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[ We are in the 8th century .][ In the times when epics were not written but lived .][ We are in Central Asia .][ In the bestial moors where Islam was not yet acquired .][ China waits to fight with Turks, Russians, Mongols, Sogdians, Persians wait to cheat .][ As if there weren’t fairly, Turks who have the same ancestor are already enemies .][ The age is wild, “the two countries ” is in darkness .][ But an epic senility will crystallize the country .][ Speaks of a slave girlfriend and a one-armed boy .]( I am the daughter of the mountain. Akkz .]( I was born centuries before you)( Centuries before you, I experienced a Dream .) Dad? Throw the prow, shoot the arrow, Akkz. May the place where the arrow precipitates be your destiny.The wolf is your foot, the throne is your place, the compas is your direction, Akkz. Let you walk. Don’t be afraid. You will win.( I woke up when the chick of darkness flew from the sky)( It flew in the dream)( There was only one arrow with beads ). I knew this.( And I would feel that that arrow stroked my father’s entrust ).( From my father, from my ancestor, from my home ).( I do not know if that is so in his time .)( Here residence is destiny ).( You learn the respect and ability of your ancestor ).( If you don’t have any endowments, you can’t live in this wild age .)( If you don’t have dignity, they don’t allow you to live in the Turkish dorm .)( I learned the solemnity and talent of my father ).( I never know my mother’s lap ).( My father gript me ).( It was my home ).( Then they destroyed my home ).( I was cold in the hot, I burned in the coldnes ).( I had anger for Khan of Heaven, who built me homeless when I was a child .)( I was angry at him when he was a child .)( From the Chinese, who caught us, this came out ). What do you write? Write where we will go to China. Our number, say, write everything. It are not able, Mr. Balamir. Few beings knew. My great Khan. We have … a turncoat. Who? Who! CAPITAL OF THE KANATO OF HEAVEN Madam Tlsm! My Queen. Our Khan is here. Mrs. Tlsm! Alpagu Kan. Where is the second woman? Where is the mountain girl who disclosed Sky Khan? Come here. Let’s go. Let’s go. There are my father’s soldiers. THE MOUNTAIN KANATO BORDER Mrs. Tlsm? What is he doing here? Something has happened? Take us to my father’s room now , now! Take the boy. Take Batuga on the boat. Batuga. Open the route through Tegin de Cielo! My Alpagu Kan! His son Batuga is both Tegin of Heaven and Tegin of Mountain.We will take him to his grandpa, Toygar Khan. The elevation cannot make the son of paradise. Balamir, make my son. Dad. Don’t kill my mother. Come on, Batuga. Dad, don’t kill my mother. Balamir! Listen to it first. Mother! Tell my father that you are innocent. He will forgive you. Balamir. Come on, nephew. Come on. My Kan. Don’t separate me from my son. You know what the beating for treason is, Mrs. Tlsm. Your home in the mountains, and my home in heaven is the same. I did not expose you. I’m innocent. If you are innocent, why did you run away? Why did you run away? My father Khan asked me. He said that he revealed Khan of Heaven. He said you would kill me. Just him? Is he the only one who divulged me? Tlsm. I have read it a thousand times. I memorized it. Your father says Mountain Khan says, “Since my daughter Tlsm, sounded from Heaven’s place and told me so, on the third day of the month, at dawn, Heaven’s Khan, Alpagu Khan, will leave the Gkorda with fifteen hundred soldiers. When you arrive in China, they will cross the valley with the delineate. With Mr. Balamir, Mr. Saltuk and Mr. Varg, they will be in the army. Chief of the army of China. My exclusively wish of you, that no one is of them survive. dead. I lived. But two hundred and forty-nine soldiers died. Accurately two hundred and forty-nine soldiers of Heaven. How can I let you live now? Alpagu.Don’t. I loved you very much. I am your woman. Yes, you are, Tlsm. Yes, “youre ever”. May the almighty mountains, forests, steppes, ash-colored horizons be my witnesses. I, who frightens hearts, gave my heart to the daughter of my antagonist. And now I take it back. Mother!! