Do You Live In The Skin Cancer Capital Of The World? | Skin Types and UV exposure

Welcome to Queensland in Australia, the SunshineState. Its known for its amazing seas, warmsunny climate and the Great Barrier Reef. But did you know that Queensland also hasthe highest rate of melanoma anywhere in the world! But what is it about Queensland thats sospecial? I symbolize there are a lot of other arranges withlots of sunshine. I decided to find out! Of the common types of skin cancer, melanomais by far the deadliest. When I looked at the rate of brand-new melanomadiagnoses, I was outraged to find that Queensland is well and truly at the top of the leaguetable. The rate of melanoma is triple that of NorthAmerica. But why? Well we know that sunburns are responsiblefor 95% of melanomas, and we know that sunburns is a result of undue UV or Ultravioletlight. Lets take a quick look at UV. UV light is just another part of the electromagneticspectrum. UV illuminated has slightly higher energy than visiblelight.Visible light-footed is reflected off your skin butthe higher energy level of UV means that it can penetrate into the skin layers. UV is a natural part of our environment, sothe skin can handle a certain amount of UV. In fact, a moderate extent of UV can be beneficial. However if bark cadres are exposed to excessiveUV, there can be DNA damage, which can lead to skin cancer down the road. Now there are a couple of important thingsthat influence the risk of skin cancer: the first is how resilient your surface is to UVlight and the second is the amount of UV exposure that youve had in your lifetime.Resilience of the skin is related to yourskin type, which is based on your genetics. Its rather simple, beings withfair skin tend to be very UV sensitive and parties with darker skin tend to be very UVresilient. A US study equated the rate of melanoma diagnosisin different ethnic groups. They categorised beings into Whites, Hispanics, American Indians, Asian and African Americans. As “youre seeing” the rate is much higher inthose people classified as White In fact, there is a scale that physicians useto estimate how sensitive people scalp is to UV light-footed and this is called the Fitzpatrickscale. Type I describes parties with fantastically fairskin who burn very easily.Type VI is the other extreme it describespeople with very dark skin who are most resilient to UV damage. Okay so now weve discussed surface kinds, letstalk about differences in UV exposure. Did you know that where you live in the worldhas an influence on the amount of UV that you are exposed to? This is a map that shows the average UV indexin different parts of the world. Red evidences high-pitched average UV, Yellow is mediumand light-green is low. What youll notice is that countries aroundthe equator have the highest average UV radiation levels. This includes targets like Australia, Malaysia, Central Africa and parts of South America. This should mean that all of these countriesshould have really high rates of melanoma right? Well its not that simple. It goes back to the majority skin type ofthe people living in those areas. Lets take a look at a few instances: In Malaysia the UV index averages between 12 -1 4. However the average skin type tends to beFitzpatrick three to five.Lets take a look at Brazil. Here the bark form for most people is alsothree to five( Ronaldo ). Next, Kenya where the skin category for most peopleis five to six. All of these countries have very high UV exposure, but most of the people who live there also have UV resilient skin kinds. Something very interesting happens when youlook at Australia and New Zealand the most common surface kind scopes from type oneto three. This means that a large number of people livingthese areas are highly sensitive to UV damage. Let employed this all together Queenslandis close to the equator so there is high UV radiation stages. Add to this the fact that most people livingin Australia and New Zealand tend to have fair skin. Too no other country that close to the equatorhas such a large proportion of people with fair skin. Its no wonder Queensland has the highestrate of skin cancer in the world countries! But theres something else that I haventmentioned hitherto and that is that Australians and New Zealanders ardour the outdoors.Tanning has is a component of our culture sincethe 1950 s. This is in contrast to south east Asian countrieswhere people tend to avoid the sun because people want a fair hue. So what does this mean for all of us. Well the first thing is that skin cancer isnot as simple as having exhibition bark the committee is also depends where in the world you live. But since you cant change where you livethat readily, sunbathe shield becomes your best friend, especially if you have fair skin. But what is good sun protection? Is your sunblock protecting you from allthe different types of UV? If youre interested in knowing the answerto these questions, let me know in the comments below and subscribe so you wont miss it.Thanks for watching and Ill see you inthe next one ..

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