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– [Lesley] Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga. I’m Lesley Fightmaster. This is YogaFix30, day number three. Welcome! We’re gonna startsitting up nice and tall. And close your eyes a moment as you come int to your Ujjayi breathing, in and out through the nose. And we’ll begin with ourLouise Hay affirmation. I now discover how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself. I now discover how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself. I encourage you to saythat several times today. Gonna roll forward from here. Make sure you have twoblocks and a strap available for today and all of our practices. Make your way into child’s poseand reach the arms forward.Spread your fingers out nice and wide. Continuing your Ujjayi breathing, relax your shoulders away from your ears. Inhale, come up onto your knees. Tuck your toes and stretchinto downward facing dog and then walk your dog. Bend one knee and then the other as you warm up and stretch out your hamstrings, your calves. Then bend both knees, keep the hips way up highto stretch out your back and straighten the legsas much as you can. If they don’t straightenall the way, no worries. Breathing here. Draw the belly in and up. And then inhale, liftingthe right leg back and up. This time, let’s bend theknee and open up the hip which feels good to doevery now and again. Just don’t wanna do it every time because it’s not good for our lower back doing that over and over. Square off the hips,come knee toward belly, shoulders over wrists, press away from the floorusing your core muscles and step forward. We’re going to focus onthe lower body today. Keep the back knee offthe floor if you can. Bring your blocks to eitherside of your right foot if it’s hard to reach the floor.Now you can always use the block. So you could always keep yourback knee down here as well. Make sure the right knee isover the ankle and inhale. Lift your right arm up as you draw your right hip back and down. So we’re gonna focus on lower body and we’ll have some twists today as well. So keep the body just like it is. Squeeze outer hips, inner thighs. Come on up. Shoulders right above thehips still in that same twist.Make sure the right kneeis over the ankle as well and turn to the front. Bend the back knee,tilt the pelvis forward and now straighten through that back leg as you continue to pullthe right hip back. Take a couple long breaths and bring the hands down tothe mat, come to plank pose. Slowly lower knees upor down to your belly. All 10 toenails press down, come to cobra. Pull the hands toward thefeet, keep lifting the belly and then tuck the toesunder, knees up or down to downward facing dog. Stretch back here and inhale. We’ll lift the left legback and up, bend the knee, open up the hip. Stretch evenly through the arms and the shoulders as you breath, reach down through the right heel.And then inhale and square off your hips. Exhale, bring your knee forward so your thigh is by your belly and shoulders are above the wrists. Press away from the floor andthen step that left foot up. You can take the back knee down or you can keep it off the floor. Hands on either side of theleft foot or use your blocks.Pull the left hip back. Keep the spine nice and long here. So you hover your belly over your thigh. And then inhale, left arm up. Keep the right hand down onthe floor or on your block. Draw your left hip back, drop it down, lift your right hip away from the floor. Keep your body just like it is as you squeeze the outerhips, inner thighs to come up. Shoulders right above thehips still in that same twist. Make sure the left kneestays over the ankle. Come to center, bend the back knee, tilt the pelvis forward andstraighten that back leg. Ribs in, remember, lower back lengthens. Exhale, bring the hands to the mat. Make your way to down dog. Either exhaling through Chaturanga first. Inhaling into up dog, thighsand knees off the floor if you’re an up dog. Exhale, back to down dog. Feel free to skip any of those vinyasas. Walk your hands all theway back to the feet, and then grab your big toes, bend the knees as much as you need to. Look up on your inhaleand fold on your exhale.Now, if your legs are straight, shift your weight towardthe balls of your feet. Crown of the head is reaching down. Draw your shoulders away fromthe ears as you breathe here. Nice long smooth breaths. Inhale, look up. Hands to hips, bend the knees and then reach your arms by your ears. Now, hover your belly above your thighs as you keep your hips downand weight in the heels. Reach the arms forward. It’s a variation of chair pose. And now, keep that chair pose but lift the belly so it’smore like a traditional one.Keep the weight in the heels, inner thighs