Healthy GAS STATION Snacks (?!)

( upbeat music) – Hey munchies, welcome tothe channel if you’re new or if you’re not I’mAlyssia and I’m rekindled you’re here either way. I have surprisinglyhad a lot of people say can you do a video thatshows health convenience store snacks, like service station snacks. I don’t know why I’m surprised by this but I kind of made service station and convenience storeshave a lot of options. So, I was confused about whypeople certainly wanted this video and I started to think about it. I have some thoughts I’m gonna share. But my first thing I wouldadvise when asking yourself this question or querying anyonethis question, because you’re on the hunt for healthy, accessibility informant snacks is, why? So actually knowing what is your goal and why are you gonnathe convenience store, is it because you’re on the road? Are you exactly, you know, drivinghome from academy or what? So if you’re on the road, which is usually when I go to a convenience store or service station, that was kind of myapproach to this video, is it because you’re on Whole3 0and paleo that it’s hard? Is it that you’re trying to be healthy? Is it because you’reafraid of eating bad foods? Are you experiencing some shame or or are you judging yourself? You know, all of these kindsof change the intention behind why you want healthyconvenience store snacks and that intention willimpact your experience.So if this is a matter of you demanding healthful convenience store snacksbecause you’re on the road, and any of those other thingsI precisely scheduled are true. My next question would be how regularly are you really along the road? Because if this is somethinglike for me, I don’t, particularly in coronavirustimes, I don’t travel a good deal. There’s not that manyopportunities that I have to go into a convenience store and find a snack. So when I do, I kind ofknow it’s not forever. And do I genuinely need to getso worked up over what it is. Again if I was doing Whole3 0or something, then yeah it would make sense, but yousee how this intention matters. So the truth is, it’sactually not hard at all to find something healthyat a convenience store. And if you start with the fridge, that’s gonna be your best bet for fresh, you are familiar with, regarding healthy.So whole return bananas, oranges, apples, you’re almost always gonna find those. And in the actual refrigerator section they are generally have likechopped, fresh fruit. I went to a 7-Eleven for this video and all the snacks I’mgonna indicate you today are from a 7-Eleven, but theyhad, you are familiar with, chopped outcome that was mingled like the box I get here but they also had melons and grapes. They had some chopped salads and you are familiar with, a lot of times you canalso find like celery with peanut butter or evaporated eggs. My store didn’t have those but those are thingsyou can frequently find in the refrigerator at a gas station. Uh cheese, I also observed cheese and you are familiar with, prosciutto pokes and child bells and that kind of stuff.That could be a great source of protein extremely if you’reon the road and looking for something that will keepyou slaked for longer. Now, here’s what I realizedas I started to contemplate why do people genuinely require this video? So what’s hard walkinginto a convenience store is not finding somethinghealthy, it’s deciding not to get somethingunhealthy, because we walk in and we’re to be subject to like aheaven of processed foods. It’s just like so much stimulus. And I precisely want to eatall of these things. And why would I want topick up an apple when they have Doritos, you are familiar with, and all the good stuff. So I envisage the challengeis really mental, right? This is mind over munch.It maintenances depicting up every day. The challenge is walkinginto the gas station and selecting something healthy. This is a valid concern andshould still be addressed. So if you feel likeyou’re pressure yourself to choose something that you don’t want, it might be worth it tojust pick the thing you want and give yourself permission to eat it. I did an entire video about the influence of permissionwith menu last year and I’ll link that belowif that called to speak to you.If I go to a service station and I need and I miss or need to get a snack I’ll first check in with my inner knowledge. If you don’t know whatinner wisdom is check out that video first so youknow what I’m talking about but essentially querying in, aria in how hungry am I? Am I hungry? Am I precisely assumed? You know, a lot of timeson road expeditions, I am abode. It’s actually okay toeat when you’re bored and