DO THIS Everyday in 2022 For 6 Pack ABS

– What’s up THENXathletes, it’s Chris Heria. It’s a brand new year, and Iknow that there’s a lot of you out there that are finallyready and committed to getting your six jam-pack abs this year. And if there’s anythingyou’ve learned from last year, it’s not about how hard you develop, but how routinely you’re improve. You can instruct really hard, butif you don’t bide consistent, you still won’t see decisions or progress. So today’s routine is not going to be the hardest ab workout, butit’s an effective procedure that’s going to build everyarea of your abdominals and your six battalion abs and doable fairly that you can consistentlydo it every single day if you wanted to to beable to reach your goals and finally get six compres abs in 2022. For those of you thatalready have six battalion abs, this is a great routine that you can do to maintain them all year round. So if you’re ready to is starting, all you’re going to need todo is download the THENX app in the app storage or Google Play store, open up to the YouTube workout section. You should be able to findthis eight instant ab programme. Smash the like button on this video and then we’re ready to get started. This eight time ab workoutis going to be split up into upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and then finishing off with boards. And to make sure we’re gettingas shredded as possible, we’re going to be doing each practise for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off, increasing the timeunder tension in our abs and making this routineeven more effective. Now we’re not going toneed any gear at all. I really need eight times ofyour time to dedicate and focus and just a little bitof space on the grind. The first employ we’re going to get into is going to be reach ups for 45 seconds.So we’re going to go ahead and lay down, feet flat on the dirt. Pass up, reach and touch the ceiling. 45 seconds. Regulate your breathing. Squeeze your core.( upbeat music) And strain, breathe. Last 10 seconds. Five, four, three, two, and one. Whew, all right, go aheadand stretch that out. The next exercise we’re going to get into is going to be crunch reach throughs. So we’re going to goahead and lay back down. This is going to be emphasizing on our upper abdominals again. One leg up and you’re gonnareach through your leg, and switching .( upbeat music) Last-place 10 seconds, everything you’ve got. Five, four, three, two, and one. All privilege, strain thatout and feel the burn. The next exercise we’re gonna get into is going to be laying leg elevates. So we’re going to lay the whole way flat and made our hands underneath, legs directly and locked out. Lift the legs all the way up and all the way back up. You’re flying through this.( upbeat music) Don’t worry about how many you’re doing or how fast you’re doing them. Just focus on a good qualitycontraction in your abdominals.( upbeat music) Really emphasizing onour lower abdominals. Last 10 seconds.( upbeat music) Three, two, last-place one. Whew! All title , now we’re really emphasizing on our lower abdominals.We’re going to do itagain with this next one, leg flits. Here “theres going”. So we’ll be presented at a seated location. Keep those legs straight-out, lean back, fingertips timed forward.( upbeat music) The more you separate your legs, the straighter you keep them, the more you’re going to beengaging your abdominals. Actually focus on those lower abdominals.Last 10 seconds. Three, two, and one. Whew, so go ahead and shake that off. We’re going to takeanother 15 second break-dance. Now we’re going to startemphasizing on our obliques with this next exercisecoming up, Russian changes. So we’re going to take aseated position, foot up, and touch one side andtouch the other side and actually twist yourabdominals every time. If this is too difficult, go ahead and flex your legs. But the straighter you to be maintained, the more effective it’sgoing to be through your abs.( upbeat music) The more you twist, you’re definitely goingto feel those abdominals.( upbeat music) Now “theres going”, three, two, and one. Whew, shake that off. We’re going to go to the last utilization that is gonna emphasize on our obliques. That’s going to be bicycles. So you’re going to bring your hands up. Knees to your joint and switching.( upbeat music) Do a full propagation in that leg. Make sure you reallytwist your abdominals.( upbeat music) Whew, you should definitelybe feeling by now, keep it up.Last 10 seconds.( upbeat music) Five, four, three, turnit up, two, and one. Whew, all right. We’re going to finish off this programme with some good old fashioned timbers. We’re going to get into aplank side to surface, 45 seconds. Let’s get into push up position. Down onto your shoulders. You’re going to dip one hipdown to one side and intersperse, pressuring your core, your shoulders, stopping your form straight-shooting.( soft music) Be sure to regulate your breathing. Don’t go too fast, give anice tone contraction. We’re almost there, we justhave one more after this. Last 10 seconds. Five, four, three, two, and one. All freedom, we just have onemore plank variation to go. That’s going to be plankup and down for 45 seconds. This is the last exercise. I want you to give iteverything you’ve got. Get down in position, hips down, trendies up.Pulse it, crush your abs. This is the last move. I want you to give iteverything you’ve got.( upbeat music) We’re almost there, don’t give up.( upbeat music) Last-place 10 seconds. Now we go, five, four, three, two, and one. Whew, there you have it. A sick, sick abdominalworkout and precisely eight instants with perfectly no gear and all beginner friendly activity. This is definitely notthe hardest ab workout, but you can see I’vealready ruin a sweat and got a serious pump. So congratulations forcompleting this routine with me. You’re on your acces to gettinga solid six battalion this year.And the more consistentyou stay with this routine, the more chopped andstronger you’re going to get and eventually you’re going to be able to go for more rounds. To benefit the most out of this number, we want to be able to do itfor at least three rounds. And doing this routine isnot just going to get you shredded abs, but it’salso gonna allow you to build even more musclethroughout your figure. Whether you’re working outyour upper body or lower person, your six-pack abs andabdominals help stabilize every activity and the moreabdominal fortitude “youve had”, the more reps you’ll be able to do and the more weightyou’ll be able to lift. So thanks so much better for watching. I can’t wait to see your results after doing this routine regularly. And if you enjoyed the video, definitely smash that like button. We actually appreciateit and it helps YouTube share our videos to everyone that needs it and that’s trying to find us on YouTube. And to show our appreciation, if you observe down belowwithin 30 hours of any upload, you always have a chanceto win some THENX apparel.So make sure you’re subscribedand hit the agree button with bell notifications on right now, if you haven’t already. We post every single Sundayby 8: 00 PM USA Eastern time. Don’t forget to share thisworkout video with a friend that wants to get theirsix pack abs this year. And like ever, to schedulethis workout on your phone and to get full accessto all our workouts, they’re going to have you inthe best shape of your life, make sure you’ve downloaded the THENX app in the app place or Google Play store.And come full access toall our exercising curricula, technique leaders learning youthe most advanced moves like the full planche, muscle up, human pennant, and so much more step-by-stepand daily workout routines communicated straight to your phone. They’re going to have younot just looking strong, actually being strong. So join the millionsof other THENX athletes various regions of the world exercising the THENX app to get in the best shape of their lives. And for more of mycontent during the week, make sure to follow my YouTube channel. It’s chrisheria. My Instagram Chris Heria, and my TikTok as well.On every single platform, Ialways do some type of giveaway. So if you crave a chanceto be a part of that, make sure you’re following. And with that said, thankyou so much for watching. I’m so excited to bring youanother year of workouts and motivation to helpyou reach your goals and stay dedicated all year long with new ideas and brand-new programmes. So I’ll see you next Sunday. Mad love and peace out.( upbeat music ).

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