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama, wake up Mama! Mama! Open your eyes! Mama! How could you? Mama! Mama! ama! MOUNTAIN KANATO The loser becomes the winner’s hostage. Do not forget. Attack with your sword distributed according to him, Akkz. I will not become a prisoner! Attack with your sword, dad! I will take you captive.Will the great, principal mountaineer be wowed? The big-hearted Akkz Big? Okay, big-hearted little Akkz won’t be a prisoner. Akkz! Lets lead. The immense Akkz. Let’s see, who is going to be a prisoner. You are a prisoner! You are a prisoner! Only you can defeat Evren Alp, Akkz. From now on, “youre ever” our boss! Akkz, the chief of the mountaineers! Give me one of those wooden swords, to demolish your father. My father cleared my swords, I will not give them! No one can take his sword away unless my daughter wants to! Nobody! My daughter will not be a prisoner! Never! Those from Heaven are coming. Boys, maids, hide away! Come on, people, come on! Come on, get up! Hide! Those of Heaven! Akkz! Go apart. Srma, Yama, take Brt apart! I have brought you your daughter. Toygar Khan! Daughter! Tlsm! Sister! Tlsm! Tlsm! Tlsm! Sister! Don’t cry, take it.Even if the person who is killed my daughter was a great Khan, I will not tell him live. I will destroy the residence of the Khan, who married his daughter for espionage. Come now! May your dwelling not be left without a boss. Mrs. olpan! Hurrah! Mountain soldiers, mountaineers, Mountain ladies, Mountain children, Su Khan and his mistress Tlsm deluded the commonwealth. And I handed them their sentences.I don’t know if you were in that betrayal. Mrs. olpan. I have no proof. For that I will forgive you. But my decision for you and for your residence is exile. Leave my borderlines before sunset. Alpagu! We is not leave home countries. Dad! Dad! Stand up! Two hundred and forty-nine soldiers died. I counted one by one on the battleground. Two hundred and forty-nine soldiers of Heaven. They weren’t just soldiers. They were sons, husbands. They were mothers to their children. Now the children, mourn their parents who fought on the battleground. The children of Heaven can cry for their parents. But a child of Heaven cannot cry out for his traitorous father. That is why I forbid you to cry like your Kan of Heaven.But I know it as your father. It hurts. Understand me. It hurts me very. The one that hurts, would not kill. I’m not going to talk to you until I die. I have brought you here so that you could understand your Kan. Not so that you can be an enemy of your Khan! Alpagu killed my Khan, Alpagu killed my Lady, the villain assaulted our dwelling, killed Tlsm of the Mountain. God of Heaven. Give the power to my father. Take it to your paradise. It was beyond Earth, in the sky of home. Where are you going, my Toygar Kan? Where are you going, Tlsm Mountain? Akkz. We “re going to have to” make your father. We will wrap it in find. Alpagu killed my Khan, Alpagu killed my Lady, the villain assaulted our home, killed Tlsm of the Mountain. Akkz. Kn Ata. Our Khan and our Lady were they truly deserters? I do not know. That’s what Alpagu Kan says. And Mrs. olpan? Is she a traitor? I do not know. But my father was not a traitor. No? It was not. He was an honest soldier.He was the bravest of mountaineers. So why did he die? Why did my father die if he was not guilty? Because, swords of the khan, they kill the soldiers. Sometimes for right. Sometimes for betrayal. Our ancestor of Heaven, and our predecessor of Mountain were brothers. Now the brothers are at war. Hey! A friend killed his brother. But now you need peace. The Turks need unity. I need a house to unite the countries. A wolf with two heads will come. It will unite the Turks. Tengri of Heaven, will give the power, will pull the golden bow. and will propel the silver arrow. The wolf with two heads will unite the Turks. The wolf with two heads will unite the Turks. The wolf with two heads will unite the Turks. The wolf with two heads will unite the Turks.The wolf with two heads will unite the Turks.The Mountain Khan, Kl Ata! Neither wolf with two heads , nor all those wolves come there, even if all the Turks are united the sky will not unite with the mountain. Because I won’t allow it. Kan of Heaven made my father’s life. The ridge tribe has been entrusted to it under me. Tengri of Heaven, gave your power to me. There is no longer Mrs. oplan, but olpan Kan! I swear to Tengri of Heaven, this ardor that Alpagu Khan carried is not going to go out. I will never