it’s okay to eat junkfood because you feel like it. The question is whatresonates with your torso and heart and mind inthis moment considering the big picture of any state endeavours you may be concluding or settingintentions around, right? So if you’re like, well right now I’m doing Whole3 0 specific to better understand what resonates with my mas. Then yeah, it acts youto get genuinely intentional. But if you’re just like, ah I feel so guilty if I snack that menu and it’s coming from thatplace of judgement, I would say take a step back and thinkabout why this matters to you.So after I check in with my inner insight then I can work out to the outer wisdom which is like the nutrition knowledge. So when it comes to outerwisdom, I personally will seem more at ingredientsof a snack these days in “peoples lives” than I willthe macro nutrients. So the main thing I’ll lookat on the label is added sugar because computed sugar providesno nutrition at all.Again, that doesn’t mean thatyou shouldn’t or can’t eat it. It’s just, if I’m trying tomake a highly intentional alternative considering outer wisdom, I would personally look at added carbohydrate, for example, over calories or even fat. So throughout this video I’m gonna go through these snacks. The goal was picking cleaner pieces. And by clean-living, I am definingclean as less treated , not good. This is not about, youknow, honesty in menu. I like the word clean becauseit only is a quick way to gesture to being less handled. If you don’t like the word you can replace it with what it is you like.I’m not saying, you know these meat are good inthese meat are bad, okay? So what else is there to eatat a convenience store besides fruit and cheese if you’retrying to make a healthy pick. Likewise from the fridge section, these Sabra Snackers, okay? I cherish this. They’re crunchy salty, filling. You get the protein from the hummus and you kind of get theprocessed food from the pretzel. So it’s kind of likethe best of both macrocosms but you get a little bitof nutrition out of it.Oka, these various kinds of froze smoothies, this is Mighty Mango Naked. This one, I merely pretty muchlooked in the refrigerator and this was the onethat had no lent sugar. It does have, you know, 68 grams of carbohydrates, 57 grams of sugar, butit’s not computed sugar. That being said it is a lot of result. I’ve joked about thison the canal before when I did a video aboutjuices and this has one and a one-quarter mangoes, one and three parts apples a half an orange, athird of a banana, right? Like, would you eatthat much fruit at once? Probably not. That tell me anything, it’sstill a cleaner alternative. So you do you. Okay, Pickled Bites. Yum, I’ve never seen these before. I was actually surprised howmuch healthful material they had at this 7-Eleven, but it’sliterally merely pickles.I think they’re transaction flavoredpickles in a crate, like that’s awesome. Alright, so these were somelike fruit snacks that did not have added sugar into them. They has only just been the outcome. So these crispy apple chips, the only ingredient is apples, right? I might not demand an apple on the road but if I crave a crunchy, youknow, processed-like snack then now “theres going”. Maybe that will satisfy you, maybe not. These Orchard Blend, Sweet Persimmon, Tart Apple and Tangy Peach bone-dry chews. The only ingredients arepeaches, apples, and persimmons. You can’t get anycleaner than that really. So, and then this is apples fruit squeeze. It’s not called apple sauce because actually it’snot just apples pureed, this is apple juice concentrate. So that is gonna havea little bit more sugar but it’s not included. So another great gasstation menu is popcorn.So this is just, you know, regular sea salt popcorn. The only ingredient, popcorn, sunflower oil and ocean salt. I don’t know if thisone is air fried or not but you were able to always look for air fried if you’re looking for lower and overweight this one’s probably not becausethere’s nine grams of overweight. And then these Popcorner chips, only ingredients are yellowed, corn, sunflower petroleum and salt. And the White Cheddar Smartfood. I adore this stuff so much. It’s actually not as badfor you as you might think. And I talked about this inmy healthy processed foods video or low, you are familiar with, I did a video last year about processed foods thathave minimum ingredients. So if that’s what you’re looking for, when you’re looking at, you are familiar with, gas station foods watch that video becauseI go through a lot of surprising processedfoods that have just a couple of ingredients.And this one I comparespecifically