20 Pounds in 90 Days: Kick food cravings, jump start healthy habits, & change your life- in 12 weeks

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Do you want to feel sexy as hell in a bathing suit? Be more energetic and healthy than ever, while eating lots of food you love?

Infused with conversational wit, tough love, and common sense, 20 POUNDS IN 90 DAYS is a balanced, sustainable plan to change your habits and the way you eat forever, and transform your life in profound and unexpected ways.

Suffering from health problems, food addiction, and strapped for time to exercise, FitQuickApp.com founder and author Chloe Black wanted a way out of diet myths and self-deprivation. After putting natural food theories to practice with scientific-backed research, she perfected this revolutionary program to lose 20 pounds or more, in just 3 months.

Are you tired of boring, restrictive diets? Do you deny yourself the foods you love, only to binge and feel bad?

Committing to meal preparation and a health regimen is a challenge. 20 POUNDS IN 90 DAYS makes it easy to beat procrastination with a 28-day meal-planning calendar, 4 detailed shopping guides, 16 creative and delicious recipes, proven exercise routines, and much more.

If you love food and want to enjoy lots of it, this program is perfect for you.

Don’t waste time and money on expensive "fat burner" pills, starvation cleanses, or infomercial ab-gimmicks. Learn to leverage the power of natural foods to live longer and get the defined arms, abs, and thighs you want.

This isn’t a book of quick fixes and generic “you can do it” tips. Through these 28 principles, you will FINALLY master the confidence you need to:
• Gain control over your progress by measuring macronutrients, BMI, and other key health indicators.

• Enjoy carbs the healthy way, and still lose weight.

• Use strength training and HIIT exercise techniques to accelerate your success into overdrive.

What will you learn with 20 POUNDS IN 90 DAYS?

• Essential habit-building strategies to reach your goals.

• Daily drink supplement that will cleanse your body and prime it for fat loss.

• 3 healthy hacks to drop 5 pounds in a single week.

As well as…

• 28 easily learnable components that make losing weight feel easy, and happen naturally.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to master your own self-discipline, eat food you love, and get to your goal weight?

Done correctly, you will quickly see visible improvements including higher self-esteem, increased alertness, a more athletic body, trimmer waistline, the ability to rise above temptation, live a longer life, and look better naked.

Dedicate yourself to the 20 POUNDS IN 90 DAYS program, and in just a few, short months, experience these results:

• You’re done with yo-yo dieting, and your head is clear of the shame and self-judgment that used to plague your thoughts.

• No longer feel embarrassed of how you look in pictures or certain outfits. Feel sexy and comfortable in clothes, or nothing at all.

• Everyone is "wowed" by your body. Friends and family are shocked by your physical transformation, and everyone wants to know your secret.

The benefits are countless, and the price is small. Scroll up to buy!

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