Dr. Berg’s Meals and Intermittent Fasting Pattern

so recently someone had a question whathave I been munching lately and what is my intermittent fasting procedure so I wantto talk about that in this video I have some other videos and you’re gonna findit’s very similar to the last video so I I’m not deepening very often I merely I canpretty much eat the same thing every single dayKaren cannot just she has to vary it up so this is what I do in the morning fiveo’clock I get up I to bed at 10:30 doing this in a minute fasting I needle sleep okay so I do my coffee organic and sometimes I use half andhalf but I prefer to use heavy cream okay and it’s grass-fed and then I doone container of xylitol now the amount of coffee I drink is a very small cup okaybecause I mistreated myself in college I be applicable to booze jackpots of coffee and I burnup madrina’ ls so I no longer do that I simply have one small-minded bowl and I’m good forthe whole day so I’ll do that at 5 at 6 I will get some water with lemon usuallyI’ll time 1 to 2 ounces of organic lemon juice sometimes they’ll use awfully lemonsand I’ll have like maybe I number 12 the 16 ounces of sea and that’s when Itake my vitamins okay so that’s at 6 and then I’m not gonna eat until between 1and 3 o’clock now I am absolutely not hungryat this pitch of the day if I had my way I were really merely do one meal a dayall that right but I don’t because I lose too much value I’m six-two I weigh1 80 pounds if I do one meal a day I will get down to like 177 and I don’t likethat so I like 180 I feel comfy with thatand but it’s very difficult to spend that numerous calories because I would haveto consume them like I don’t know 3,000 to 3,500 calories in one meal and that’sreally really tough so I’ll break it up between two snacks so the first dinner isbetween 1 and 3 perhaps 2 o’clock on average okay so and the first snack I’lldo my 4 eggs they’re grassland conjured organic eggs ok when you encounter free-rangeit doesn’t mean anything or it says with vegetarian feed thatthey’re doing you are familiar with like GMO specks you require organic and you wantpasture-raised okay and I commonly try to get these at the farmers market okayfour ounces of bacon and it’s not the type of bacon you might think I get itfrom the farmers market or I will get it at a healthy accumulation and it’s going to beorganic so how much is four ounces if you take one of those backpacks and you cutit in half that’s how much I devour some people think I have a pound ofbacon a date I don’t so it’s four ounces it’s not that is something that and believe it or notbacon is not as fat as you think because all the overweight gets fried off so it’sthere’s a lot of other fleshes that are a lot fatter than bacon I just like baconmy body likes it it has a lot of b1 you don’ t have to do bacon that’s just whatI do okay three ounces of cheese I really like the sheep cheese or goatcheese I’ll cut it up in small bits and I will fry the eggs and I’ll set thecheese on top and then what I’ll do is I’ll flip it over easy and then I’ll putthe bacon on top of that tone the cheese I usually do European cheesehigh-quality organic grass-fed cheese 1/4 beaker olives that’s in my egg mixtureand maybe one tomato so that’s pretty much for my first snack so you can seeit’s mostly protein and overweight now between 5& 6I’ ll have the second meal now at this top I am absolutely not hungry becauseI only ate a few hours ago but I’m trying to keep my snacks within a fourmaybe three to four hour opening so I can have 20 or 21 hours of fasting that’swhat I want to do okay so between 5& 6 I’ll have my secondmeal I’ll start with a huge salad between 7 to 10 cupsI don’t do spinach okay I will do lettuce bounce kind salad from the healthfood store or the Farmers Market and I’ll usually trimmed a buzzer seasoning I’ll dosome tomato maybe lettuce maybe kale and I’ll cut itup kept it in my salad and I likewise employed some Parmesan cheese on the salad I useolive oil and balsamic vinaigrette okay because it’s almost impossible to find agood dress at the convenience store so I’ll do thesalad take my time to eat that and I will then have my protein okay onaverage 7 ounces I’ll do sardines okay there with the bones and with the skinyou do more nutrients from that peculiarly calcium and more omega-3fatty acids I obligated you the burger and of course it’s high-quality its grass-fedorganic okay I like doing salmon a lot so it’swild-caught I’ll do shrimp I’ll do hot dog not the regular hot dogs that youmight ponder I will get them at the farmers market and they’re grass-fed andthey’re very healthy and then sometimes I’ll do a steak okay so that’s prettymuch what I will destroy for my protein if I’m doing a burger or hot dogs I willadd mustard to that not ketchup and sometimes I’ll add some fermentedvegetables like sauerkraut something like that then I’ll have some nutspecans or pistachios so I’m very consistent I can do this my body guides onit and I’m not going to eat anything from that item on until the next dayall right guys so there you have it terribly bearing that’s what I dine in a nut shellno pun aimed so if you want to get advised with allmy material click the notification buzzer next to agreed

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