spinningdown, shins pressing back. And then belly above thighs, again, hover. Bring your hands back to the mat, walk yourself into downwardfacing dog once again. Stretch back, stretch out your spine. Arms and ears inline. Arms, shoulders distance,feet, hips width. Look forward, walk orhop your feet to hands and inhale, hands toshins, lengthen forward. Exhale, fold over the legs. Bend the knees again,come back into chair pose. Drop the hips, arms by ears,sink back, weight in the heels. Now exhale, right arm back but keep the right hip movingforward so knees are in line. Left arm stays up. Inhale to center, keep that chair. Left hand back but keepthe left hip moving forward so hips stay level. Inhale through center, sit back and then exhale, come to standing back to Samasthiti Tadasana. Inhale, bend the knees again, chair pose. Exhale, belly to thighs and then straighten thelegs as much as you like. Inhale, look up, lengthen. Exhale to plank pose. Chaturanga, shoulders nolower than the elbows. Inhale, upward dog or stick with cobra.Exhale, lift up and back for downward dog. Right leg lifts on your inhale. Exhale, bring it over to your right tricep then to center and step itforward between the hands. Fingertips down again. Reach the right arm up. Remember, you can use blocks here. And then keeping your armslike they are, come on up. Keep that twist. The right knee stays over the ankle as you reach out through the arms. Stretching forward and back. And come to center, bend the back knee, tilt the pelvis forward.Now, hover over your frontleg and swim your arms back. Reach the fingertips back butkeep shoulder heads lifting, keep your belly lifting. And then release hands to the mat straightening the front leg. Remember, use the blocksif you can’t reach and fold over your straight front leg as you keep pulling that right hip back. Press into the big toe moundof the right foot here. Rerun that knee. Come to plank, lower Chaturanga. Inhaling, upward dog. Exhale back into downward dog. Left leg lifts, inhale. Bring it all the way across or all the way up to the left tricep. And then to center, step it up. Stay on the ball of your back foot.Left hand down, rightarm up for your twist. Keep the left knee over the ankle and pull your left hip back. Draw the ribs and belly and start squeezing outerhips and inner thighs and come all the way upinto your twisted lunge. Reach through the arms,shoulders above the hips. Keep pressing into the front heel then come to center. Bend the back knee,tilt the pelvis forward. Now straighten through that back leg, keep the length and hoveryour belly above your thigh as you swim the arms back. Lift the shoulder heads,widen across your chest. Widen your collarbones.Keep the back of your necknice and long as you breathe. Exhale, hands to the floor or blocks and fold over your straight left leg. Make a long breath here. And then halfway up, inhale,step to plank, Chaturanga. Inhaling to upward dog. Exhale, press back into downward dog. Spread the fingers wide, press into the base of the fingers, lift up through your forearms. Breathing here, bend the knees. Step or lightly hop feet to hands. Inhale, come halfway up, lengthen. Fold on your exhale, bend the knees again, come back into chair.Stretch the arms up and thencome to standing Samasthiti. Face the long side of your mat. Toes out, heels in, bend the knees. Press knees back, drop your butt down and then gently rockyourself side to side. So we’ll really workon the lower body here. Lift the chest, relaxyour shoulder blades, and then come to center. And now, reach arms up,palms facing each other.Keep pressing the kneesback and tailbone down. Then come halfway up, exhale, sink in low. Inhale, halfway up, exhale, sink down. Inhale, squeeze out our hipsinner thighs, come halfway up, exhale, sink down nice and low. Keep lifting hip bones to low ribs. Inhale, halfway up. Exhale, sink down. And inhale, right heellifts and set it down. Inhale, left heel. Exhale, release. Right heel up, inhale. Exhale to lower. Inhale, left heel. And exhale, lower down. Both heels up and balance. Squeeze outer hips, inner thighs.Straighten the legs, heelsdown, release the arms. Step or hop your feet together. Come back to the frontof the mat in Tadasana. Feet hips width or together. Inhale, bend the knees,drop the hips back to chair. Exhale, fold forward, belly to thighs then straighten the legs. Look up, inhale, lengthen. Exhale, step or float. If you float back, make sure you land with bent elbows in Chaturanga. Up dog on your inhale. Down dog on your exhale. Lift your right leg, inhale. Exhale, bring it all the way across to the left tricep and twist. Now, straighten out that leg.Take it to the floor, reach the left arm, stretch out the whole front of the body. Come back to center,pick