1 Kg Weight Loss in 1 Day | सिर्फ Paneer और Eggs से | Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast | Hindi Video

1 Kg Weight Loss in 1 Day is easy as well as possible. In this Diet Plan, you will need only 2 ingredients. You neither have to spend much time in the kitchen nor you have to make any difficult recipes. Whether you are at home or at work, you can easily follow this nutrition mean. For this Diet plan, we need Eggs and Paneer. For Breakfast, the authorities concerned will take 200 grams Paneer and Green Tea. We have made small-minded paneer cubes now and sufficed it with dwelling stimulated pudina chutney. You can take Paneer as you like, in raw form only. For Lunch, we will take 3 Boiled Eggs and Green Tea. To move eggs taste better, we have added chopped onion and coriander needles and performed it with home stimulated chutney. You can even have cooked eggs with salt and black pepper scattered on it. In evening snack, we will again have 200 grams of Paneer with Green Tea. You may even oust Paneer with Tofu( Soy Paneer) You may take Tofu of any reputed brand. Now, we have prepared Tofu and Tomato Salad.You may have Tofu even without adding tomatoes. You may have Paneer in one of the dinners and Tofu in the other, it’s entirely your alternative. In Dinner, we will again have 3 cooked eggs with lettuce tea. If you want to have your regular tea, make sure you have it without carbohydrate and milk. Follow this nutrition plan only once a few months. If you are unwell, then avoid this diet plan. Paneer has much more calories than Tofu. 100 gram Paneer has about 265 Calories whereas Tofu has just 62 Calories which is why it helps in Weight Loss. But Paneer has three times more Protein than Tofu. Paneer stops you full for a longer duration and you won’t feel hungry soon. Both Paneer and Tofu have their nutritional significance. You must have Tofu to lose weight but don’t bypassed Paneer altogether because paneer has good amount of protein and calcium that is required for your body.If you are diabetic, then shunned Tofu. If during the day you feel hungry, then have salads like cucumbers or tomatoes. If your person is fit and you maintain a health life-style, then 6 eggs with egg yolk won’t start you any impairment. Don’t litter the egg yolk very. All the minerals, vitamins of the egg are actually present in its egg yolk. So when you hurl the egg yolk, you squander a major nutritional one of the purposes of the egg. Egg yolk is necessary for women too as it gives you good amount of iron. Have as much water as you are eligible to which will help flush out toxins from your body.Once “were losing” 1 kg, try to maintain it as well. Try to walk or gallop daily for 15 hours ..

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