Heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel Meat Injector Kit with 2-oz Large Capacity Barrel with 3 commercial Marinade Needles

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Product Description

DIMESHY High Quality Meat Injector



1. To utilize this Seasoning Injector better, Please clean the meat syringe before use.

2. If it is difficult for you to press, please add it some oil to make it easier to use. After a certain time, the situation will be improved.

3. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN! Because the marinade needles are pretty sharp!

4. Seasoning herbs should be grounded up to be quite smaller than needle holes.

meat injectormeat injector

The meat injector is perfect for Beef brisket, Lamb, Turkey ,Goose


Perfect for all kinds of meats and turkey.

Package Included:

1*High quality meat injector

2*Cleaning needle Brushes

2*Large Spare O-Ring (Bonus) & 3*Small Spare O-Ring (Bonus)

1*Use peper instruction

DIMESHY High Quality Meat Injector


DIMESHY product is aim to let your food have a good test, make your cooking and BBQ food have a amazing day.

DIMESHY perfect injector pumps marinade, wine, spices, garlic, Cajun, brine or pretty much anything you like

DIRECTLY INTO the meat to give you the juiciest meals ever.

Safe food-contact meat injector

Food-grade 304 stainless steel, rust-resistant, anti-erosion

3 different kinds of needles

2pcs cleaning brushes for needles

Gift box for package

Using instruction

Why choose DIMESHY Meat Injector?

food injector

food injector

3 different kinds of needles

3 different kinds of needles

reduce soak time

reduce soak time

Dishwasher safe

Dishwasher safe

Juicy & Yummy for Every Meal

DIMESHY seasoning injector is crafted with perfection to ensure the dripping taste in every part of the food.

Now flavor up your Thanksgiving / Christmas turkey, beef brisk, pork and BBQ roaster.

3 different function Needles:

specialized 3-inch steak needle for injecting thin cuts of meat or chicken breast,

specialized 6-inch 12-hole needle for liquid only marinades,

specialized 6-inch angle-cut needle for chunky injector marinade.

Shorten Meat-Marinated time

Traditional marinating, soaking or brine process takes 1 night even much longer

for meat to absorb flavor, still resulting dry and bland taste. But marinade-injecting

drastically shortens the preparation time. Fast injection, fast cook.

Easy Cleaning & Dishwasher Safe

All the parts of our meat injector are detachable for easy cleaning.( Needle sharp, be careful when cleaning )

marinade injectormarinade injector

Enjoy every thing in your party!

Never dry and bland meat or turkey at your family dinner or BBQ grill party.

How to use the meat injector and choose the correct needles?

Three simple steps to use the DIMESHY Meat Injector

Step 1 – Prepare the Injector advance

Before your first use, please wash all components gently by using a dime-sized amount of dish washing liquid and warm

Unscrew the barrel cap and oil the silicone o-ring before use, otherwise the plunger will be little hard to push. You can use any food-grade oil for this, e.g. olive oil,

rapeseed, canola, non-stick cooking spray etc.

You can either smear a small amount of oil on the o-ring with your finger, or touch the o-ring in some oil and rotate it around until all the o-ring is coated with oil.

Step 2 – Load Marinades into Injector

Always install the open-ended needle onto the injector and draw the marinade up into the injector. When the plunger is nearly fully drawn out,

withdraw the needle from the marinade and pull the plunger the rest of the way up.

Now unscrew the needle, if necessary, to fit the correct needle for the injecting job:

Use the 12-hole needle for pure liquids into large meat (turkey, chicken, brisket etc)

Use the open-ended needle for pureed marinades into large meat

Use the small steak needle for pure liquids into steaks and kebabs

Step 3 – Inject the Marinade

Push the needle into the meat, making sure it doesn’t come out the other side. Then gently depress the plunger as you slowly draw the needle out of the meat.

Don’t overdo it, and ensure you stop injecting just before you reach the surface or the marinade or it will come spurting out.

Using the same hole, take out the needle at a different angle and repeat until the whole meat are soak with marinade.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: DIMESHY meat injector is made of 304 stainless steel and with three ring handle, that give you a better grip. Healthy and safe, no rust, no corrode, no bend or break, you can easy puncture the meat with this marinade injector without blocking.
SPECIALLY DESIGN with three seasoning needles, one with side holes for liquid marinades, one needle with large end hole for minced garlic, onion,solids and another short needle for the chicken. DIMESHY marinade injector is perfect for intensifying the flavor of brisket, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, goose, duck, and more!
EASY DISASSEMBLY AND CONVENIENT CLEANING. This marinade injector is Dishwasher-SAFE, making cleanup super easy.
NO MORE CHEWY AND BLAND MEAT. With DIMESHY perfectly crafted meat injector every bite of the meat is flavorful and juicy. Use it to marinade softer meats like chicken or turkey or use it to marinade lamb or steak. Its sturdy design ensures that you get the same flavorful taste on any meat you love.
HIGH QUALITY AS GIFT: Good gift for labor day. Your complete satisfaction is assured.Highest food grade stainless steel.

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