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Product Description

gracosy sit up bargracosy sit up bar

sit up barsit up bar

Gracosy Sit Up Bar, Multifunctional Fitness Tool

Is your ideal portable training device!

Multifunctional fitness tools that allow you to shape a slim figure and stay healthy. The thick and soft foam protects your feet during training, which is very safe. Four height levels can be freely adjusted and are suitable for feet of different sizes. The small and portable one-button adsorption switch can be installed in three seconds, which is very easy. Due to its small size, it is very easy to carry. Whether in the living room, bedroom or office, you can exercise.

Installation steps: Keep the floor clean during use. Press the wrench. Make sure the connection is secure. Please do not install it in the cracks of the floor, otherwise it will not be used.

Gracosy Sit-ups Assistant

Gracosy Sit-ups Assistant

gracosy Sit-ups Assistant

gracosy Sit-ups Assistant

gracosy Sit-ups Assistant

gracosy Sit-ups Assistant

Height adjustable

The freely adjustable four-level height can adapt to different foot sizes while allowing different exercises, including: Sit-ups, push-ups, side leg heights, etc.

Quick installation

Clean the floor and suction cups, place them on the floor and press the black switch. The small multifunctional fitness device is installed It is very easy to wear and can train on different occasions.

Large suction cup

The bottom suction cup has a diameter of 12.2 cm, a very large area and a very strong suction cup, which makes you more stable during exercise. At the same time, you can put some water on the bottom of the suction cup to make it firmer.

multifunction exercise assistantmultifunction exercise assistant

Gracosy Sit-ups Assistant Gracosy Sit-ups Assistant

【Multi-function and adjustable】The Sit Up Equipment can be made easier with sit-ups and can be done with push-ups, planks, tummy tucks, sidekicks, stretches, yoga,etc. Supports a variety of exercise patterns to build muscles in different parts of the body.
【Meet the ergonomics design】This sit up training device has a sturdy steel frame structure, soft high-density foam handle and durable rubber thick suction cup, strong suction power, firm and safe, which is very comfortable and durable. It has 4 gears of height adjustment and you can adjust the height for a variety of purposes to help you complete abdominal exercises and beautify your abdominal curves.
【Portable & light weight】Light weight and portable design, this sit-up aid saves space and is ideal for storage and transportation anywhere. You can use it at home, office or travel to exercise and shape your body.
【Easy to Install】The foot sit up bar is very easy to install at home, no tools are needed, just need a smooth and seamless floor. Please press the foam padding with one hand and then push the wrench down. Lastly, make sure it is firmly attached. Do not use for more than 1 hour each time.
【Note】 The surface of the wooden floor should be smooth, without anti-skid stripes, and the ground should be flat. Make sure there are no gaps in the bottom! Otherwise, the sucker will not stick to the floor.

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