Asterix und das Geheimnis des Zaubertranks – Teaser Trailer (deutsch/german; FSK 0)

As a druid and hamlet elder, I have a great responsibility to face. I’ve never been sick all these years. I didn’t even sprain my ankle. Not even that! And then out of the blue … … ZACK! Soon I am no longer the only one … … who is familiar with the preparation of the magic potion. What? I will start looking for a young successor … … whom I will initiate into the secret of the magic potion … … and who will take over my locate as the druid of the village. What ?? He’s talking about a recipe? And that planneds? Why do we just let this senile old gull listen at the door? Oh, Teutates. Hurry up and is demonstrated by the nature … … to the secret Avalon, where the apples develop day and night.Now he’s talking about apples. Maybe a recipe with apples? An apple pie. Nonsense! I listen apples. Sure you heard apples? Are you sure you Tattergreis are not completely deaf? Well wait, you lout! Just a question: If another druid brews the magic potion in the future ….. can I finally try it ?.


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