to, they have like, what is it a Smartfood 100 where it’s like a hundred calorie Smartfoodpop compared to this one. And that one has highway more parts. And it’s actually not thatmuch lower in calories. It’s like nominal when you weigh it out. And I actually prove you this side by side. While talking, you know, super handled, these are other ones thatI’ve mentioned under the healthful treated or lowingredient processed foods video. Pork husks, okay? Pork rinds are almost always just gonna be fried pork surfaces and salt, right? Or, you know oil if they’re fried.I don’t personally lovethe smack of pork rinds, but a good deal of beings do andit’s actually a cleaner meat. Chips , now Baked Laysdo have more parts but they have less fatbecause they’re baked. These Lays exclusively havepotatoes, oil and salt. That’s three parts. It could be worse, right? So like you have to decidewhat’s worth it to you.And again, why are you, whyare you getting this snack? Are you really just like wanting a crunchy yummy thing on theroad then why are you gonna force yourselfto get the apple microchips, when are these reallydoing that much damage? I don’t know. I would disagree no. I would debate personally nowmy feeling is the stress. I be applicable to get so stressedout about this trash. The stress that I wouldput my torso and brain under, opt something I didn’t want because I was trying to be health, actually physiologically thatstress did my body more expense than precisely feeing the chips.That’s me personally, okay? And then pretzels, pretzels are always. I desire pretzels so much, youknow, it’s a could be worse it’s could be worse kind of food. Like they don’t have too many ingredients. Yeah, it’s white flour. It’s augmented, but it could be worse. Nuts and seeds are anothergreat choice that you can find at almost any convenience store. And if you are trying to bepaleo or Whole3 0 or whatever, this is probably where youshould head to be safe. Watch out though, especially if you’re doing a strict eliminationdiet like the Whole3 0. You can’t eat peanuts forinstance, there are currently legumes, but most nuts are, a good deal ofnuts are fried in or roasted in peanut lubricant, so you have to check. And sometimes it’ll saylike canola or peanut oil and you don’t know which soit’s not technically conformity. That gets really tricky. But for the best part, you know, nuts are nuts. What I will say about thenut statu is if you go in shell or raw, it’sgonna be your cleanest gambling. Same starts for sunflowerseeds in the shell.You can’t get any cleanser than that. When it starts to come to flavoring, okay? So like these peanuts are salt and lime. The ingredients list comes longer. There’s carbohydrate and corn syrup, solids and dextrose, right? And maltodextrin, whatever. There’s more stuff in itis it the end of the world? If there is some stuff in yourpeanuts and you like them, lime flavored, that’s up to you. Like me, I hate raw almonds. I will never dine a raw almond. It only savours disgusting to me. These Wasabi Bold Almonds, I enjoy these. They’re so freaking good. They’re not empty. They’re not clean-living atall, but they’re lusciou. And genuinely, you are familiar with, it’s, I symbolize, they’re not scavenge but they’vegot one gram of computed carbohydrate. To have sugar is the mainthing you’re looking out for. You can still have adelicious, crunchy snack where you know you’re getting some nutrition. Uuhm these Love Corn. I don’t know this symbol, I’ve never had it before but any kind of like roastedcorn snack like this, the only ingredients areusually corn and oil and salt.This one also has habanero chili. One interesting thing I wantedto bring attention to was trail mixes, becausethis is something else you can find at a service station. And usually this is what trail, I predict trail concoctions are technicallylike for the footpath, right? Like you go on a hike, you go on a trail and you’ve got this like mixthat’ll keep you filled. Well, you know, on a gondola tripis sort of the same thing. If you don’t have accessto a food for a while, then a route concoction shouldkeep you fulfilled. Here’s the thing, youprobably previously know this if you’re watching thischannel, most trail mingles peculiarly if they havedried outcome in them they have a lot of included sugar. This is so sneaky. Look at these two parcels, which one searches healthier to you? Right, yeah, I symbolize, youdecide for yourself, but yeah this one looks like the brandingmakes it appear healthier. Like look at all thesehealth claims, protein no artificial colours orflavors , no preservatives low sodium, blah, blah, blah. But