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– Detox teas and miraclesupplements are bull-( bleep ). This Wednesday Checkupis about to get heated.( slow-footed hip-hop music) Jameela Jamil came after the Kardashians about these detox teas, and I’m here for it. I get so incensed when Isee these mega-companies, who are obligating billions of dollars, prey on the anxieties of young people, predict them absurdity, supernatural, snake oil-like shortcuts to lose weight, to look better, to have better skin and hammers. It indeed does upset me. Industries should not makemoney at the expense of others, like some of thesecompanies are doing today. Boy, are these companies geniuses. They take a term like detox, which has a buzz sensation, which initiations in our mindsas something positive, getting rid of toxins.The only thing that removestoxins from your mas are your own organs. Your lungs, your liver, yourkidneys, amongst others. Complements that you’re gonna take are not gonna detox anything. That doesn’t need to happen. You don’t need to suck adetox tea to purify your body. This just is not based on anykind of scientific evidence. In fact, I’ll tell youwhat these companies do, and how they prey on you. They’ll take an ingredientthat exists in nature, so they call it natural. Natural does not mean safe. Arsenic is natural. It’s not safe, it’s deadly. Second, these products arenot cleared by the FDA.Supplements are not treatedlike pharmaceutical drugs. They, first of all, don’tneed to prove that they cultivate, and second, they don’t evenneed to prove that they’re safe. The only period complements are remembered is after a negative outcome arises. And with many of thesesupplements, this has happened. People get sick, theirliver becomes inflamed, they get diarrhea, they get fatigue, their blood tests are all out of whack. The third room marketerstake advantage of you is they take some fringescientific research that was done exclusively on a handful of people, and they extrapolateit, saying that it works for everybody, and for everything, which has never beenproven to be the case.I’m not only disturb with themarketers who are pushing the orders of the day of these companies, but also with theinfluencers who are not doing their due diligence when it comes to supporting these commodities. If you are blest, like I am sanctified, to have a following on social media, and you’re labeled an influencer, that signifies parties look up to you. That implies beings carewhat you have to say. So, take this opportunityto be a role model. Yes, we wanna make money, and it’s good to make money, it’s good to be financiallyindependent and successful, but don’t do it at theexpense of hurting others. Don’t do it at the expenseof fueling anorexia nervosa. Jameela Jamil has it right. We shall not be required to be be celebrating personalities who are taking advantage ofthe system to make a quick buck at the expense of children. I never are happy to immediately blame anybody on my YouTube channel, but there was a quote that I recently read from Kim Kardashian saying how selling thesetypes of augments is an easy way to makemoney, and because of that, she has more time to spend with her kids.I find that quote reprehensible. I’m gonna be a hundredpercent transparent with you. All of these tea companieshave reached out to me numerous terms trying to getmy endorsement for fund, to have me tell you that these products are going to help youlose weight, are so beautiful, feel more energized, suppress your lust. I will not do that. It’s not true. It doesn’t hold water as happening, as discipline, and ultimately, my work as a medical doctor, myresponsibility, is to you at home. Bad celebrity advice is one thing. I’ve written about that in the past for the American Academyof Family Physicians, and sometimes it’s one of those situations where you have goodintent with a bad upshot. They think they’re doingsomething positive, but certainly, because they’renot properly informed on the subject, they’redoing a huge disservice, but the bigger problem to me here is when these companies buyout medical professionals, and they get them to claimthat these products work.Don’t you wonder why itis that so many doctors are selling supplementsin their own places?’ Cause it’s a great moneymaker. If you’re watching this video, and you disagree with me, and you think these complements wreak, and detox teas are awesome, I wanna know where you’re getting your research from, so jump into my commentssection, and is demonstrated by why these augments use, and I’m wrong. Why is it that you thinkdoctors like myself, who exhaust ten years studying remedy, still recommends the hardwork of diet, and exert, and all these things, whenthere’s a simple reaction right there with a detox tea. Why don’t I precisely recommend that? It seems so simple. In fact, I could sell it in my bureau, and make money off of it.Why am I choosing to notadvertise to you these commodities, if I can offset thousand of dollars from it? Because of medical moralities. Because I believe thatthese products don’t work. And in fact, discipline saysthese produces don’t work. Listen to science. He’s a pretty smart guy. Remember, natural doesn’t mean safe. Remember, complements arenot regulated by the FDA. Remember that the claimsthat these companies draw can’t be verified as actuality becausetheir research is so weak, and anyone who acts likethey have all the answers, when the rest of the scientificcommunity has questions, that is an IKA expert, and if you wanna learn more about that, check out my TED Talk on marketing right here .( pleasant hip-hop music ).

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