forget. I will recollect. I will carry it in my soul. I swear to you, we are going to find our country. We are nomads. The estate leaves, the lore remains. Each arrive is the organization of our soul. And we are going to migrate. But before the sky does not kneel in front of the mountain, this soul will not leave this body. I blaspheme! I blaspheme! Kn Ata, if you realise a wolf with two heads, tell him that I will not be the sword of any Khan. I will be the claw of the wolf with two heads.Balamir, brother. Kill all the mountaineers in the palace. Go to your area. What did I tell them? I told the girl on the mountain can’t be the woman to Heaven Kan! I said that the mountain is the greatest enemy of the sky. They said their Queen is distrustful of the second woman. They said the war is over, conciliation is coming. What’s up, Bar Ata? What happened now? The second woman died, Reina. How is Batuga? He won’t speak to me until he’s dead. His mother died, it hurts him. What does the fifth of our nine statutes say? If he is a traitor, tell him die. And we obeyed knowledge. One of “youve been” the Khan of Heaven. Do not forget. Isn’t it, Dan Ata? The immense Queen is right. The Khan of Heaven will be the one that obeys tradition.He who does not, will die. Has my commission been fulfilled? Yes, my Kan. We killed all the mountaineers in the palace. Now I want your permission to talk about what to do. Let whoever wants to speak speak. We don’t leave mountaineers in the palace. But, alone, Batuga lives. We will await your seeks. Batuga? Batuga Tegin, is the son of Khan. Khan, the commandment is yours, but Batuga carries blood from heaven. He boozed the mountaineer’s milk! We are happy because he has the blood of Heaven, but we are bitter because of his ridge milk. Don’t do it, Dan Ata. Do not do it. Our immense Queen is a Russian princess.Our son Temur, and Kaya drank the milk of a Russian. When the situation is like this, how are you able condemned someone for your milk? Speak well, Saltuk! My children did not suck milk from a perilous. I’ll even give my life for the Khan of Heaven! I is certainly not tricky like the second woman. My great Queen, Mistress Tlsm, and her parent, the Mountain Khan, paid off their betrayal. Our son Batuga will not betray the commonwealth like a child. Batuga today is a boy. But in the future, it will be increased, Mr. Saltuk. Will be increased. We will have a Tegin who is the son of the mountain and the sky. You will know all the secrets of the state. If he reveals us like his mother? We feed the adversaries formerly in our palace. Because she dedicated birth to a one-armed Tegin to the mountain and to the sky, shall we make love again? My great Queen is right. Batuga is going to want to avenge his mother. How will do? It has neither hand nor hoof. Temur! Neither hand nor paw is needed to avenge.Enough the subconsciou. That spirit could be the end of the Khanate of Heaven. If Batuga Tegin souls there is an opportunity even thunder. Enough! Batuga, it’ s my son. He is your son. But you … “youre not” a father-god, Alpagu. You are a Kan. Either your lad will live … or your commonwealth. Bring in the executioner. There is only one mountain person left in my palace.And that’s you. Batuga, Batuga! Batuga! Batuga! Batuga! Child. Brother. Batuga, brother! Batuga! Child!( I had never seen Batuga after that day ).( After delivering our dead to the ground, and emigrating from our country, I heard that Batuga’s mind left his form .)( Perhaps his psyche went to forget the pain he lived ).( I wonder if he forgot me very ). Did the orphan girlfriend forget the day she was an orphan very? Did you forget that the Khan of Heaven left one of us without a baby and another without a father?( Though he forgot I did not forget him .)( I did not forget those two little children who are two halves of a destiny ).( I will not forget ).