Bullworker 20″ Steel Bow – Full Body Workout – Portable Home Gym Isometric Exercise Equipment for Fast Strength Training Gains. Cross Training Fitness; Chest, Back, Arms, and Abs Exercise Machine

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Product Description


Build Your Chest, Sculpt Your Back, Tone Your Abs, Strengthen Your Shoulders, and Shape Your Legs with Your Simple Easy to use Personal Gym

The dumbbell of Bullworker, is a shorter version of the Steel Bow giving you more versatility, muscle targeting, and traveling capabilities.

Ideal for safe, fast strength training and fat burning at home or on the go. Customized resistance with one simple fitness device with proven 7-second isometric holds to engage more muscle fibers and increase strength up to 66% faster than lifting weights.

Choose between five interchangeable springs: 0 – 35 lbs, 0 – 55 lbs, 0 – 80 lbs, 0 – 100 lbs, and 0 – 130 lbs of resistance.

Our Mission:

Enhance quality of life with simple fitness

Since 1962, Bullworker has been a leader in functional strength exercise giving you low impact and convenient product(s) resulting in stronger bodies with greater flexibility and cardio for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Thank you for choosing Bullworker to accomplish your fitness goals and get ready for a rapid transformation to your body!

*We do not give medical advice. Always consult your physician prior to engaging in physical activity.

Total Body Fitness for All Fitness Levels

Isometric Exercise EquipmentIsometric Exercise Equipment

Core Exercise DeviceCore Exercise Device

Low Impact Exercise EquipmentLow Impact Exercise Equipment

Powerful Resistance

Use high resistance levels for strengthening your muscles and enhance your muscle size quickly

Muscle Targeting & Toning

Use desired resistance levels to focus on muscle targeting and toning with muscle concentration

Low Impact Training

Make the easy choice when it comes to enhancing your muscle and bone density

Portable Home GymPortable Home Gym

Biceps Exercises

Developing your biceps has never been easier with multiple variations and grips like this cable curl for stronger arms and biceps

Back Exercise EquipmentBack Exercise Equipment

Back Exercises

Sculpt your back with a plethora of exercises to target your individual back muscles or efficient exercises that target your back as a whole

Chest Expander Exercise EquipmentChest Expander Exercise Equipment

Chest Exercises

Your Bullworker offers many options for building your chest using different angles, grips, and resistances for optimal results and total chest development

Triceps Exercise EquipmentTriceps Exercise Equipment

Triceps Exercises

Take advantage of your complete personal cable machine. Utilize the triceps extension and other exercises to develop and tone your triceps.

Portable Home GymPortable Home Gym

Biceps Cable Curl

Back Exercise EquipmentBack Exercise Equipment

Reverse Fly

Chest Expander Exercise EquipmentChest Expander Exercise Equipment

Chest Compression

Triceps Exercise EquipmentTriceps Exercise Equipment

Triceps Extension

Leg and Calf Exercise EquipmentLeg and Calf Exercise Equipment

Lower Body

Choose which muscle(s) you want to train and your Bullworker offers simple solutions like this leg developing leg press and calf extension

Leg Exercise EquipmentLeg Exercise Equipment

Leg Extension and Hip Flexor

Find exercising your legs simple as you enjoy the versatility of your Steel Bow

Hip Exercise EquipmentHip Exercise Equipment

Target Hard to Exercise Areas

One piece of equipment, all your lower body goals, including hard to exercise areas like your hips and inner thighs

Abs and Core Exercise EquipmentAbs and Core Exercise Equipment

Abs & Core Exercises

Strengthen and tone your core with your desired resistance and many other options to choose from

Leg and Calf Exercise EquipmentLeg and Calf Exercise Equipment

Calf Extension

Leg Exercise EquipmentLeg Exercise Equipment

Leg Extension

Hip Exercise EquipmentHip Exercise Equipment

Hip Adduction

Abs and Core Exercise EquipmentAbs and Core Exercise Equipment

Resisted Crunch

Total Body Fitness EquipmentTotal Body Fitness Equipment

What are Isometrics?

The Science Behind Bullworker

The most significant breakthrough in fitness came when Dr. E.A. Muller and Dr. Th. Hettinger discovered maximum muscle growth can be attained by exerting 60% of existing muscle strength against a superior resistance for only 7 seconds once a day; a remarkable fitness technique known as isometrics.

The study at the Max Planck Institute (Germany’s Prestigious Research Institute) consisted of over 200 experiments over a ten-year period. Optimum results are attained with 5 workouts per week, but impressively, even one single weekly workout is sufficient to maintain your improvements attained.

Professor James A. Baley put isometrics to the test with a class of college students at the University of Connecticut. The study resulted in the isometric training group improving three times faster than the sports training group on tests measuring increases in strength, endurance, coordination, and agility.

Core and Abs ExerciserCore and Abs Exerciser

Is the Steel Bow right for me? (Difference from Bow Classic)

Comes with 5 easily interchangeable springs to match the resistance levels that are right for you
Workout programs designed to help you achieve your fitness goals
Use anywhere; home, office and perfect for traveling
Isometric – Improve Your Strength
Iso-Motion – Improve Your flexibility and Strength
Isotonic – Toning and Definition
Resiliency – Improve Your Cardio and Recovery

While the fitness principles are the same as the Bow Classic, the smaller size of the Steel-Bow allows you to target specific muscle groups, much like you would with a Dumbbell, for more precise exercise. The Steel-Bow allows for easier Iso-Motion, where you move through full joint rotation while exercising your muscles.

You choose what works for you, the Steel-Bow allows you to mix and match fitness programs you will never outgrow. Improve your personal health and fitness and succeed with life’s demands without lifting heavy weights.

Quickly Sculpt Your Chest, Shoulders & Back with Low Impact Scientifically Proven 7 Second Exercises Best for Muscle Targeting
Complete Portable Home/Travel Gym With Free Carrying Case & Routines to Follow- burn Calories and tone your Body in Minutes, anywhere!
Perfect for All Fitness Levels – (5) Interchangeable Springs for Custom Resistance for all Your Fitness Needs
No Setup Required – ready to go out of the box. 20″ Length – Download your FREE manual(s) and 90 day routine here: https://www.bullworker.com/your-transformation/
Your Satisfaction Guaranteed – We stand behind our products and offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and 5 Year Warranty

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