10 Easy Vitamix Recipes to Help You Lose Weight

Hey it’s Lenny Gale with Life is NOYOKE. Today, I have 10 Vitamix recipes that can help you lose weight. We’re going to go quick. But I want to say the best part about these recipes: They are going to help you lose weight. But these are also things that will help you sustain your sexy body. Number one green smoothie specifically we make Carolyne’s green smoothie. Frozen mango, banana, orange, kale, and a little bit of almond milk. Carolyne’s green smoothie: the creaminess the best you cannot taste the greens. Number two: green juice. Another way to drink your greens. The difference between a juice and a smoothie is that a juice is more liquid, smoothies are creamier. Green juice. We make a spicy green juice. It’s fruit, greens, and seeds and has ginger and lemon to give it sort of a brightness and a kick. We have it always. And always stocked in our fridge. Our baby drinks it. Baby-sized green juice. Isn’t that cute? He’s not trying to lose weight. Green juice! You don’t need a Vitamix to make it. Number three: Detox salad: cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, kale, with some seeds little raisins.

And it has an avocado dressing. It’s amazing and you can make it in batches. You can make it for the entire week. It’s going to fill you up but not make you feel like you’re full. Number four is nut butters specifically almond butter. You can grab and snack on it, it’s going to fill you up and almonds are amazing for losing weight. You can eat a couple spoonfuls as a snack you can eat dozen spoonfuls like I do and I’m hungry. It’s an advanced Vitamix recipe for sure it takes some practice and a little bit of elbow grease but homemade almond butter is so much better than store-bought almond butter, stuff that you would get at Costco.

It’s like impossibly creamy. They must remove some of the good stuff. Number five: cheese alternatives. Everyone is trying to reduce their dairy consumption. Cheese is one of those things you make it go way, you’re going to lose weight immediately. What do we do for cheese alternatives? We make queso. It’s a nuts and red pepper cheese dip. It’s cheeseless cheese dip with a kick. It’s the best. We always have it. I don’t know if I was out of focus. Was I out of focus? Another cheese alternative, broccoli cheese soup. Third cheese alternative: dairy-free cream cheese. So easy to make, slap it on a bagel. You’re winning. Number five: Nice cream! Frozen bananas and a little fruit it in the Vitamix, use the tamper you have creamy delicious ice cream. Other types: you can make sorbet. We’ve made a Wendy’s style Frosty. Frozen dessert you can make a huge batch have a little right away and then pre-portion it. Such a good alternative to store-bought ice cream. And you don’t have to give up dessert but you’re going to have a healthy dessert to feel good and satisfy that sweet tooth.

Still on desserts number six: We love to make our black bean brownies. No one will know black beans in them. Number seven: Snack bites like no-bake snack bite balls. Easy to make, easy to grab-and-go. They’re great. They’re their nuts and seeds. Snack bites! Have you ever made cauliflower rice in your Vitamix? You ever riced cauliflower? Now that is so good. Such a good alternative to a white rice. You still get that. sensation of eating rice. Rice the cauliflower in your Vitamix. Boom. I think that cauliflower rice was number nine. Number 10: Sauces. You can make your own sauce and here is one that we love to make that makes vegetables amazing. Thai peanut sauce. We use this Thai peanut sauce for spring rolls. Zoodles. So like zucchini noodles. This sauce is like a magic sauce.

Also one of those things you can make every week. Thai peanut sauce is so easy. It’s like four ingredients. Those recipes you can make them in your Vitamix they’re going to help you lose weight. If you’re not already definitely subscribe to our channel. If you appreciate this video hit that thumbs up button. We’ll see you in the next..