( One daylight I will retaliate Heaven, by Mountain for us ). Shoot west! No , no, shoot east! Shoot to the east.Will it be better to the red side? Srma, I’m going to shoot the sunshine now. Do I shoot the sunlight? Do I introduced our house there? No, it will be too hot there. Do you carry the girl, shoot the arrow and create a home? Here is the problem of our charity. He will beat you next week. He will be the first to shoot the arrow and he will have the girl.That’s what he says. Do you believe it, Kn Ata? Do not guess if you require. You’ll see it when we have the nuptial. You can take me, affection, but how will we do the nuptial? We is not have anything. We can steal. We can steal the caravans of Heaven on the Silk Road. Not. After the theft they did, the Silk road was filled with the soldiers of Heaven. They can get caught. That they do not. Let’s go. Shoot west. Let it be your dwelling where you fall. Let it be your destination where the arrow falls. What happened? What happened, Akkz? Where is olpan Kan? In his field.These? These are the Kanato of Toyu, these are the Sog. How do they get along with the Khan of Heaven? They levy, they transactions, they make amends. This residence? The Tang dynasty caught up with the Sky dynasty fifteen springtimes ago. For many years, China was at war with the Sky dynasty. In the end, the Emperor of China afforded his daughter a bride for the Sky dynasty. They are at peace, but China is not trustworthy. Why do you enroll without dispensation? Here is the Kan field.Sorry, my Kan. I have to say something. Wait outside, I’ll get. Remove it. What should I say if you ask last-minute? You say that “My olpan Kan will place me in the palace of Heaven, so he instructs me.” You’ll say? Do not said so. This is our secret. What are you going to ask? Khan. When do we take revenge on the Khanate of Heaven? You obstruct looting the caravans of Heaven. What are you going to go about retaliate? It is not like this. The real retaliate. The one that are able to hurt Alpagu Kan. Do you recollect the Yug ceremony? What did I say that day? Before Heaven stoops in front of the Mountain this soul will not leave this body, I said.So it’s still misfortune for them. Leave the revenge to me. I had a dream. I don’t remember everything. But my father says, “Drop the kowtow, shoot the arrow. The region where it came is your destiny. And the arrow … Where did the arrow transgression? Eagle? Dragon? Arrow with necklaces, it hit his soul. Why don’t you outline me a dragon or an eagle? Those from Heaven are coming. They want to look for home! Run! -Kan! -Isaid “Run”. What “are you doin ” with the irrigate like that? Hey! You. I do my ablution, I am Muslim. Muslim? Where is your tribe? Never heard. Which tribe? You don’t know anything? It is not a tribe, it is the right way. Which way is that? Tell me you know-it-all child. Don’t do it. You call me small children but you are more of small children than me. Who is the child? Okay, okay! You won. You have no one, Muslim child? Are you a shepherd alone? My mother is ill and my father … Went further. Where is he there? Where Muslims extend when they die. Like our paradise. You know? My father also went to paradise. Is it from your papa? It is from my father. Soldiers of Heaven. We are looking for the bandit called the wolf claw with two heads whoosh. They envisioned it? Didn’t you see it either, boy? Our Khan will give an award for him. Don’t you want golden? I do not crave. The claw of the wolf with two heads saves the prisoners, promotions the poor. Even if I see it, I won’t tell you. Shut up your lad, lady! He’s just a kid. Everyone talks, they imagine the robber is good. Come on now, we haven’t seen anyone. The two-headed wolf claw is not a thief. He’s the bravest in now! Do not say it! You are the claw of the wolf with two heads! It’s our secret. Your secret is my secret. When I will be an adult, my sword will be yours.Stay now. Tengri de Cielo, owned of the earth and the sky, Give me fortitude. And I will pray to my God for you. They told me they were looking for me. Take this off and let’s see your face. You … Attack. Fly to Alpagu Kan! CAPITAL OF THE KANATO OF HEAVEN A bandit overcome few somebodies, actually? The Sky Khan soldiers were overcome by a girl called the claw of a wolf with two heads. Yes? The girl plunders our vans. Free our prisoners.What are my soldiers doing? Temur. Find this daughter and hang her on the palace spar. As succession, my Kan. Take this to the dungeon! My Kan. I hope you introduced good news, Yasavu Saltuk. What would my brother say? Will you give me your daughter? Balamir Yabgu says that, “I fantasized I missed my daughter to be one of her strong sons.” Doesn’t your uncle know? The strong lad is already married. Since my brother thought that my daughter is worthy of