looks like For example, you might be looking at that article of chicken and you go like wow But the cadres in your torso do not care You might have a lot of protein a great deal of carbs a good deal of solid They don’t care At the end of the day for the cadres to use them.They need to be converted to energy The carbs can just go through glycolysis and fatty acids can go through beta oxidation, and Acetyl coA, and then you know at the end of the day they need to produce ATP If you don’t have enough glucose in some things like ketogenic food or maybe fasting or something like that where this pathway can get stuck some of this Acetyl coA is gonna be transformed into ketones and they will be transported to different cadres so that they can change to Acetyl coA and go through TCA cycle or Krebs cycle and then electron transport chain to produce energy to proselytize ADP into ATP ATP is the energy currency of the body They call them ATP, but I call them appps because it’s one molecule of adenosine and 3 phosphates so I only call them appps for purity now these apps that you are well aware, you call a ATP s we need to download them from the menu we dine or from the storage that we have in our form Let’s say you have some fat collected now we can also download some ATP from that From here comes here and then produce ATP s appps Then we can use them for vitality and the ATP s are used in everything that your form does all the movements all the synthesis all the you know active ferries and a lot of other trash So your body is constantly expending ATP s to produce energy to accomplish the things that the cells need to accomplish Well, we we actually don’t need to download everything We can only revise ADP to ATP.We merely need to download one phosphate to update ADP to ATP, but we’re not going to get into that right now Now time a immediate question Because our organization is constantly squandering ATP s … One cadre in our figure can use millions of ATP s every Every one every year every month every hour No Every second One cadre can use millions of ATP s so Can you imagine the amount of ATP’s that we need because we have trillions of cadres in our organization So for someone like me, that is about 71 kgs, I need about 71 kgs of ATP every single day And here’s the thing. Sometimes I hear a good deal of people saying, you are well aware, I have a slow metabolism That’s why I gain weight But let me tell you It’s possible for someone to have a little bit faster metabolism, you know because of their genetics or rank of activities and muscle mass, you know height and a lot of nonsense, right? But listen carefully Unless you’re dead.You have a pretty good metabolism Because not like your brain your mettle your kidneys your, you know different cells in your person will only decide to go on holidays and they stop using energy and you merely place them No, it’s not possible Everyone has a pretty good metabolism. Unless you’re dead or have some conditions that we might talk about later. So now that you know that you have a pretty good metabolism Know that if the exertion that you get from the food is more than what is required Your body will accumulate the extra and If the exertion is not enough to produce the amount of ATP s that your person will need The body will get the remaining energy from the storage that you have From glycogen and from solid Now you might say oh wait What about insulin? We know that insulin spawns you gain weight and I said it in the previous video, right? It is true.That insulin is the most important hormone when it comes to weight gain, but you need to understand that insulin can constitute you accumulate power that comes from the food that you feed Insulin can accumulate fat That it gets from the menu you eat Either from the flabs or from the carbs or from whatever it makes but Insulin does not produce solid From the breeze you breathe. It’s important to keep insulin low-grade and we’ll talk about it last-minute, but just know that the first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to value income or weight loss is that if you specify your organization with extra vigour, it will store it If you provide it with less vigor that it needs it will use the ones the hell is accumulated So the real question is not why you gain value But it’s why you support your torso with more intensity than it needs You’re probably the only one that knows why you overeat? But you know, I’ll give you some examples precisely to to help you think Maybe for some people they just don’t know how much meat they need to eat like…Maybe you were born in the family that everyone overeats and You ate like five six times a day and you just think that’s normal or perhaps you have fallen into the trap or nutrient manufacture You know, they invest billions of dollars on how to get you to overeat But you might say wait This is evil right, But then every company does that you know, why do you think you maintain scrolling that Facebook page forever? You want to buy brand-new pairs of shoes when you already have? 50 or more You know you want to buy brand-new phones every year Because we actually can’t make decisions on our own nowadays I don’t even know how it came this smartwatch Another reason could be that your diet is based on refined carbs and These the situation has high glycemic indicator. So when you ingest Refined carbohydrates your blood sugar will go like this And after that the insulin will also go up like this to follow it and the problem is that when insulin takes care of all this glucose Your blood sugar might exit a little bit lower than ordinary and this will form you hungry and you want to eat more And that will not be a problem because your body would raise another hormone called glucagon and Glucagon can literally go to your storage Your glycogen or your overweight storage and say I need my vitality back and drop it back into the blood But now we have food everywhere in every corner and this is actually one of the gimmicks that fast food corporations use.When you go to McDonald’s You need to have french fries. Do you know why? Check and You need to have some meat with some overweight in it to increase calories, then it’s gonna lower this glycemic index So to wreak it back I need to give you something else If I was working in a meat company, I would Open you sucks … Sugary liquors. I’ll give you that To raise this GI back and meet your glucose go like this and Then you feel hungry And then you will ever buy food for me Or perhaps you just absence physical acts. Someone like Ronaldo and Messi, you are well aware, those chaps will toy football professional football players They can eat more than you and The figure will collect that force But the next day that will go play for ninety minutes and The mas will use all of it when they come back.They can collect it back and go and use it the next day but If this is the only way you play football Then you don’t need all that For some people they might overeat because they got married to someone that concocts like But is a well-known fact that any nutrition that you follow will probably help you. Less carbs less overweight, you know as long as The cadres are getting less ATP s You will probably lose weight Now if you have type 2 diabetes I would first take care of the carbs Because apart from this reducing the ATP s that your cadres need You likewise need to take care of your pancreas at the end of the day. You can do whatever you want You can eat less fatty less carbs. Be more active Complaining about the authorities concerned about the guidelines complaining about this video you can do whatever you want as long as it preserves you supporting less ATP s to your torso You will probably lose weight! And if you ply more energy to your torso You’ll probably gain weight! As simple as that! For me personally and as long as I stop half of my illustration filled with veggies and then I don’t eat refined carbs fast carbs, the ones you get from glass and processed food I’ll be fine.And I likewise to practise like four or five times a week. For me that’s enough to never gain weight again So I will just stop here and thank you so much for coming back Make sure you like the video and agree if you liked it and See you next time. Be consecrated! Bye.

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