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Hello everyone, today’s video is all aboutsnacks you can eat to boost your kidney state! Yes, you heard it right: there are currently 3 yummy, delicious and healthy snacks you can eat and that are healthy for you if you have kidneydisease. And I’ve graded them for their health benefits, so you’ll also view which one will assist you “the worlds largest”. Yes, this is that one in a million video whereyou can find foods that you are able to like as much as your kidneys will! And we are also going to answer the Age-OldQuestion: can people with kidney problems feed cheese? My name is Katherine and this is 00 kidney! Therefore welcomed our tour together to a betterkidney health! Tap the agree button and prepared the notificationbell to “all” if you want to be notified about my future videos! So, let’s talk about snacking. That’s a guilty please so many of you havebeen advised against. Because most snacks are often filled withbad solid, calories, sugar, salt, and other parts that can be harmful to the kidney. But this doesn’t apply to the 3 snacks oftoday’s video! Let’s see immediately what they are! Our number 3 is…Brie cheeseBrie is a soft cow’s milk cheese that originated in France but is now favourite worldwide. It’s pale yellow with an palatable husk of whitemold. Now, brie cheese is … yummy. I enjoy French cheese and “thats one” of thefinest instances. It’s usually served with bread, but it canalso be accompanied with results. Apples, pears but also almonds are reallyhealthy and appetizing with some brie cheese. Now, When it comes to cheese, parties oftensay they cherish it so much better they can’t live without it – but hate that it is possible do you solid andcauses heart disease. And, it also contains a lot of phosphorusand sodium. So the big question is: can parties with kidneydisease experience brie cheese? Is it health? Let’s take a look at the nutritional valuesof this cheese.Brie contains protein and solid along with vitaminB1 2, riboflavin, and, as we have seen, calcium and vitamin D3, constructing it exceedingly nutrient-dense. It offers 100 calories per 1 ounce( 28 grams ). Too, we need to consider that brie has somesodium and phosphorus. For one ounce, brie has 170 mg of sodium and5 3 mg of phosphorus. But, can you contributed it to your diet? The refute, in my view, is yes. 53 mg of phosphorus are not that bad for cheese. Actually, brie is one of the cheeses withless phosphorus and sodium. And it even has health benefits! It’s a good informant of vitamin D3, perhaps themost important vitamin for your kidneys, but likewise of calcium, really hard to get in a renaldiet. Likewise, like many real cheese, brie containsConjugated linoleic acid, CLA.Research has suggested that CLA may help preventobesity, cardiac infarction, and increase rash. Also, it’s a myth that the solid in cheese cancontribute to heart problems. Full fat dairy is associated with a healthierbody heavines and does not appear to increase your risk of congestive heart failure. So, if dined in moderation, this one is agreat snack. It may promote feelings of fullness and aidappetite control, which can in turn promote weight loss. Is still caloric thick-witted and contains some phosphorusand sodium. So, stop that in mind if you want to add itto your diet. And too don’t forget to talk to your doctorbefore trying any brand-new food. Actually, I don’t recommend eating this oneevery day, but maybe it could be a nice snack one or two times per week. Especially if you keep the portion to somethinglike this, about one ounce. Remember that having a varied diet is thebest direction to give your body the nutrients it needs without overloading on those it doesn’tneed.For pattern, if you munch brie twice a weekyour body is going to treasure the Vitamin D, Vitamin B and calcium it has. But if you eat it every day or in enormous quantities, the excess of sodium and calories will outweigh all these benefits. A question for you guys, do you gobble cheese? Are you going to try brie after today? Let’s talk about it in note segment! Now, let’s see immediately another menu thatmay help you having a varied and kidney healthy diet.You’re going to passion this one Number 2 is … Sizzling chocolate! Ok, ok, I know this may seem too good to betrue. But, trust me, Hot Chocolate, if induced theright direction, is a health snack. First of all, because there’s a research publishedin the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology stating that consuming a cocoaproduct can help patients with kidney failure to improve their blood vessel function andto reduce blood pressure. Now, I’ve said this a million times but I’llkeep saying it. Heart health is crucial if you want to improveyour kidney function. The healthier your heart, the healthier yourkidneys. The researchers too stated that to get thebenefits from chocolate you would need 200 mg of cocoa flavanols, equivalent to that given to 2.5 gramsof fresh, unsweetened cacao powder. That’s not a great deal, actually, just about 1 teaspoon. Ok, to get the benefits, and the latter are impressivebenefits we’re talking about, we need to prepare