his one-armed son Batuga. Is it not worthy? Why would a Yabgu girl ask if my son’s mind is not lost? I would ask the daughter of the Mongolian Khan.I cannot resist the command of my enormous Khan. He says he can ask for his daughter’s hand. Have the endowments ready, using them delivered. Thirty chests of amber. And a chest will be for the bride. Put on ruby and emerald jewelry. Prepare Chinese silk fibers, sewed kaftans. Prepare them, the great Queen will choose. Choose ten slaves. Who will marry whom, Tayangun? Balamir Yabgu’s girl and one-armed Tegin. Even the one-armed Tegin is getting married. You haven’t married hitherto. I please our Khan had articulated a kowtow rafter around your neck, and you would have lost your mind. Then you would look like one-armed Tegin. Are you looking forward to me? Let them look. I will find them all. You’re late. I referred soldiers to the thief called the two-headed wolf claw. Have you seen Kaya’s face? I’ve seen Kaya’s bored face for years. Do I say that? When our Khan gave you the mission to find the swindler, he was almost going to run into his mother’s lap. I said here today that. Obviously, your leader Khan cartels you a lot.I wouldn’t be surprised if I wanted you to be the Khan of Heaven. And And? My father would also be very happy. Do you know what would hurt me if I were the Khan one day? That the sovereign of China will revel. Kaya. We are going to leave in the morning, sleep now. Does your chief hurt? Those evil spirits that annoy my husband, that annoy the claw of that wolf. Likewise, that one has a doubled brain. They are also welcome to bother Mei Jin. It is a nine-headed snake. Your father trusts your thinker more than the sword of Temur. Do not annoy. GOKORDACAPITAL OF THE KANATO OF SKY What did you do? Send soldiers west, east, and to the red feature. They will probe all the places. Well. Find me that thief. Don’t worry, my Khan, father-god. I’m going to cut off that wolf’s double president. Let’s feed and keep talking. May peace be, my Khan. May peace be.Talk now. Stop inspecting. My Kan. We feel sorry for your brother’s daughter. She will marry a one-armed man. Mother! Don’t call it that. It’s called Batuga. What if you call like that? Do you have a memory to understand and feel? But my uncle Balamir has pride. If you give it to a one-armed man without a subconsciou I am not thinking about Yabgu’s pride, but about the good of my country. The Tengri lives in time. His son was born to die. Someday I’m going to die too. May Tengri not miss it. Tengri has never been seen to have forgotten someone in the world, dame. He won’t forget me either.Do you think your uncle Balamir Yabgu doesn’t want the throne? Yes, he misses. No, Dan Ata? Yes, my Kan. I “ve learned that” you is moving forward well with the council. He also gets along well with my father. Gift of ten thousand horses to China. That is what those who want to have the throne do. If you can’t, maverick. That know why you crave your daughter as the bride. Not as the bride, but as a hostage. If my brother Balamir requires the throne, his daughter will not be able to have happiness.If he admits your primacy after me, if he obeys you and follows you, you can accept his daughter. May my Tengri give you a long life, my father Khan. But do you want me to be the Khan after you? The assembly will elect him, but … the countries quell each other with swords. They can be had with the information. If your friend Temur presents his sword to your psyche, the Khanate of Heaven will never lose.Yes, Kaya he will be a very good Kan. But now is your period, my Khan. May my Tengri give you a long life. Don’t talk like you’re going to die. Don’t feel bad, bride. I’m not dead yet. May you smile a little too, Batuga Tegin. You’re getting married, do you understand? You say “How do I know what this is? You didn’t take my life but you took my mind.” no? Wow! We can use the sword ourselves, our horse contests with the wind. But the one-armed Tegin carries the Bey’s daughter. Kra! Do not do it. I do it for your reason. No, my one-armed Tegin? If the Bey’s daughter sees that wooden sword, she wouldn’t make you to her chamber. Give it to me so the girl doesn’t see. Man of Heaven, Kra! Have fun with the Tegin of Heaven? My lady. No, I simply felt bad for him. So that the girl with a wooden sword would not be seen. You