then you look at theadded carbohydrate of each of these.So this one only looks likea regular aged thing of, you know, nut and return combination. This one has one gram of supplemented carbohydrate and this one has eight. It’s from the cranberries. Frequently cranberries aregonna have added carbohydrate. This one only has one gramof computed carbohydrate though. So I would actually pick this one and the ingredients arejust as clean, right? So you have to read the label and don’t go based onthe sneaky marketing. That being said perhaps youwant really sweet cranberries in your path concoction, you know. Eating at a gas station is not forever. At least if you’re goingon a road outing, I mean you’re not gonna die fromeating some added carbohydrate on your cranberries, or even from, you know picking the sugar bun or the powdered sugardonuts that I like to eat at a gas station, right? Like maybe when you’re on a road trip-up this is the one time you getto indulge in eating some of those, you are familiar with , nostalgicgas station favorites, that you don’t letyourself have very often or that you don’t have theopportunity to have very often.So for me, holding myself dispensation in those situations to say , no this is when I truly want tohave the powdered sugar donuts and enjoy them fully. That’s what works for me. The next go-to at a gas station or convenience store would belike protein or meat snacks. So Jerkys is what a lot of beings go for for a healthy snack. To be honest, the 7-Eleven I was at had no clean Jerkys at all. There are clean Jerkys now. Like it used to be you couldn’t find a jerky without supplemented sugar. You can find it now, but not at my 7-Eleven. So these, are both, you are familiar with, one has seven grams of carbohydrate. The second ingredient is sugar. The Turkey Jerky hasonly four grams of sugar but the second ingredient or maybe it’s thirdingredient is still sugar. The Turkey Jerky has a really long a much longer ingredients directory. So by the kind of arbitraryrule I “ve given you” at the beginning of the video where I said, Igo by parts, you are familiar with and I look at sugar, whatever, I’m kind of breaking that regulate because I would actuallypick this one over this.Why would I pick it? I like the channel it savor. I actually favor the experience and composition of Turkey jerky, right? So this is the point you guys, there are no rules and any settle, hard and fast governs you mounted around food are onlygonna reach you deplorable. They simply determined me lamentable. I am speaking here from myexperience, huh, okay. These regulates reached me disgraceful and giving drive of the rulesthat like, I can only eat it if there’s this much sugaror not, and this can’t exist on the label or it has tobe this countless, whatever. All that material drove me nuts. At the end of the day, it’s one snack, okay? It’s one snack on one cartrip, pick the one you crave. This beef steak thing, this watches so disgusting. I’ve never feed one of the following options, but I had to get itbecause it was an option. So it’s pretty much justas bad as the jerky. I imply , not even worse, ithas two grams of carbohydrate but has a bunch of, Oh, it has MSG in it.Ooh, it’s probably good. This Ahi Tuna Jerky Strip. I’ve never seen this or tried it before but I was excited. It doesn’t have any supplemented carbohydrate. The ingredients arepretty clean and you are familiar with, it’s a good option for alow, reasonably low-pitched calorie. It’s a hundred calories, high-pitched protein, clean-living snack. You can also buy tuna at the service station. Who knew 7-Eleven soldlike regular hunk tuna. Now this is not, I wouldsay this is probably not model to like get inyour car and chew this.Unless you have a, a canopener in the middle console, then it’s not gonna befeasible or easy to devour. But this little Wild TunaMeal Kit, 7-Select firebrand which I think that’s7-Eleven brand, right? It’s, you are familiar with, somewhat clean-living. I necessitate, it’s got crackers. So, you know, if there’senriched flour in there, but this could be a good way toget a satisfying protein snack. They also of course have a wholelike aisle of protein bars. I haven’t eaten proteinbars in a couple of years but I was like, oh my gosh, there are so many proteinbars now, almost all cases, I wouldn’t, I just wouldn’t eat them because I don’t like the nature they savor. Protein barrooms don’t fill me up. But I wanted to at leastpick one up for the sake of the video, because ofcourse it’s an option, right? And will vary depending on your healthgoals and your food naturalnes it might be the right