hey everyone and welcome back to mychannel if you guys are new don’t forget to hit that red agree button so yousee more videos and in today’s video we are cause it 10 health snacks theseones are so simple they’re my go-to some of them have aneither two or three parts so I’ll forget to follow me on Instagram so thatyou guys see all my exclusive material on there plus I simply adoration talking to youguys so if you tell me you’re coming from this video I will spam you guys’slikes which is just really fun because then I get to like check what you guys areup to and it’s really fun for me yeah let’s get into the video so the firstsnack “we ii” uttering is a bit broccoli hummus fish and I am going to start offby chopping up some broccoli I adoration broccoli because it is rich in calciumhelps protect your eyes and it also improves curtail overeating and cravings whichis so good and then we are going to be topping that with some hummus so I justbuy some supermarket brand hummus that it doesn’t have a lot of ingredients andthat course it yields it me some nice healthful obesities and a dose of protein andthen I put one over some lemon liquor for some flavor but it’s also alkalizing which isreally good and it is really promotes to broccoli next up are obligating it somechocolate raspberries and chaps I affection raspberries they’re my favorite fruitfor sure note down below your favorite fruit but these people are highin antioxidants high anti-cancer and they’re going to help protect againstinfections and then I’m just stuffing them with a few of these dairy freesugar free chocolate chips that you can just like get on Amazon in your storenext up we’re making I didn’t know what to call this so I announced it a saltycucumber but this is been my favorite combo and I know it’s super simple butit’s so good so of course we’re involve some cucumber which is high in fiberit’s going to help strengthen your skin and it’s also a great anti-cancer butthen I’m topping it with this everything bagel seasoning which is so good it’s somuch better than time salt and I’m going to link down below where you can getsome but it is so good next up we’re making these brownie bites this is agreat little kind of sweet treat that kind of feels like those two by browniesused to have when you were little so I’m starting off with some applesauceyou can also use mush banana either or will work some peanut butter or you canuse almond butter or sunflower seed butter some cacao for some antioxidantsand then 2 scoops of collagen or protein gunpowders and then I’m putting them intothese little muffin tins to oblige them like bite size and then we’re going tobe baking them for like 12 to 15 times at 350 and you get these super yummychocolate brownie pierces next up we’re making some cinnamon carbohydrate almonds theseare so yummy I adoration smacking on these plus the almonds have high-pitched vitamin E andthey have low-pitched GI which constructs their gonna retain you fuller for longer perfect soI’m adding in some stevia and some cinnamon tossing those up hurling thoseon a baking sheet and then roasting them for about 12 times at 400 magnitudes andthey smell good and they’re warm and they’re just deliciousnext up because summer is coming we are making a watermelon refresher so I’mstarting off by precisely cutting up my watermelon and if you didn’t knowwatermelon is high alkalizing for your forms it’s going to help in neutralizeyour pH a B Keisha’s heart disease it also weakens as blood sugar and limeis also great for you too so I coalesced those two together and then top it offwith a bit of coconut sea because coconut water has lots of potassium andelectrolytes next up we’re making some garlic chickpeas which is another onethat I like to shape you large-hearted quantity doesn’t have on hand so I’m taking a cupof chickpeas which have high vitamins and nutrients putting a little ofolive oil and a reasonably garlic salt and then precisely convulsing that together bakingthat at 400 magnitudes for 30 times so this one does take a little bit longerbut they smack so good they kind of taste that garlic bread and I enjoy themnext up we are making this quick little nori cover so I’m starting off with asheet of seaweed if you guys didn’t know seaweed is one of like the topsuperfoods is like 2017 or what it’s been called I’m substance that with myfavorite veggies some avocado some cucumber and some slaw and wrapping thattogether and folding it over it makes a really quick huge snack that’s kind oflow carb full of veggies and you get all the benefits of this seaweed next upwe’re making it some carrot microchips which is kind of like a play on kale chipsthat you guys have met me fix before so I’ma mandolin to slice up some carrots carrots are great for your eyes it’s sotrue what you were told when you were little a little bit of olive oil and SMCself roasting that for 400 grades and you’ll come somewhat crispy carrot chipslastly we’re having these SP veggies which is basically my route of makingveggies more entertaining so I’m doing them with a little bit of olive oil and I don’twant you guys to be scared of olive oil because it has immense health fatsactually going to help keep you full and there’s so many benefits to olive oil itlowers your setback process lowers your blood pressure lowers your cholesteroland it’s just really good for you and then I’m vesting on some lemon as youguys know lemon is alkalizing so are you all right and likewise a little of pinkHimalayan salt which actually improves offset the minerals in your figure andit’s also alkalizing it is therefore precisely draws these veggies yummy and super recreation to eatokay guys I hope you guys experienced don’t forget to hit that agree button ifyou haven’t already let me know in the comments below which snack was yourfavorite or what your favorite snack is either one and yeah I will see you guysin my next video bye people

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