⚖️ How To Lose Weight With Sleep Apnea – Treatment First! Then Weight Loss.

– Good day chaps! It’s Saturday here in Melbourne. Hope you’re doing well. Just kicking back with a little beer, watching the cricket. So if I get amused, delight forgive me. But I’ve got a comment come through on one of my videos. That said, “The bestway to treat sleep apnea is just to lose weight.” Tone very simple. Doesn’t it? And I just anticipated I’ddo a immediate little video, time on sleep apnea and weight amplification. Cause it’s one of those things where, you really need to understand, how sleep apnea doesinfluence heavines gain. Because, you might be someone who’s really trying to lose weight. And it’s just not coming off. And you might be thinking why. And this could be the reason why. So there’s no doubt that there’s a huge equivalence, between being overweight, and having sleep apnea. And if you really think about it, it builds sense.The more weight we have in our neck, the more pressure it’s gonnaput on our upper airway, when we’re lying there over nighttime. Especially when, our muscles tighten in those deep stagecoaches of sleep. And when we go into REM sleep, where we lose a lot of that muscle flavor. That extra load canreally has an influence, and certainly framed a lot ofpressure on our upper airway. And our breathing. So why don’t we justlose some force then. Hey and then, that’ll all be fixed.Well, it’s really challenging if you do suffer from sleep apnea. And it’s for two reasons. So number one is that, when we have sleep apnea our form is in quite a stressed district. We’re not sleeping well, our heart rates up, our blood pressure’s up. And because of this, our mas liberates this stress hormone, which is called cortisol. And what cortisol does is, it tells our form to holdonto our force funds. Our fat mostly. And so, it’s very hard to lose that solid. Because, this hormoneis telling your body. “You know, you’re stressed.” “You need to hold onto that.” “Okay? ” The next one is, and it’s quite obvious.That if you’re not sleeping well, you’re tired. And if you’re tired, you kind of want to kick back on the currency. Don’t you don’t really feel like, going for a accompany or a passage. That’s the last thing on your head. So we have this, like positive feedback cycle. Where, we’re frame on value. And then because of that, we’re not sleeping well. And then, because we’re not sleeping well, we’re having sleep apnea. Our cortisol status are going up. We’re tired. We placed more weight on. The more weight we put one over, the worst we sleep. The bad we sleep, the more weight we put one over. And there’s just this cycles/second, that goes round and round and round.So it’s very easy to kind of say, “Oh, you just go and lose some force and you’ll be okay.” But there’s some factors there, that are gonna make it truly, truly challenging. For you to lose weight, when you are suffering from sleep apnea. So the best advice I can give you, Is to firstly analyse your sleep apnea. and get your sleep apnea under control. And that action, you can really tacklethat weight loss head on. And demonstrate it your all. And then you will find that, that positive feedback loop, that’s going like this.Will start to shift inthe opposite direction. So you start to sleep better, because your sleep apnea is being treated. Because of that, you’re feeling better during the day, you can start to exercise a bit more. Maybe watch what you’re sucking, watch what you’re eating. You lose a bit weight, your sleep to do better. And you start turning that, feedback cycle in the opposite direction. Which is what you want to do. Now it might not signify, that you don’t need a CPAPmachine in the future. But, it might. Or it might entail, that you can go to someother forms of therapy. Maybe positional rehabilitation, where you time need to stay off your back. Or get a wedge pillow, and sort of sleep on abit more of an angle. Or it might mean you can, “re going away” with a mandibularadvancement splint. Which is a little mouth guard, that goes in your speak. That sort of pushesyour foot mouth forward. Or it might just mean, that your CPAP therapy positions, been a great deal lower.Which concludes the therapy, a lot more entertaining. There’s less racket. You don’t have to wear a mask as tighten. And all that sort of stuff. So that’s just the little suggestion, from me to you today. Like I said, it’s not a long video. A very informal one. But if you are someone, who’s really struggling to lose weight. And you are a bit overweight, and you never had a lookat your sleep before.Maybe think about gettingyour sleep checked out. Because, you might have an underlyingsleeping condition. Which is gonna prevent you, from actually succeedingin your weight loss. All freedom chaps. Look, I’ll let you getback to your Saturday. I hope you’re having fun with your friends and family wherever you are in the world. If you experience the video, I’d desire the thumbs upto show your help. And too, please consider agreeing to the channel and meeting our little parish. Until next time. Stay safe, bide well. And look after one another. All right. See you later, bye ..

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