choice for you.I grabbed this. I don’t actually like the action these delicacies but they had the best, the best parts. You know, it’s like sixingredients and it’s pretty clean. Personally, I wouldprobably eat the child buzzer or the cheese stick whichhe gives me, two of these would give me as much protein in this. And it savor lane better. The interesting thing about protein saloons, I said that they don’t fill me up. They don’t fill me upphysically, but likewise mentally. So a great deal of time I eat them and I still feel likeI haven’t eaten food.So if I’m really hungry I wannaeat something where my mind and body both know, okay, I chew. And if I’m wanting to eat a processed food and I’m just like, oh, the protein rail kind of like satisfies the process, youknow, menu irritation or whatever. It doesn’t for me anymore. It used to , now I miss the real deal. I crave, you are familiar with, the donutsor the chips or whatever. So I couldn’t go into a service station without buying a candy bar, right? So I have a Twix bar now andI also have this healthier Hu, Hu, Hu Get Back To Human Chocolate.So it’s dark chocolate. I don’t like dark chocolate. It’s also organic, 70% cacao, vegan, paleo. I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m not a chocolate party. I like Twix bars, I like laugh rails, but not because I like chocolates’ make of all the other good stuff in it. So, this would bring me no rejoice. Would it “ve brought you” joy? Maybe if you’re someonewho likes dark chocolate, I “d rather” have the Twix bar. So again, intent here questions. If your intention istrying to satisfy a penetrating desire to have a Snickers bar, right? This is probably not gonna make love. And this is why a lot of timeswe can eat these substitutes and then still feel hungry or unsatisfied mentally and physically.But if you’re just like , no, I really like dark chocolate and I actually crave a squareof it to time, you are familiar with, have a little sweet aftermy lunch or whatever then maybe it satisfies you. The only lane to know is totune into your internal wisdom. No one outside can tell you. Okay and the last snack isnot one I would recommend for if you want to eathealthy at a convenience store but I find them and Icouldn’t not buy them. So I figured I’d buy it and feeling it. These are pop prostitute burns. I couldn’t repel. So there’s 40 grams of sugarand 41 grams of computed sugar.Oh my gosh, gape so cute. Smell your food before youeat it it’ll taste better. There’s your mindfulness gratuity. Oh my God, hmm. It perceives precisely likeyou think it would smack. It’s perfect, oh my gosh, that’s so good. It’s like a miniaturePop-Tart that’s almost better because there’s a betterratio of like icing, icing to cookie or pastryor whatever motley than on a regular side Pop-Tart. Oh, these are so good. Not recommended if you’retrying to eat healthy at a convenience store, butI went to a convenience.I went to 7-Eleven and I met them and I could not get them, so. So, that is the spread. I literally strolled into a 7-Eleven. I was like, how manyhealthy parts can I get? This is what I found. I hope that it, you know, fundings your journey in some way. The destination was not for me to tell you these are the snacks toget, it was to help you really start to investigatewithin yourself. What are my meanings now, right? Like why does this matter to me? Just my own experience.I spend so much time, so manyyears causing myself stress and distress around nutrient and health and was just trying to offset the right choice and then choosing whatI didn’t actually want because I believed Iwas doing my body right and I was actually causingnot just like mental stress, but physiological stressin my figure, dysregulation. I couldn’t lose weight nomatter how many calories I dine because of that stress.So this is my mission here isto help you not stress so much better about meat and health, because so much of what the hell is reviewed matteredreally doesn’t matter that much, if our stress isn’t under control. If this kind of content petitions to you, check out my food naturalnes serial from January on, you know, it’s free on YouTube. Expressed support for my newsletterfor more material like this. Subscribe to the channelif you haven’t already and hit the buzzer. And you are familiar with, if youfound this video useful you wanna share it withsomeone on social media. That would be great. I will be back next weekwith a brand new video. Thank you so much for being now. I appreciate you. And remember it’s all amatter of psyche over munch .( upbeat music ).

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