felt bad for him. Did you feel bad for the Tegin of Zeal? Well … because he has no mind, I was all right for him. Who are you to feel sorry for the lad of the Great Khan? He must feel sorry for you. If I get angrier, I wrap you in my beloved carpets, and determine the colts chew like Mongols! You better vanish. Escape from my exasperation. Prepare the field and the flaming until the light before we arrive. Go now! You more! Did you protect Batuga, sister-in-law? My heart trembled. Where is your heart, sister-in-law? Do you know where it is? You don’t even know your restrictions. You give orders as our Great Queen to the lords of Heaven. What happened? Do you want to be the Great Queen? I wanted to get used to it. Our Khan just said that Kaya will be Kaya the Khan after him. Time changes everything. Don’t revel early. Who will be glad of what? Girlfriend We will have a brand-new sister-in-law. I’m glad to hear that. And Mei Jin tells me it’s early. The colonists came out with endowments. When do we go? Take Batuga in his gondola and go out. I’ll take care of it. Boyfriend. Let’s go. Come on brother. Come on. My Kan. The Tarot reader has heard darknes vapours in her dream. Can we make a sacrifice to the Tengri of Heaven? Can we ask for a ratify by make the ritual? May we ask for your acceptance? You will fix your sacrifice in the mansion field for the night, woman.Let’s go before it’s too late. Tengri of Heaven. If irrigate spurts their behavior, give them a course. If the almighty elevation “re coming”, tell it give them a style! Let them go and come back healthful. Do you think you are a puppy? Will you bring me down Where are they? A go-cart full of girls is out of the Khanate of Heaven.They must be saved. It has dressers of silk and amber. It will be enough to marry some. It is the word magic. Say “marry”, they would come running from the arrive of China. Are there really chests of amber? Actually, I don’t know what’s inside of them. Whatever is in all these chests is enough to get all the singles married. All the singles wait. No, my Yaman? Yes, my Srma. That we marry firstly, they can die from the stranger. Flirt later. Come on to the mares! Tengri of Heaven, the owner of earth and heaven. Give me concentration. How dare they? Don’t you receive the clue of Alpagu Kan from Heaven? How dare they attack their owneds? The two-headed wolf claw saved the captive girls from Heaven’s palace. And expropriated their possessions. When you wake up, tell your Kan. Come on, come on. They are free. You … You are the claw of the wolf with two heads.Tell us your list. We can list our children. My name is not needed. Tell your children about a wolf with two heads. Say, the wolf with two heads will come, and the days when the Turks reach slaves of Turks will end. Come on now! Go to another Turkish place. Don’t weigh anyone to my face. First, make this chest. I suspect there is gold, but let’s take a look.It is better than gold. What are these for? The girl’s bridal dowry. What a Girl? We discover the lords of Heaven speak. Alpagu Kan will adore his brother’s daughter Balamir for his son. These chests and well knacks to the West Khanate of Heaven. Which son? One-armed Tegin. The one who cannot walk , nor does “hes had” the judgment. Is for he. Batuga. Come on, make the chest. The car is yours too. What would happen if we give this gold to the peasant? It’s not meat. How would they live? What are we going to do Akkz? I tell you. What you think? We cannot sell these in the city.The shopkeepers is clear that they are the treasure of the Khan. But “theres a lot” of gold. It would be enough for everyone. Look at the attractivenes of these! What a pity! Cielo’s bride is not be able to wear those hems at her wedding. Well. That the Mountain bride can choose the skirts for their pruning. I am going to choose this red silk. I glisten like a develop next to my Yaman. Akkz, Akkz! We will offset “youre wearing” this pink silk. What you think? No, I am a warrior. Why would you wear the rose? Do not realise me annoyed. Or I will dress you in colourings. I am the bride, it will be what I say! Blue is pretty too. Green is beautiful extremely! They are all very pretty! They are all very pretty! Yaman, make your lover now!