hot chocolate the right way. We’re not going to use milk. We previously are plenty of phosphorus with brie, so we don’t want more dairy. Use coconut milk instead! Coconut milk is not just going to add flavorto your hot chocolate, but it’s also healthful! Instead of the phosphorus you would find incow milk, coconut milk has important nutrients such as manganese and copper.It’s also a source of medium-chain fatty battery-acids, enormous to give a creamy appetite to the hot chocolate. If you don’t like the appetite of coconut milkyou can also use water or experiment with soy milk or almond milk. I also like lending some powdered spices tomy hot chocolate. what we have here: cinnamon gingernutmeg turmericagain, venture with these and find a compounding you like. They all have health benefits: cinnamon canhelp lower blood sugar ranks, ginger and turmeric defend inflaming. Let’s see how to make love! Start by bringing the coconut milk to boil. Put in a cup a tablespoon of cocoa gunpowder. This is about 7.5 grams of gunpowder. More than enough to get some health flavanolswithout getting too much potassium.Add the spices you demand. Add the coconut milk slowly, and stir. Now, let’s contribute some dark chocolate. We’re not going to use a lot of it becauseit contains sugar. So, try to find the dark chocolate with thehighest cocoa percentage. 70% is good, 80% is even better. Now, the unhealthiest part of hot chocolateis … the carbohydrate you lay in it. Even for beings not suffering from diabetes, sugar is still unhealthy. It may even increase your blood pressure, destroying the good done by the cacao powder. My advice? Avoid sugar as much as possible. Even a small amount of carbohydrate is a step inthe wrong tack. Use a sweetener instead. There are various options, sucralose, steviaand many other. They all have benefits over sugar. My favorite sweetener is stevia, especiallybecause it is supposed to have benefits for your kidneys: A recent study suggests that depleting stevia may help Lowering High Blood Pressure andCholesterol levels.There’s also a study in which stevia was testedon parties with ckd and the result was an improvement in kidney function in the test subjects. Stevia might sound like the miracle solutionfor people looking to improve their kidney health, but these studies are not definitiveyet. There’s no conclusive evidence that sugarsubstitutes facilitate restrict a person’s sweet tooth or keep them from overeating. Also, I don’t like when advertisement liesto us. This is why I has to be said that stevia isnot really 0 calories. Unlike what particular labels write on the boxes.Yeah, this is a lie. So, stevia may be healthful for you, it’s alot better than sugar, still don’t rely too much on it. Unlike our next snack. This one is going to have only benefits, Ipromise! Number 1, Fruit salad! You wouldn’t think that something so goodlooking and juicy is also healthy, right? Well, a fruit salad is one of the healthiestthings you can eat! Eating fruit salads regularly can lower bloodpressure, abbreviate cholesterol and have various other benefits. Every single one of the outcomes you’ll putin the salad has health benefits and the more the differences between complexions, the more the potential benefits! Yes, to choose their own colorful array of fruitsis important, as each color carries its own set of unique disease-fighting substances calledphytochemicals. And we are also going to choose all thosefruits that are lower in potassium and perfectly suitable for a renal nutrition. With all these returns we can make a fruitsalad for 6 beings. If you are obligating it just for yourself orfor two, implementation really 3 or 4 of these fruits.Remember to count the potassium you get fromthese returns in your potassium permit. Causes assure what we have here: – red grapes – Kiwi- It is a good source of vitamin C, K, E, folate, and manganese. One single kiwi has about 200 mg of potassium- Oranges- Oranges are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, pantothenic battery-acid, folate as wellas vitamin A, calcium and copper. A huge orange like this one has 170 mg ofpotassium. – Apples, one of the healthiest fruits, alsovery low in potassium. Apples are rich in antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in themmay help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac infarction. Use half an apple cut into slivers and keepthe peel! – pearsOk, you may have noticed that Im not rind these fruit. This is because half the nutrients and fiberof these fruits are in or time below the peel! It savor delicious and it’s very good foryour health as well.Theres likewise All these fruits are great for parties withkidney disease. Like I did, pick the ones you prefer. dice them, supplement lemon and your fruit saladis ready! Ok, this was our last one for today. I hope that members can experienced this video and that you’vefound out something you didn’t know you can eat. In the journey to beat kidney disease everylittle thing counts, And this Friday I have something really special to show you. This is all for today, see you next time !.

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