Beginnings Of Paleo Diet

The Beginnings Of Paleo Diet

Paleo diet or the caveman diet is a type of diet that is gaining popularity after its rediscovery. Paleo diet has become one of the most searched terms in Google and this alone is an indication that there are lots of people that are intrigued by this new but old kind of diet. If you are confused, don’t be. Paleo diet may sound new but it is the diet that our ancestors have been following and it seemed to work for them.
When learning about Paleo diet, it is best to immerse oneself into the dynamics of the diet. Proponents of paleo diets say that our ancestors are stronger and did not suffer from any metabolic diseases that we have today. The diet contributed immensely on how they have staved off disorders and remained strong as they go through their daily grind without much help with technology and machineries that we have today.
The idea behind paleo diet is rather simple, eat what our ancestors had eaten and do the workload of our ancestors and you will get a healthy body as a result. However, this is easier said than done. While you will have the privilege of eating as much food and the kind of food that each one would like to eat but you need to work your behind to make the food you eat work to your advantage. Confused? Don’t be, as here are some of the things that you need to know about the diet.
In the 1970s, paleo diet proponents acknowledge the work of Walter Voegtlin for introducing a concept that has been mulling around for years. Voegtlin proposed that Paleolithic diet is better for humans and that genetics have nearly changed even with the promotion of agriculture. Voegtlin said that the best diet for humans is the diet that consumed by Paleolithic ancestors. Today, this diet remains one of the top debate topics among physicians and dietitians. The Health Service of the United Kingdom dismisses this diet as a fad. Critics said that the diet could pose potential health risks as an unbalanced diet could do more harm than good.
Yet, proponents say that humans should go back to eating the way the ancestors did because of the staggering numbers of people that are overweight and obese that led to numerous diseases. Paleo diet is tapping into the real way of eating and the designed diet for humans. This will lead to better health and longer lives.
Paleo diet completely eradicates sugar and prevents sugar from damaging the body and crashing it. No grains for the body it is not designed to eat it. Also no processed foods, since our ancestors never had processed food. In fact, cancer patients had better lifespans when sugar is eliminated from the diet.
The body has been using carbohydrates as the chief source of energy. The proponents of paleo diet believe that the body is designed to operate at a low carbohydrate level. The body has a way to find new sources of energy and it will eat the fat that is stored in the body through ketogenesis. When there is absence of sugar, the body will turn to fat as an energy source.
The jury is still out on paleo diet. It is best that you consult a doctor whether this kind of diet is plausible. Regardless of diet plan, your health and welfare is of paramount concern and only a health professional can help you determine it.

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