( They scream) Look, they are all very pretty! Alpagu Kan. Men of Heaven. Alpagu Kan’s car. Let’s get away! This time … the Mountain will not escape.What are you going to do? Since those from Heaven … came to the foot of Mountain … then the claw of the wolf with two heads … will make the life … of Alpagu Kan. For! Protect Kan! Soldiers! They waylaid us. Who? The claw of the wolf with two heads. What happened? All the soldiers are dead except Kra. He is, again. The claw of the wolf with two heads. Saltuk, leave some soldiers here. Protect my Khan. The others will examine the whole steppe. Let them look for all the places. Let them prepare the field in a safe locate. Let’s not prepare the campaign here. You’re right. They can attack us now, let’s get onto ready on the hill above. We go to the river behind the hill. There it is safer. I am the person who is suspicions souls, I gave my heart to the daughter of my opponent. And now I get it back. Mother! Mother! Mother! Remember? You don’t remember. That you do not remember.You don’t become a stone for sorenes like your father. The day I made your mother’s life now, you said you wouldn’t speak to me until you died. That’s what happened. You didn’t say a word. Perhaps Almighty Tengri heard your curse. It made away your brain and your expres. I rewarded myself. Maybe it wasn’t a punishment but a endow. In order to say what I cannot say to anyone, my gave a Tegin who cannot speak nor has the recollection. I look to my left. I accompany my lad Temur. He has his sword in his hands. He made the living standards. He routed the foes. He created the fortunes. But I can’t talk to him. I look at my title. I read my son, Kaya. He has his pencil. He defeated without killing anyone. He gained asset on the Silk Road. Solved the problems. But I can’t talk to him. I look at my soul. I see you. You didn’t kill anyone.You didn’t make anyone kneel. You didn’t help the Khanate. But me you helped me a good deal. You helped Alpagu Khan a great deal, who felt lonely because he was a Khan. I “ve told you” all my achings. I felt relieved. And now … I simply tell youthat I carry your mother’s suffering. After that , not only Kan, but you will help the Khanate of Heaven. My brother’s daughterwill be a bride to you and a hostage to me. As long as his only daughteris in our palace, Balamir cannotfight us. That is why I will form you marry, so thatthe Khanate of Heaven does not split.Do you get wise? You do not understand it. Never mind. That cures me. Tell me something. If I heard your articulate formerly it would destroy those mountains it would dry up this silent river. Say anything. Please. Throw the prow! Shoot! Bad news? Good. Son of Tlsm, my nephew. Will be married. Batuga? Batuga. No. I can’t shoot like this. The soldiers of Heaven would not countenance. If we are awaiting, they will catch us. The soldiers of Heaven are here. The best thing is to make a fire. It’s very dangerous. We “re going to have to” hasten. If the soldiers looking for us is coming, we will have no luck.Protect me. Brt. Stay here, son, wait. The liquid that the mothers left, the liquid that the ancestors left, accept me. Protect me with your feeling. What if this happened to us becauseTengri of Heaven didn’t want Batuga to get married? It is not from Tengri of Heaven. The one who orders himself thetwo-headed wolf’s claw. If Tengri of Heaven wanted to, hewould have killed that thief. But he letthe chest be stolen for the bride. Because he doesn’t want Batuga to get married. We should not make a sacrifice. We is not ask for your approbation. Come on, their own children. Girlfriend Let us dedicate to the Tengri of Heavenand wish their sanction. Or his mother won’t shut up. Let’s go. Notify the Tengri of Heaven, shoot the arrow with whistles.Tengri de Cielo, the owner of the blue sky, hears the whistle of our arrows. Listen to us Hear the great Queen from the soleowner of the territory, the great Khan. We will shed wheat on the foot, so that there is peace. We pour the horse’s milk, so that no blood is spilled. We leave the horses so you can give us good news. My Tengri, the one who protectsthe blue sky and the earth, and the wise water! Give us a indicate. Does our direction bring us well-being, or darkness? Tengri of Heaven, give us a mansion. Temur. Defend! Protect Kan! Alpagu! Protect the Khan! Don’t cry, take it. It’s for those two little kids ..


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