up that leg again and now, step it by the right hand. Stand the ball of your back foot. Left hand down, right arm up again. Knee over ankle on that right leg. Pull the belly in. Inhale, come on up, stretching through the arms to your twist. Make sure your shouldersare above the hips. Keep reaching through both arms. Knee over ankle, pull theright hip back, come to center. Exhale, lean forward, sweep the arms back and then this time, reachthe arms by the ears. Step up onto that right foot and lift the left legfrom the inner thigh. Drop the outer hip down. Stretch through the arms and the leg.Slowly set that backfoot down into crescent. High lunge again. Make sure the right knees over the ankle. Exhale, hands to the floor. Straighten the leg and fold over the leg. You can always have blocks here. Pull the right hip back, bend the knee, make your way to down dog. Either exhaling through Chaturanga or you can just go right into it. Inhaling up dog, back to down dog. Left leg lifts, inhale. Exhale, take it across overto the right tricep, twist. Then straighten out thatleg, put it on the floor and stretch the rightarm up as you stretch up the whole front of the body. Bring the right hand down. Pick up that knee and thenstep a left foot by left hand. Stay on the ball of your back foot, pull the left hip back, liftthe right arm up, twist. Keep squeezing outerhips and inner thighs. Keep your body as it is. Come on up into yourstanding crescent twist.Pull the left hip back, keepthe knee over the ankle, draw in your ribs and belly. Come to center, lengthenthrough the low back, hover belly above the left thigh. Sweep the arms back. And lift the shoulder heads then reach the arms forward once again. Step up on to that left leg and lift the right legfrom the inner thigh into Warrior III. If you wobble, don’t even worry about it. I’m totally wobbling. Slowly set the foot back down. We’ll come back into a high lunge. Reach up and then exhale the hands down. Chaturanga. Inhale, pressing up. Exhale, tuck the toesinto downward facing dog. Remember, you can alwayspush the pause button, take a child’s pose anytime you like. Inhale, lift the right leg. Exhale, bring it down the center, hover. Step it up by that right hand. Take the one back footin and take it flat. Bring your block on the littletoe side of the right foot and come all the wayto standing square up. Hips and shoulders to the front.Left arm up, inhale. Exhale, lean forward, takeyour left hand to your block. Pull the right hip back. Lengthen, inhale. Twist as you exhale. So pull your right hip back. Try and keep your hips nice and level. Squeeze an imaginary blockbetween the inner thighs. Make sure the legs are very active here. Take another breath,relax the shoulder blades and relax the jaw.Look back to the floor, pick up the block. Take it over toward the left side, about a foot in front of you. Float your back leg up,point the toe straight down so hips are level. Turn again to the right and twist. Twisted half moon. Stretch up through the top arm, reach through the back leg as if you’re pressing it into the wall. Then look down and stepyour feet together. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, fold over the legs. Come to plank. Chaturanga, exhale or skip it. Inhaling up dog and back to down dog. Left leg lifts, inhale. As you exhale, bring it down the center. Hover a moment and then lightly step it up by the left thumb.Stay on the, or walk theback foot in, take it flat. Take the block to the littletoe side of your left foot. Line up heel to heel or wider. Right arm up, inhale. Exhale, lean forward. Get some length and thentake the hand to the block. Pull the chest forward, inhale. Pull the left hip back. Exhale, twist. Turn your belly, your ribcage, your chest. Stretch up through the left arm. If it’s too hard to reach the block on the little toe side of the foot, you can always put it on thebig toe side of the foot.A little easier to reach. Squeeze inner thighs. Keep your hips nice and level. Now pick up that block. Take it over toward theright side of the mat. Bring it in front of youabout 12 inches or so. Float the back leg up and turnagain to the left to twist. Make sure the hips are level. So point the toes straight down. You lift the back legfrom the inner thigh, drop the outer hip. One more breath here then looking down, step your feet together. