Dried Meat Jerky: Ultimate Cookbook for Dried Meat Recipes, Irresistible Recipes for Unique Jerky

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                         Dried Meat

Strictly speaking, Jerky is a lean meat that has been very carefully trimmed of fat and cut up into thin bite-sized strips. The sliced portions are then further process by drying them in an oven or dehydrator. Jerkies have proven themselves to be very nutrient dense food that is lightweight and high in protein. The word “Jerky” itself is believed that have been derived from ch’arki, which is a Quechuan word that roughly translates to “dried, salted meat”. In most cases, a good slab of meat can produce a large portion of Jerkys, which makes these perfect for an outdoor party snack or just a homemade snack for the lazy hours. To most of the meat “Jerky” aficionados out there in the whole wide world, the process of drying a meat and making a Jerky out of it is nothing short of a form of art, or even a hobby. There is something very calm and relaxing yet extremely satisfying to see your favorite slice of meat turn into a tenderly chewable piece of edible that is packed to the brim with flavors. If you are new to this field, then you must first learn to appreciate the basics of the process if you hope to achieve mastery over it. Therefore, I have dedicated the first few chapters of this book to give you a good idea of the process of drying your meat and preparing a jerky in order to ensure that you have a firm understanding of it.I shall be breaking everything down into tiny bite-sized portions for you to easily digest and understand. This is the only guide you will ever need to professionally dry a variety of meat. From well-known BEEF JERKY to authentic ARMENIAN BASTURMA and CHINESE BAK KWA. The book includes full-color photographs of every finished meal to make your job easier. Whether you are a beginner or looking to go beyond the basics, the book gives you the tools and tips you need to start that perfectly dried meat.

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