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, fold over the legs. Let’s grab opposite elbows,feet hips width and hang. Gently rocking side to side. Come back to steady breathing. Let your head hang downas you turn it yes and no.Your arms hang toward the floor, bend the knees as much as you like. Come halfway up, inhale. Exhale, back into plankpose and lower Chaturanga. Inhale, press through the hands and feet. Exhale, stretch into downward facing dog, adho mukha shvanasana. Look up, we’ll come to seated,stepping or hopping and sit. Have a block handy next to you as you come onto your back. Heels under knees. Make sure the outer edgesof your feet are parallel. Press down into theheels, lift into bridge. Either keep the hands flat or you may roll the shoulders under interlacing the fingersif that feels okay. Spin inner thighs down toward the floor like you’re holding ablock between the legs. Keep your chin away from your chest and then slowly lower down. And then soles of feettogether, knees apart. Put a hand on your heartcenter, hand on your belly. Breathe in. Think of something thatyou’re grateful for today. And we’ll set up again for bridge. Feet hips-width, heels underknees, arms by your sides or interlace the fingers asyou roll shoulders under, other pinky on top.Now walk your feet a littlecloser together this time. Inhale, right leg lifts. Knees in line with each other. Press into the left heel asyou keep lifting your hips. Now, lift that leg straightup toward the ceiling. It doesn’t have to be straight. Keep pressing away from the floor. Keep those hips up. Bend the knee, set it down. Left leg, lift it, knees inline, stretch it forward. Keep pressing into theright heel, lift the hips and now, stretch that left leg straight up toward the ceiling. Keep lifting up. To really working the hamstring muscles. Bend the knees, set it down. Once again, right leg lifts. Forward first, knees in line. And you can all, andthen lift it straight up. You can always release the clasp. Two of my hands are flat on the floor now. Bend the knee, set it down. Left leg straight forward, knees in line. Lift it up toward the ceiling. Keep lifting the hips, lift, lift, lift. And then bend the knee. Take it back down and lower. Soles of feet together, knees apart, a hand on the belly, handon the heart’s center.Think of something that youwould love to have to do or be. This is a great time to manifest. Bring it into your life. How this open heart energygoes right into the universe. Hey, if you don’t ask forit, how will you get it? Take the feet back in,knees into chest now. Gently rock yourself side to side. Now rock back and forth,up and down the spine or roll to the rightand press up either way. I’m all the way up to seated. Take your right anklejust past your left knee so you can walk in closely. That’s gonna give you a big stretch or keep your hands further behind you. You can even come onto your forearms here but make sure to drawthe right hip forward and flex the right ankle. It’s a variation of thread the needle. Release, left ankle justpast the right knee.You can stay further awayfrom the legs or walk it in. Also remember, you canlean back onto forearms. Don’t round your back. That’ll keep your chest lifted. Try left hip forward, flex the left ankle. Take another breath and release. Extend both legs forward,reach arms up, inhale. Hinge from the hips. Come forward, lengthen and extend. If it’s hard to reach the feet, use your strap or hold the legs. If it’s hard to sit up tall, you can always put ablanket or a pillow or block under your hips as you sit. Head up, inhale and release. Right hand behind, left armacross for little twist. Inhale to lengthen. Exhale to twist. Back to center, left handbehind, right arm across. A twist to the other side. Come back through centerand lie on to your back. Lengthen your sitting bonestoward the backs of your knees, shoulder blades toward the waist and now let your feet flipopen, arms by your sides. Relax, close your eyes. As you’re settling, here is aquote from Carlos Castaneda. “The trick is in what one emphasizes.”We either make ourselves miserable “or we make ourselves happy. “The amount of work is the same.” I’ll be back in a moment. Rest. Begin to take longer breathsas you make some movements in the fingers, in the toes. Stretch out throughyour arms and your legs, bend your knees, roll to your right side. Thank yourself for takingyour practice today. Good work. Slowly press yourself up to seated. I’m crossing at the shins. Sit nice and tall, bringthe hands together. Let’s bring the hands to the forehead reminding us to haveclear and loving thoughts.Hands to the heart, reminding us to have clearand loving intentions and hands to the mouth to remind us to have clearand loving communication sending out positive energyto all beings everywhere. Namaste. Thank you so much. I will see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to go to fightmasteryoga.com and also go to patreon.com/fightmasteryoga because we would love foryou to join our community and there will be additionalvideos after the 30 days available there if you join. See you tomorrow. Bye..

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